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The storage system in Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO, the player has a Pokémon Box that can initially hold 250 Pokémon, including up to 12* Eggs. Pokémon Storage Upgrades can be purchased in the Shop for PokéCoin.png200, with each upgrade expanding the capacity by 50 Pokémon.

The Pokémon Box screen allows the player to sort Pokémon, in ascending or descending order, by the following criteria:

  • Most recently acquired
  • Designated favorites
  • Pokédex number
  • Proportion of remaining HP
  • Name
  • Combat Power (CP).

In the case of a tie on the sorting criteria (such as multiple favorite Pokémon or Pokémon with full HP), the tied Pokémon are sorted by Combat Power in descending order.

The player can also hold a press on a Pokémon to activate a transfer mode where they can mark multiple Pokémon to be sent to Professor Willow. This feature was added in version 0.49.1 (labeled 1.19.1 in the iOS App Store), which was released on December 8, 2016.

Maximum capacity

The current maximum upgradeable capacity is 6,800 Pokémon. This limit has been increased over time.

Start date Max. capacity
December 8, 2023 7,300
August 1, 2023 6,800
December 14, 2022 6,200
June 4, 2022 6,000
December 15, 2021 5,500
November 15, 2021 5,000
June 4, 2021 4,500
December 1, 2020 4,000
July 23, 2020 3,500
November 22, 2019 3,000
July 29, 2019 2,500
November 21, 2018 2,000
December 8, 2017 1,500
Initial release 1,000

Search queries

The Pokémon storage screen also allows the player to search Pokémon by name or species; the search results will return any Pokémon whose species name or nickname begins with the searched string. The search bar also supports key terms that are not searched as literal strings, with these first being supported in version 0.67.1 (labeled 1.37.1 in the iOS App Store), released on June 20, 2017.[1]

All of the following searches are case insensitive. The keywords listed below are the keywords used if the game is set to English; if the game is set to a different language, the keywords are based on that language.

  • All terms with {numeric} can accept either a single number value or a numeric range, used as follows
    • cp1500 returns all Pokémon whose CP is exactly at 1500
    • cp-1500 returns all Pokémon whose CP is at 1500 or lower
    • cp1500- returns all Pokémon whose CP is at 1500 or higher
    • cp1500-2500 returns all Pokémon whose CP is inclusively between 1500 and 2500
  • {type} can be any of the 18 types
  • {name} is any player-inputted value that may be searched.
    • If this collides with another search criteria, then that criteria will override {name}. For example, if a Bulbasaur has a nickname "Dragon", searching dragon will not return this Bulbasaur.
Term Searches for Examples
{name} Pokémon whose species name or nickname begins with the {name}, or has a tag name that matches it exactly.
+{name} Pokémon whose species name or nickname begins with the {name}, along with any members of its evolutionary family. (Tag names are not searched here.) +Rattata returns all instances of Rattata and Raticate
{type} Pokémon with a matching type
{numeric} Pokémon whose Pokédex number matches the searched number or range 3 returns all Venusaur
1-151 returns all Kanto Pokémon
cp{numeric} Pokémon whose CP matches the searched number or range cp-1500 returns all Pokémon eligible for Great League Trainer Battles
hp{numeric} Pokémon whose HP matches the searched number or range
distance{numeric} Pokémon obtained from a certain distance (in km) from the player's current location. For hatched Pokémon, this distance is based on where the Egg was originally obtained. distance100- returns all Pokémon obtained at least 100 km away from the player's current location.
age{numeric} Pokémon based on how many days ago since they were caught. A Pokémon's age increments every 24 hours since it was obtained. age0 returns all Pokémon caught today (less than 24 hours ago)
age365- returns all Pokémon caught at least a year ago
year{numeric} Pokémon caught in a certain calendar year. The numeric can be either a 2-digit or 4-digit year. year2019-20 returns Pokémon caught in 2019 to 2020
buddy{numeric} Pokémon based on their Buddy levels as a numeric value:
  • 0 — Pokémon that have never been set as a buddy
  • 1 — Pokémon that have been set as a buddy, but never reached a Good Buddy level
  • 2 — Good Buddies
  • 3 — Great Buddies
  • 4 — Ultra Buddies
  • 5 — Best Buddies
buddy2- returns all Pokémon with Good Buddy perks unlocked
#{name} Pokémon with a tag whose name starts with {name}. If a player uses tags pvp great and pvp ultra, then searching #pvp will return Pokémon with either of those tags.

Searching only # returns all Pokémon that have any tag.
Searching !# returns all Pokémon that have no tags.

Move set searches are formatted as @{1/2/3}{term}. The {1/2/3} is optionally used to narrow results to a specific move slot:
  • @1{term} searches for Fast Attacks
  • @2{term} searches for the first Charged Attack
  • @3{term} searches for the second Charged Attack
@{1/2/3}{name} Pokémon with a move whose name begins with {name} @1mud returns all Pokémon that know Mud-Slap or Mud Shot
@{1/2/3}{type} Pokémon with a move of the searched type @psychic returns all Pokémon that know Psychic-type moves, not merely Pokémon that know the move Psychic
@{1/2/3}weather Pokémon with a move that is currently weather-boosted
@{1/2/3}special Pokémon with a move outside their standard move pool (i.e. all moves that cannot be relearned using a TM, including event-exclusive moves, legacy moves, Frustration, Return, and moves copied by Smeargle)
@move Pokémon that have not learned a second Charged Attack.
Does not use a {1/2/3} argument.
!@move returns all Pokémon that know two Charged Attacks.
evolve Pokémon which can evolve, for which the player has enough Candy to perform, as well as any required Evolution items or walking distance. This does not check for other Buddy Adventure requirements.
item Pokémon which require an item or Zygarde Cells to evolve or change forms (in at least one case), for which the player has enough Candy to perform
evolvenew Pokémon which can evolve or Mega Evolve into a species or Mega Evolution the player has not yet registered in the Pokédex, regardless of whether the Pokémon currently meets the requirements to evolve
tradeevolve Pokémon species eligible for Evolution and have not been traded (i.e. tradeevolve&traded will always return no results), regardless of whether the player has enough Candy to evolve
megaevolve Mega Evolution|Primal Reversion, for which the player has enough Mega Energy/Primal Energy to perform
kanto Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Kanto region
(equivalent to 1-151)
johto Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Johto region
(equivalent to 152-251)
hoenn Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Hoenn region
(equivalent to 252-386)
sinnoh Pokémon species first discovered in the Sinnoh region
(equivalent to 387-493)
unova Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Unova region
(equivalent to 494-649)
kalos Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Kalos region
(equivalent to 650-721)
alola Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Alola region kanto&alola returns all Alolan Form Pokémon whose base form was discovered in Kanto
galar Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Galar region
hisui Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Hisui region
paldea Pokémon species and regional forms first discovered in the Paldea region
male Male Pokémon
female Female Pokémon
genderunknown Gender unknown Pokémon
IV appraisal
0* Pokémon with a 0-star appraisal (IV total is between 0 and 22)
1* Pokémon with a 1-star appraisal (IV total is between 23 and 29)
2* Pokémon with a 2-star appraisal (IV total is between 30 and 36)
3* Pokémon with a 3-star appraisal (IV total is between 37 and 44)
4* Pokémon with a perfect appraisal (IV total is 45)
{0-4}{stat} Pokémon whose stat (attack, defense, or hp) falls within a specific IV range:
  • 0 — 0 IV
  • 1 — 1 to 5 IV
  • 2 — 6 to 10 IV
  • 3 — 11 to 14 IV
  • 4 — 15 IV
4attack returns all Pokémon with a perfect IV for Attack.
Encounter method
hatched Pokémon hatched from an Egg
raid Pokémon caught from a Raid Battle
remoteraid Pokémon caught from a remote Raid Battle
megaraid Pokémon caught from a Mega Raid. (This does not include Primal Raids.)
exraid Pokémon caught from an EX Raid
research Pokémon caught from a Research reward encounter, including from Field Research, Research Breakthrough, Special Research, or Timed Research (since October 31, 2020)
gbl Pokémon caught from a GO Battle League reward
rocket Pokémon rescued after a Team GO Rocket battle. (This does not include Shadow Pokémon caught from Special Research or Shadow Raids.)
snapshot Pokémon caught after a surprise encounter using GO Snapshot
traded Pokémon received from a trade
Type effectiveness
>{type} Pokémon that know any move that is "super effective" against this type (regardless if it's a Fast Attack, Charged Attack, or both.)
<{type} Pokémon that receive "super effective" damage from moves of this type
Other attributes
favorite Pokémon marked as a "Favorite"
eggsonly Baby Pokémon
costume Pokémon in costumes (Event Pokémon), such as Pikachu wearing a hat, sunglasses Squirtle, and Armored Mewtwo
defender Pokémon currently defending a Gym
shiny Shiny Pokémon
lucky Lucky Pokémon
legendary Legendary Pokémon
mythical Mythical Pokémon
ultra beasts Ultra Beasts
shadow Shadow Pokémon
purified Purified Pokémon
candyxl Pokémon powered up above Lv. 40
Pokémon by relative height, except Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist.
For Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist, xs, xl, and xxl searches their Small Size, Large Size, and Super Size forms, respectively.
Logical operators allow for more complex, combined queries. Operators are evaluated in the order they are listed below.
Given this order, !dragon&@ice,@fairy would return all non-Dragon-type Pokémon that know either an Ice-type or a Fairy-type move.
! Complement
Logical "not"
!water returns all Pokémon that are not Water-type
Union of conditions
Logical "or"
fire,evolve returns all Pokémon that are Fire-type or can evolve
Intersection of conditions
Logical "and"
shiny&swinub returns all Shiny Swinub