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These are all the lessons that appear in the Math section of the Pokémon Learning League website. Ada appears in all of these lessons.


Types of Angles

Ash and Brock are camping and want to pitch a tent, but are having trouble with the directions, as it is presented in various degrees.

Characters who appear in this episode are:

PEMDAS (Order of Operations)

Team Rocket has targeted Professor Oak's Laboratory and has stolen a chest of Poké Balls. As they escape, they accidentally close the lid, only to find that it is locked with a special lock that has number combinations hidden within very complex math problems. The chest is later found by Ash and May, who must solve the puzzles using the order of operations.

Characters who appear in this episode are:


Ash and May are traveling through a forest when they decide to take a snack break. They find out that they only have one Watmel Berry. So they decide to split it so that each Pokémon gets an equal share of the Berry.

Characters that appear in this episode are:


While Ash is watching Brawly surf, a big wave wipes him out, and his surfboard gets broken. So Ash decides to buy him a new surfboard. The only problem is that he isn't sure which shop would have the least expensive board, so he calls Ada and learns how to calculate discounts.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Interestingly, the Pokémon world's currency is referred here as PokéDollars, and are worth the equivalent of a U.S dollar rather than the Japanese yen as in the games.

Area of a Circle

Misty's Psyduck is standing on the rim of a tank of water, naturally it falls in and struggles to get out. Misty helps it out and then decides to put a cover on the tanks of the Gym. The only problem is that she has to find the area for the top of the circular tanks.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Add and Subtract Fractions

While Brock is making dinner for everyone, May decides to surprise them by making a cake. However, she only has two measuring cups to measure with. So she contacts Ada to learn about how add and subtract fractions.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

This episode suggests that May is usually a terrible cook.

Equivalent Fractions

As Ash's group is traveling, Ash suggest that they stop to take a break. He lets Corphish out so he could eat something as well. Corphish then grabs onto Ash's backpack and the cans of Pokémon food fall out and off a cliff into a river. Now that they're low on food, they decide to split it so each person gets a fair share. Only they can't figure out how to split up the grapes and the loaf of bread.

Characters that appear in this episode are:


Brawly has just held a surfboarding tryouts competition in which Ash, May and Max had competed in. They all wished they made the team, as plenty of people had tried out. May wonders how Brawly will choose the best 3 surfers for the team. So they contact Ada, who suggests that the best way to look at the data would be through percents.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Ash mentions other surfers who tried out: Lizzie, R.J and Jeff, but none of these characters are seen.

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Professor Oak has sent Tracey to collect data of the Pokémon that have been living around the area. He contacts Ada and shows her the data he has collected. The data is the weights of those the Pokémon he has observed. Ada shows him the range, mean, median and mode of that data set.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Area of a Rectangle

Ash calls out Sceptile and calls out various attacks such as Bullet Seed and Leaf Blade. Suddenly, Officer Jenny appears and calls out to them. She shows them that the park grounds have been torn up by Sceptile's attacks. She then mentions that there are volunteer gardeners who are keeping the park beautiful and asks Ash if he could help out in maintaining the park grounds. Ash accepts and gets to work. However, he wants to make sure that the grass patches fit the exposed areas. He contacts Ada who teaches him about the area of a rectangle.

Characters that appear in this episode are:


The episode begins with Team Rocket which is preparing for an ambush on Pikachu. The plan is a relatively simple one, grab Pikachu when he passes by and lock him inside a shock-proof container. Their plan goes off without any problems and they capture him. Ash and May notice that Pikachu is no longer with them. Team Rocket decide to bolt with Pikachu, and set traps to hinder the heroes; they even go as far as to announce the plan to Ash and May themselves. Ash sends out Swellow to find where Team Rocket is, but it's of little use, since they left no footprints and there are four possible paths they could've taken. To make it worse, 3 of those paths have traps set up for them. They contact Ada for help and learn about probability.

Characters that appear in this episode are:


Misty is trying to teach Psyduck how to swim. It jumps into the tank and splashes Misty in the face. Misty thinks there's too much water in the tank, so she checks the water level. She reads the water level as 94863 gallons, but that isn't right since she knows that it only fits 1000 gallons. She then notices a dot in between the 8 and the 6. This confuses her, so she calls Ada and learns about decimals and how they're used.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Introduction to Algebraic Expressions

Team Rocket is going to steal all the Water-type Pokémon from all over Cerulean City. They plan on making an aquarium with the most attractive ones. Jessie has a list of which Pokémon she plans on stealing, but it's written in algebraic equations whose answers are the weight and height of the targeted Pokémon. Just so that in the case that the list is found, it can't be deciphered easily. Meowth arrives with the boat they plan on using for the water-types, but it's far too small, so they head off to find a bigger boat. Meanwhile, Ash is visiting Misty at the Cerulean Gym, while they talk, they come across a crowd of people with Officer Jenny. They ask her what's wrong, and she informs them that suspicious characters have been seen in the area that might be stealing Pokémon, a boat has been stolen, and a note has been found. The note, which has been titled "Pokémon for our Aquarium", but it has all sorts of numbers and letters scribbled onto it. They don't know what this all means, so they contact Ada and learn about algebraic expressions.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Rounding Decimals

Ash and his friends are figuring out the way to get to the next town for Ash's Gym battle. They find that there are three routes to take. Brock suggests they take the route with the "awesomest" roadside attractions, while May wants the shortest route. However, they can't exactly tell which is the shortest since the paths are not straight, and each sections are different lengths. They contact Ada, who suggests to round the decimals of the routes.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

The routes on the map used are measured in kilometers, mostly because the metric system deals with multiples of ten, which would be easier to work with.

Rounding and Estimating

Brock and his friends are in town for a tournament, and Brock has been asked to cook dinner for the Trainers. He wants to impress everyone, so he's asked Ash, May and Max to ask everyone what they would like from the menu Brock he's made up. They come back with the survey of what everyone wants, and Brock is nearly overwhelmed by all the requests. Especially by one Trainer who checked everything on the list: Ash. Brock isn't exactly sure how much to make for each dish and starts to panic. The group calls Ada, who teaches them how to round the number of Trainers who want a certain dish and estimate how much he should make.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Types of Triangles

Ash and his friends are at a Trick House, trying to find a way through it. Max spots a door with a strange pattern of a bird and a cup made with various triangles. Brock figures it's a puzzle where you need to place triangle pieces so it fits onto the door, opening it to another room. Pikachu finds the pieces needed for the door. They try to fit the pieces onto the door but are having no luck. May calls Ada, who teaches the group about different types of triangles.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

During the episode, Ada expressed some interest in the trick house, mostly due to the different sorts of puzzles involved.

Equivalent Values

While May was practicing with Squirtle, Max decide to do a project where he finds out all the coordinators' stats. May comes along to ask what Max is up to, and he tells her about this project. However, the data appears to be expressed in different ways, such as fractions, decimals and percents, so it's difficult to make comparisons. They aren't sure how they should make the data in the same format, so they call Ada up and learn about equivalent values.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Number Lines

The episode starts off with Brock reading several piles of cook books. Ash suddenly shows up and startles him, knocking over all the books. Ash asks what he's doing. Brock explains that since May did so well in her last Contest, he's going to make something special as a reward, however, Brock is having a hard time deciding what to make. Ash wonders if he can make them all. Brock explains that he may not even have enough ingredients to make one of those things. He then discovers that he only has half a liter of milk. So he can only make a recipe which uses just that much. However, most of the recipes list how much milk is needed by percents and fractions. They are unsure if this is enough. They call Ada, who teaches them about number lines as a great way to compare numbers.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Area of a Triangle

Ash and his friends are waiting for Brock, who is making sandwiches. Max calls for the biggest one, despite May saying that he's the smallest. Ash calls for the second biggest while May calls for the third and Pikachu presumably calling for the fourth. Brock arrives with the sandwiches, and he's made a variety of them, which includes: jelly, cheese, veggie and spicy spread. Max asks which one is the biggest, but Brock doesn't really know, as he cut each different sandwich into a different shaped triangle. Max insists that they'll eat after he finds out which is the biggest, since they all called for the biggest, second biggest, etc. However, May reasons that there's enough for more than one, so they should find out how much is the same amount, much to the dismay of Ash. They call up Ada, who teaches the group about the area of a triangle.

Characters that appear in this episode are:


Tracey is cleaning Poké Balls at Professor Oak's Laboratory and Ash's Bulbasaur is with him. Tracey explains that Oak takes care of thousands of Pokémon that belong to different Trainers, each Poké Ball holds a Pokémon that's currently resting. Tracey is cleaning the lab since Ash's Muk got the place very dirty earlier. Muk apologizes, but Tracey says that he's just glad he's done cleaning the balls. Now he has to put them all back in their spots on the shelves. He calls Ada up to see how he should put them back. She teaches him about Factors.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Least Common Denominator

Max finds Brock in a kitchen, who is making some new recipes for his Pokémon. He wants to know which ones they liked the best, but he needs more ingredients for the next batch. Brock asks Max to write down how much each of them ate of each recipe. Max agrees and gets to work. A little later, Brock reads what Max wrote. However, they're all represented in fractions with different denominators, so he isn't sure which one is the most popular. He tries to ask his Pokémon, but they're all sleeping off the big meals they each had. Brock calls Ada, who teaches him on how to use the least common denominator to compare the fractions.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Ordered Pairs on a Coordinated Grid

Tracey is in an area where the Primeape population has risen dramatically over the past few years. He's there because Professor Oak has asked him to see if any other types of Pokémon live in the area. He was given a coordinate grid, which is like a map of the area. There are several notes on certain locations. Tracey has to avoid the locations marked with "Primeape", and if he sees other Pokémon, he has to mark it on the map. He looks at the map, he figures that the middle of the map is the starting point, but if he mixes the coordinates up, he may run into a Primeape. Suddenly, a bush starts to move, but it turns out to be just a Pidgey. He calls Ada and explains his situation, she teaches him on how to read a coordinated grid.

Characters that appear in this episode are:


May wants to get to a Pokémon Contest arena early so she has time to practice. However, the map Ash was given by the Contest directors has unusual directions to the arena, and Max isn't there with the PokéNav to help out. The directions on the map reference buildings with unusual features such as "trapezoid shaped windows". They figure that these features are shapes. So they call Ada and learn about different types of polygons.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Various extras:

Key Words in a Word Problem

Misty has just received new tanks filled for Barboach. She explains that the builder left in a hurry, the tank's weight must be spread evenly onto the floor and that she was given a note on how many pounds of Pokémon each tank can hold. However, she wasn't exactly sure what was meant by the list, so she just filled the bigger tank with more Barboach. However, now the tank is overflowing and cracks are appearing in the floor. She calls Ada and shows her the directions for the tank. Ada teaches her on how to solve a word problem using the key words.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Measurement: Length

Ash and May are practicing with Sceptile and Blaziken. Sceptile uses a Leaf Blade, which knocks Blaziken back some distance. Ash wonders how far Blaziken was knocked back, so May went to get something to measure with from her backpack while Ash marked the spot where Blaziken landed. May finds a ruler, but it's only 12 inches long, but measures the length with it anyway. After a while measuring the length. May concludes that it's 120 inches. However, it seems rather...weird. So they call Ada up and learn about length, with both the imperial system and the metric system.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Sceptile seemed to enjoy knocking Blaziken back, but Blaziken clearly didn't enjoy the ordeal. However, during the lesson, Blaziken punches Sceptile back several feet, which is used to further the lesson. Strangely enough, Pikachu only appears in this episode during the "Try" and "Apply" sections, but only in pictures.

To explain an example of the lengths between different places, a map of the United States was briefly shown.

Congruent, Similar and Symmetrical Figures

The owner of a local art gallery has seen Tracey's sketches and has asked him to draw some more for an art show. However, instead of portraits of Pokémon, Tracey has been asked to draw still lives of berries, much to the disappointment of Tracey's Pokémon. Nor are they able to eat them. Tracey looks at the request, which is very specific as it asks for congruent, similar and symmetrical figures. However, Tracey isn't quite sure what each of these are exactly, so he calls Ada and learns about those figures.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

The types of berries that were used in this episode were:

Geometric Solids

Ash and May have just came from a Pokémon Contest and are congratulating Squirtle for a job well done. They decide to go to a Pokémon Center to get something to eat, but Ash isn't able to follow the directions. Like last time, the directions are based on landmarks that have unusual shapes, however, instead of polygons, they are now 3-dimensional ones. They call Ada and learn about geometrical solids.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

This episode takes place right after the lesson "Polygons".

Subtraction with Regrouping

Ash and his friends are heading to a Pokémon preserve to view wild Pokémon in their natural habitat. There are supposed to be wild Xatu, Wooper, Girafarig, and even wild Pikachu, which greatly interests Ash's Pikachu. However, when they get there they find that it's closed. Officer Jenny comes and explains that the wild Pokémon populations in the reserve are decreasing, so they're sending Solana to investigate. Officer Jenny has been asked to gather data on the number of Pokémon living in the habitat compared to last year's data. Ash and his friends want to help out, so they're given the data of Pokémon from the last year. They agree to set out and count a different species each, and meet up when finished. Ash manages to count 25 Wooper, but he isn't quite sure how to subtract it from last year's number of 33. He calls Ada and she teaches him on how to subtract with regrouping.

Characters that appear in this episode:

Solana, one of the protagonists from Pokémon Ranger is mentioned, but doesn't actually appear in the episode.


May and Max are waiting for Ash at a Pokémon Center, but are getting impatient, so they call him at the Pokémon Center he's at. They find out that there's something preventing him from getting to the Pokémon Center where May and Max are: he doesn't know how to get to the Center May and Max are at. Unfortunately, May has a hard time explaining what road to take while Max brings out the PokéNav, which is no good considering that Ash can't really see it from where he's at. Ash decides that they should send him a map. May and Max call Ada, who helps them make a map by teaching them about lines.

Characters that appear in this episode:

Elapsed Time

Ash finds a sign that's advertising a Pokémon relay race, so they decide to enter it. Various people have entered, along with a disguised Team Rocket. The announcer explains the rules that the relay race is divided into 3 legs or segments, that each person on a team must run over different terrain within a total time limit of 2 hours and 20 minutes. The runners must keep track of their own time, so they've each been given stopwatches. Team Rocket cooks up a scheme to steal Pokémon. The group has to figure out how much time each of them has, so they call Ada and learn about elapsed time.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

James's Mime Jr. is mentioned during the episode, but is never actually seen.

Measuring Weight

Ash and his friends are walking towards a Pokémon Center, talking about how well they'll do at their Contests and Gym battles. When they get there, they find Nurse Joy taking a Pokémon survey. Max asks if they can help, and Nurse Joy asks them to get the weight of every Pokémon belonging to Trainers. She gives them a list of what she has so far and heads off to the center. They read the list but are unsure how to measure each Pokémon accurately. They call Ada and learn about the different ways to measure weight in both imperial and metric system.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Many of the questions presented compare weights of everyday objects to the weights of Pokémon.

Eli shares the exact same character model as Brent from the lesson "Homework Skills."

This episode is also listed under the Science section.

Mixed Numbers and Improper fractions

Ash, May and Brock are walking through a field and notice how quiet it is. With the help of Pikachu and Munchlax, they find that there's a Berry harvest festival. They find Officer Jenny and she explains that the people here plant berries and a few months later they hold a Berry picking festival. Ash and his friends wish to join in so Officer Jenny shows them some buckets, which is divided into fourths. They can pick all the berries they want, but they have to show Officer Jenny so she can record it. Everyone is given a bucket, including Pikachu and Munchlax. After a while, they decide to compare how much they've picked, but are unsure what the number is since the number of parts equals more than a whole bucket. They call Ada and learn about mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Multiplication of Fractions

The episode begins with a disheveled lab, and Professor Rowan surveying the damage. Dawn and Piplup enter and ask what has happened, The Professor explains that a young Pokémon came loose in the lab, eating Pokémon food and leaving it a total mess. Dawn is reminded of Piplup's antics on the day they met. Rowan explains that most of his assistants are out for the day so it's up to him to keep a careful count of the Pokémon food. Suddenly, one of the remaining assistants calls for him. He assumes that he'll have to clean the place later, but Dawn volunteers to help with the inventory. Rowan thanks her and gives her the list of inventory. He has already written down the amounts that are remaining. He explains that she must find out what is missing by multiplying the original inventory amount with the amount that's left. He then leaves to find out what the problem is in Lab B, leaving behind a confused Dawn. She calls Ada and finds out about Multiplying Fractions.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Place Value

Team Rocket has snuck into an unopen superstore of Pokémon-related supplies and are planning to steal it so that they can make a fortune off selling it to unsuspecting Trainers, such as the twerps. As usual they start arguing with each other over how loud they are and how to carry the supplies. Jessie then trips which knocks the supplies off the shelves. They decide to grab as much stuff as they can and get out of there. The scene automatically cuts to Ash, Dawn and Officer Jenny inspecting the crime scene. Officer Jenny explains that the food and supplies were ordered by customer and order number. Ash and Dawn agree to help, but are unsure of which box would go where, otherwise the store owner wouldn't be able to find the right box for the right customer. They call Ada and learn about place values.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Ash and his pals walk into a Pokémon Center and notice that there are several large boxes all over the place. Ash wants to know what's going on while Dawn wonders if it's closing. They find Nurse Joy and Dawn is just about to ask her what's going on but Brock interrupts her in his usual girl-crazy mode. He immediately decides to show her his Happiny. Nurse Joy comments that it's adorable. Ash asks what exactly is going on at the center and is concerned if it's closing or not. Nurse Joy replies that they're actually getting food and supplies ready for a small town that doesn't have its own Pokémon Center. Dawn inquires if there's anything they can do to help, and Nurse Joy requests for the largest boxes from the storage room. Brock gladly agrees. When they get there, they find that nearly all the boxes appear to be around the same size. Brock suggests that they look at the sides. However, this only tells them about the area of the sides and not how much the boxes can hold. As they ponder, they all immediately exclaim who they can ask for help: Ada! They call her up and ask her about how to get the volume of the boxes.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Happiny shows off its superhuman strength at the end of the episode by carrying all the boxes with Brock inside them.

Multiplication - Arrays

Pachirisu is practicing some Contest move combinations for Dawn and the rest of the group. Once it is finished, it catches the smell of something really good and starts following it. Dawn takes a whiff of the scent and it turns out to be the smell of baking Poffins. It's coming from the inside of a cabin in the woods. Inside, a girl has just finished mixing Poffin batter with her brother's recipe. However, she isn't quite sure which pan she should use to put the mixture in. Pachirisu takes a peek to see what's going on. The girl selects a pan, but when she pours the batter, it overflows. The girl is then startled by Pachirisu's presence. Dawn and her friends introduce themselves to her afterward. Referring to herself as Keisha, the girl explains that she's baking Poffins to get ready for a big Pokémon Contest. They have a lot of Pokémon so they made several different Poffin mixtures, but she cannot figure out which pans to use for which batch. Dawn and her friends immediately decide to help out since they've had plenty of experience baking Poffins. Keisha shows the group the overflowed pan and Dawn notices that the pan is a 3×5 pan, which should hold a batch of 15 Poffins. The Poffin mixture was enough to make 20. However, none of them are sure which pan Keisha should have used that could hold the correct amount. Brock then suggests that they call Ada. Dawn calls her up and they explain the situation to her. Ada then tells them that any of the other pans could have worked. She then teaches them about multiplication using the array system.

Characters that appear in this episode are:


A crowed has gathered in the middle of the town and Ash and Dawn come across it. They wonder what are they looking at. Officer Jenny explains that a Pokémon Trainer, who is also an artist, was commissioned to paint a mural to beautify the city. He is apparently famous for counting the number of brushstrokes in his works and being very meticulous. Helping him is his Smeargle, but as it paints on the wall, a bit of paint flies off its tail and lands onto the sketch the artist was working on. Smeargle apologizes, and the artist forgives it, but now he's isn't able to follow his sketch. Ash and Dawn agree to help him out. He explains how his mural is supposed to look, but the instructions seem a tad complicated for Ash and Dawn. They don't want to do a bad job on it, so Dawn calls Ada for advice on patterns. They find Ada looking at a shirt she plans on giving away to charity, but she doubts that anyone would want it due to it being an unpleasing design. However, the shirt helps her explain how patterns with numbers work.

Characters that appear in this episode are:

Nearly all the Pokémon featured in the final mural are Pokémon that can be found on Honey Trees.