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From 1998 to 2016, All Nippon Airways had various Boeing 747, Boeing 767 and Boeing 777 airliners decorated with Pokémon paint schemes[1] as part of a series called Pokémon Jet. The majority of Pokémon featured on each plane were from the generation that was the newest at the time of its introduction. Progressively more Pokémon aircraft were added throughout the years. The newest aircraft was added in 2011 - a Boeing 777 titled the "Peace Jet", and the first to feature Generation V Pokémon, such as Reshiram. Currently there are no Pokémon Jets in service; the last 747s were retired in 2013, and the final aircraft was re-liveried back to ANA's standard livery in 2016.

ANA Pokémon Jet 1998

ANA Pokémon Jet 1998, a Boeing 747-400D registered as JA8965.

During the winter of 1992, ANA held a contest to design one of its jets. The winner was a sixth-grade girl named Yuki Ogaki, who submitted a whale-themed design later titled the Marine Jumbo. Due to interest in this uncommon paint job, ANA painted another Boeing 747-400D with a Snoopy design in 1996. In 1998, this aircraft was repainted again, and this time, it was a Pokémon design. This design was also popular, and led to ANA creating several more planes with Pokémon designs. This plane's Aircraft registration number is JA8965.

Featured Pokémon:

Two additional jets - both Boeing 767-300s - were later painted in the same design. Their registration numbers were JA8569 and JA8578.

This set of livery was retired in 2001. JA8965 retired in June 2013 while JA8569 and JA8578 remains in service to this day.

ANA Pokémon Jet International


The ANA Pokémon Jet International debuted in 1999, carrying passengers from Tokyo to New York City. As its name suggests, its primary use continued to be international flights. This plane's registration is JA8962.

Featured Pokémon is the same as the three planes stated above:

This plane is one of the only Pokémon planes to have the ANA logo on the tail instead of a picture of Pikachu.

The livery was retired in 2006 and the aircraft retired in 2010.

ANA Pokémon Jet 1999

Flight attendants outside of the jet in matching attire

The ANA Pokémon Jet 1999 debuted in 1999, making its first flight was from Osaka to Tokyo. This aircraft is used for domestic flights only, and its registration number is JA8964.

Featured Pokémon:

Later, two additional aircraft, both Boeing 767s, were painted in the same livery, registration numbers JA8288 and JA8357.

This set of livery was retired in 2006. JA8964 retired in 2011 while JA8288 and JA8357 remains in service to this day.

ANA Pikachu Jumbo

The logo used to promote the jet

The ANA Pikachu Jumbo, colored in a distinctive yellow, flew for the first time in May 2004 between the same airports as the ANA Pokémon Jet 1999, Osaka and Tokyo. At the airport in Okinawa, a towing car was painted yellow to go along with the jet. This plane's registration is JA8957.

Featured Pokémon:

The livery was retired on October 8, 2013 along with Ohana Jumbo (JA8956) as both jumbos retired from service, ending Boeing 747's decade-long title as series flagship.

ANA Ohana Jumbo


The ANA Ohana Jumbo took to the skies for the first time in 2004. "Ohana" means "flower" in Japanese, which is the theme of this plane. Flowers are painted around the bottom of the plane, and some Grass Pokémon can be seen on it. This aircraft features the Pichu Brothers. Its registration is JA8956.

Featured Pokémon:

The livery was retired on October 8, 2013 along with Pikachu Jumbo (JA8957) as both jumbos retired from service, ending Boeing 747's decade-long title as series flagship.

Peace Jet

ANA Peace Jet.jpg

This newest member of the Pokémon Jets was added in 2011, when a Boeing 777 was re-painted in Pokémon colors. ANA had originally allowed children to vote on the livery of the jet, but the tragic 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami stopped this. Instead, it was painted in colors meant to show a world filled with peace, and was dubbed the Peace Jet. This aircraft's registration is JA754A. It is the first to feature Generation V Pokémon.

This livery was retired in May 2016.

Featured Pokémon:


The pin


  • The fleet and featured Pokémon was taken from Pokémon Jet, therefore, it has the references stated on that page.

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