Pokémon Colosseum: Official Strategy Guide

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Pokémon Colosseum: Official Strategy Guide
BradyGames Colosseum guide cover.png
ISBN: 0744003725
Published: 2004
Publisher: BradyGames
Preceded By: Pokémon Stadium 2: Ultimate Battle Guide
Succeeded By: N/A

Pokémon Colosseum: Official Strategy Guide is a strategy guide published by BradyGames for the video game of the same name. BradyGames also published a collectors edition of the same guide, which had a different cover. The collectors edition came with a folding cover and an exclusive 112-page art book containing artwork of all 273 Pokémon.


Pokémon Trainer School

The opening section, Pokémon Trainer School, explains the premise of the game, explains new concepts such as Shadow Pokémon, snagging, and purification, gives advice on where in the game to train such as Mt. Battle, and reviews concepts common to all games in the core series, such as stats and a type effectiveness chart.

Orre Region Walkthrough

This section, the longest in the book, contains a complete walkthrough of Pokémon Colosseum, including the post-game scenario (listed under "Story Mode Extras"). The walkthrough provides information on story objectives, Trainer battles, available Shadow Pokémon, Colosseum challenges, hidden items and buyable items, as well as any notable NPCs. All Round One Colosseum challenge are included at the appropriate point in the story walkthrough while the remaining challenges are listed at the end of the walkthrough.

Battle Mode

This section provides a complete list of all the Trainers that appear in Battle Mode.


The Pokédex section contains a complete list of all the Shadow Pokémon found in the game, including which locations their Trainers are found in. This is followed by a listing of all the learnsets for every Pokémon obtainable in the game — Espeon, Umbreon, Duking's Plusle, and the Mt. Battle Ho-Oh, in addition to all the Shadow Pokémon. At the end of the section is an alphabetical list of all the Pokémon that appear in Story Mode, obtainable or not.

Pokémon Moves

As the name suggests, this section contains an alphabetical list of all the moves that appear in the game.

Pokémon Extras

The final section of the book, Pokémon Extras, contains lists of all Pokémon Natures, all the Berries in the game, all the available Poké Balls and their effects, available healing items in the game, a list of items obtainable at the Mt. Battle Poké Coupon exchange, a list of holdable items and their effects, and a list of all the TMs found in Generation III.



  • Poké Ball is erroneously spelled as "Pokéball" on page 12 and page 216.

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