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Burning Fletchinder
Hinoyakoma, Burn
Chapter X & Y
Collected in Vol. 58
Round number 571
Location Route 7
Previous Round Dancing Vivillon
Next Round Shooting Frogadier

Burning Fletchinder (Japanese: ヒノヤコマ、燃える Hinoyakoma, Burn) is the 571st round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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A bunch of Sky Trainers and their Vivillon are surrounding a helicopter with X, Y, Trevor, Shauna, Tierno and Cassius inside. They believe that the Sky Trainers were sent to attack them by Team Flare, just as there Vivillon attack the helicopter with Hurricane, but they don't crash just as one of the Sky Trainers lands on the front window and starts knocking on it. Y imminently recognizes the Trainer as Yvette, puts on her sky suit and exits the helicopter to battle her. Cassius says that the Sky Trainer school in Vaniville Town was blown off the map and many students are still missing, just as Y encounters Yvette.

We then get a flashback at the sky trainer school, where we get multiple scenes of Yvette bullying Y because since she is the daughter of a celebrity and all the teachers are giving her attention. Y and Fletchy fly away from the helicopter so Yvette's group can't attack the others, while X decides to look for the eye. Yvette catches up to Y and starts to bully her again, while her Vivillon battles Fletchy. Y finally fights back as Fletchy evolves into Fletchinder, Y is able to get over her depression from her mother and thanks Yvette. By then, X and the others locate Aegislash, and Élec defeats it with Discharge, revealing that Yvette and the Sky Trainer's were under Team Flare's control.

Major events

  • The Sky Trainers attack the helicopter.
  • Y goes to battle the Sky Trainers, only to find they are her classmates from the Vaniville Town Sky Trainer academy.
  • Yvette, the leader of the Sky Trainers, taunts Y about her issues with her mother.
  • Angered by Yvette's statements, Y manages to get over the events of what happened to her mother.
  • Fletchy evolves into a Fletchinder and defeats Yvette's Vivillon.
  • X defeats the Aegislash that Malva used to control the Sky Trainers.
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Pokémon debuts

  • Vivillon (Elegant, High Plains, Savanna, Poké Ball, Fancy Patterns)