Dewdrop Bay

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Dewdrop Bay (Japanese: しずく湾 Dewdrop Bay) is one of the first three areas available to purchase in Pokémon Rumble World and serves as the Water-type starting area. The Dew Balloon is required for access. It consists of three stages.

No Legendary Pokémon are found in Dewdrop Bay.

Although the area is the Water-type starter area, Castle Farm doesn't feature any Water-type Pokémon.

Castle Farm

Pokémon Entrance Center Back
Weedle Weedle
Kakuna Kakuna
Beedrill Beedrill
Mareep Mareep
Flaaffy Flaaffy Boss
Ampharos Ampharos Boss
Skiddo Skiddo
Gogoat Gogoat Boss

Castle Moat

Pokémon Entrance Center Back
Goldeen Goldeen
Seaking Seaking
Magikarp Magikarp
Azumarill Azumarill Boss
Azurill Azurill
Froakie Froakie
Frogadier Frogadier Boss
Greninja Greninja Boss

Quiet Inlet

Pokémon Entrance Center Back
Krabby Krabby
Kingler Kingler Boss
Staryu Staryu
Wingull Wingull
Pelipper Pelipper
Piplup Piplup
Prinplup Prinplup Boss
Empoleon Empoleon Boss

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese しずく湾
France Flag.png French Crique Océan
Germany Flag.png German Tropfenbucht
Italy Flag.png Italian Baia Gocciolina
Spain Flag.png Spanish Bahía Rocío

Castle Farm

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese お城の牧場 Castle Ranch
France Flag.png French Ferme Royale
Germany Flag.png German Burggehöft
Italy Flag.png Italian Fattoria del Castello
Spain Flag.png Spanish Dehesa del Castillo

Castle Moat

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese お城のお堀 Castle Moat
France Flag.png French Douves du Château
Germany Flag.png German Burggraben
Italy Flag.png Italian Fossato del Castello
Spain Flag.png Spanish Foso del Castillo

Quiet Inlet

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 船着場の入り江 Harbor Inlet
France Flag.png French Crique du Ponton
Germany Flag.png German Hafenbucht
Italy Flag.png Italian Baia del Molo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Bahía del Embarcadero

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