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Rebecca (Japanese: マナミ Manami) is a character of the day who appeared in The Punchy Pokémon.

Rebecca tried to convince her father, Anthony, to come home, but he told her he wouldn't until he won the P1 Grand Prix. Brock, seeing how sad she was, volunteered himself and Ash to help defeat Anthony.

Team Rocket, using a stolen Hitmonlee nearly defeated Anthony. Rebecca, not wanting her father's Hitmonchan to get hurt, jumped into the ring. Anthony jumped in front of his daughter, and then gave up. Anthony then decided to return home to his family, making Rebecca happy again.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 麻見順子 Junko Asami
English Annie Pondel
Finnish Jenni Sivonen
Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Polish Anna Bielańska
Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Bulara
European Spanish Carmen Cervantes

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