Pokémon Adventures volume 25

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Volume 24
Pokémon Adventures
Volume 26
Pokémon Adventures volume 25
Pokemon Adventures volume 25 VIZ cover.jpg
Rounds included PS288 - PS298
Manga series Pokémon Adventures

Volume 25 is the twenty-fifth volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga and the fourth of five volumes in the FireRed & LeafGreen chapter. It is authored by 日下秀憲 Hidenori Kusaka and illustrated by 山本サトシ Satoshi Yamamoto.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan March 28, 2007 ISBN 4091403298
First Edition by VIZ Media First
United States VIZ Media November 4, 2014 ISBN 1421535599
Digital Edition by VIZ Media Digital
United States VIZ Media October 23, 2018 ISBN 9781974705818
First Edition by Chuang Yi First
Singapore Chuang Yi November 20, 2007 ISBN 9812761543
None.png First
Mainland China Jilin Publishing Group September 1, 2008 ISBN 9787538622584
None.png Second
Mainland China Jilin Publishing Group May 1, 2013 ISBN 9787538660586
None.png First
Hong Kong Ching Win Publishing Group October 1, 2008 ISBN 9789628981601
First Edition by Daewon C.I. First
South Korea Daewon C.I. October 26, 2007 ISBN [[special:BookSources/9788925218663
ISBN 9788925259710|9788925218663
ISBN 9788925259710]]
Second Edition by Daewon C.I. Second
South Korea Daewon C.I. February 7, 2012 ISBN 9788925295084
None.png First
Taiwan Ching Win Publishing Group November 2008 ISBN 9789862096826
None.png First
Thailand Nation Edutainment July 25, 2008 ISBN 9789741621620
None.png First
Vietnam Kim Đồng Publishing House August 1, 2016 ISBN 9786042072106


Important events

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.
  • Carr attempts, and fails, to usurp the leadership of Team Rocket.
  • Mewtwo is freed from its armor.
  • Red and Blue receive their new Pokédexes.
  • Giovanni is revealed to be Silver's father. Sird and Orm kidnap Silver in order to take him to their leader.
  • Red and Mewtwo battle Giovanni and Deoxys on top the Team Rocket airship.
  • Silver finds out who his father is.
  • Yellow reaches the airship.
  • Mew heads towards Kanto.
  • Mewtwo defeats Deoxys.
  • The Kanto region's climate is restored.
  • It is revealed that there are two Deoxys organisms. The origins of the second organism are revealed.
  • The reason behind the kidnapping of Silver and Green by the Masked Man is revealed.
  • Carr attempts to kill everyone on board the airship.
  • Sird manages to stabilize the airship.
  • Yellow tells Red the rest of Organism No. 2's history. *
  • Blue helps Silver acknowledge that Giovanni is his father. *
  • Red gives Yellow his old Pokédex. *
  • Organism No. 2 goes off to find Organism No. 1. Sird tries to capture it. *
  • Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver are turned to stone. *

Party changes





  • This issue has connecting cover art with the previous two volumes.
  • Yellow is called Yellow of Viridian Forest rather than Amarillo del Bosque Verde.


  • Ultima is strangely called Kimberly a few times throughout the volume and by Professor Oak when they witness the Dexholder's petrification.

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