Plasma Tundra

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The Plasma Tundra selection screen as seen in the Balloon Stop. Going clockwise from the top, bosses visible in this screenshot are Shiftry, Scolipede, Blissey, Marshtomp, Vanilluxe, and Skuntank.

Plasma Tundra (Japanese: プラズマ凍原 Plasma Tundra) is an area in Pokémon Rumble World available after obtaining Rank 45. The Plasma Balloon is required for access. It consists of six stages.

Five Legendary Pokémon can be found in the Plasma Tundra:

Abundant Orchard

Staraptor can be found as both male and female, identified by the spot on its forehead.

Burmy and Wormadam can both be caught in any of their three cloaks. Unlike in the main games, Burmy's cloak does not change after battling in different areas.

Landorus appears in Therian Forme if the player enters the boss's chamber between 12:00 and 1:00 (AM or PM).

Pokémon Entrance Center Back Special
Yanma Yanma
Staraptor Staraptor
Burmy Burmy
Wormadam Wormadam
Stunky Stunky
Skuntank Skuntank Boss
Yanmega Yanmega Boss
Scraggy Scraggy
Scrafty Scrafty Boss
Trubbish Trubbish
Garbodor Garbodor
Landorus Landorus Boss

Endless Cave

Keldeo stares down a group of Venipede in Endless Cave.
Pokémon Entrance Center Back
Gligar Gligar
Gulpin Gulpin
Swalot Swalot
Gliscor Gliscor Boss
Timburr Timburr
Gurdurr Gurdurr
Conkeldurr Conkeldurr Boss
Throh Throh
Venipede Venipede
Whirlipede Whirlipede
Scolipede Scolipede Boss

Frosty Alps

Kyurem only appears here in its normal form. After capturing Kyurem, Black and White Kyurem replace Zekrom and Reshiram as the bosses of the Ivory Pillar and Obsidian Shrine stages respectively if the player enters the boss's chamber between 12:00 and 1:00 (AM or PM).

Pokémon Entrance Center Back Special
Seel Seel
Dewgong Dewgong
Glalie Glalie Boss
Spheal Spheal
Sealeo Sealeo
Walrein Walrein Boss
Vanillite Vanillite
Vanillish Vanillish
Vanilluxe Vanilluxe Boss
Kyurem Kyurem Boss
Amaura Amaura

Misty Moor

Castform can randomly be caught in any of its four formes.

Pokémon Entrance Center Back
Poliwag Poliwag
Poliwhirl Poliwhirl
Goldeen Goldeen
Seaking Seaking
Mudkip Mudkip
Marshtomp Marshtomp Boss
Swampert Swampert Boss
Surskit Surskit
Masquerain Masquerain
Castform Castform
Stunfisk Stunfisk Boss

Sacred Blade Cliff

Pokémon Entrance Center Back Special
Dunsparce Dunsparce
Larvitar Larvitar
Pupitar Pupitar
Tyranitar Tyranitar Boss
Seedot Seedot
Nuzleaf Nuzleaf
Shiftry Shiftry Boss
Trapinch Trapinch
Vibrava Vibrava
Klinklang Klinklang
Golett Golett
Golurk Golurk Boss
Cobalion Cobalion Boss


Waltzing Glade

Meloetta can change to Pirouette Forme during battle using Relic Song.

Pokémon Entrance Center Back Special
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
Wigglytuff Wigglytuff
Chansey Chansey Boss
Igglybuff Igglybuff
Miltank Miltank Boss
Blissey Blissey Boss
Happiny Happiny
Azelf Azelf
Minccino Minccino
Cinccino Cinccino
Meloetta Meloetta Boss

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Toundra Plasma
Germany Flag.png German Plasma-Tundra
Italy Flag.png Italian Tundra Plasma
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tundra de Plasma

Abundant Orchard

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 豊穣の森 Abundance Forest
France Flag.png French Forêt Abondance
Germany Flag.png German Wald der Ernte
Italy Flag.png Italian Bosco del Buon Raccolto
Spain Flag.png Spanish Bosque de la Abundancia

Endless Cave

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 果て無し洞穴 Endless Cave
France Flag.png French Grotte Sans Fond
Germany Flag.png German Unendliche Höhle
Italy Flag.png Italian Grotta Senzafine
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cueva Infinita

Frosty Alps

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 氷結山脈 Glaciated Mountains
France Flag.png French Massif Gelé
Germany Flag.png German Frostberge
Italy Flag.png Italian Monti Ghiacciati
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cordillera Helada

Misty Moor

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 濃霧の湿原 Foggy Wetlands
France Flag.png French Marais Brumeux
Germany Flag.png German Neblige Sümpfe
Italy Flag.png Italian Palude della Nebbia
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pantano Brumoso

Sacred Blade Cliff

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 聖剣の断崖 Sacred Sword Cliff
France Flag.png French Falaise de l'Épée
Germany Flag.png German Kliff der Sanctoklinge
Italy Flag.png Italian Burrone della Spada Sacra
Spain Flag.png Spanish Risco de la Espada Santa

Waltzing Glade

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 舞踏の花園 Dancing Garden
France Flag.png French Champ Dansant
Germany Flag.png German Tanzgarten
Italy Flag.png Italian Giardino della Danza
Spain Flag.png Spanish Jardín de la Danza

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