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In Pokémon GO, Research (Japanese: リサーチ Research) consists of a variety of in-game tasks to be completed for a certain reward. All Research tasks can be viewed from the Today menu.

Any Pokémon encountered as a reward for completing a Research task

There are four types of Research in Pokémon GO:

  • Field Research: Individual Field Research tasks can be collected by spinning PokéStops. A player can normally only have at most three Field Research tasks at once. Completing a Field Research tasks earns the player a Stamp up to once per day. Collecting seven Stamps unlocks a Research Breakthrough.
  • Special Research: Special Research tasks consist of multiple sets of Research tasks. They are usually automatically assigned, such as when a related in-game event begins or when the player meets a special criteria. There is no time limit to when a Special Research can be completed, and they cannot be repeated once completed.
  • Timed Research: Timed Research is similar to Special Research, except it is to be completed within a specific window of time. Like Special Research, Time Research is often automatically assigned at the start of an event.
  • Collection Challenge: Collection Challenges are challenges where the player must obtain a list of Pokémon within a specific window of time. Completing a Collection Challenge earns a point for the Elite Collector medal.

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