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Grumpy Gliscor/VS Gliscor
VS グライオン
VS Glion
Chapter Diamond & Pearl
Collected in Vol. 34
Round number 378
Location Canalave City
S.S. Sinnoh
Previous Round Hurrah for Rapidash
Next Round Lucky Lucario I

Grumpy Gliscor/VS Gliscor or Sinnohmaru and Sailing (Japanese: VS グライオン VS Glion or シンオウ丸と船出 Sinnohmaru and Setting Sail) is the 378th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The captain of the S.S. Sinnoh, Eldritch, starts his duties. He soon realizes that Diamond, who is on the ship, ate his supply of food. He decides to take Diamond back to shore. However, he soon finds that all of his employees have been knocked out. A wild Gliscor appears and starts attacking. Diamond starts battling with it and commands Lax to Fling the Berry in its fur and throw it at Gliscor to buy time. After that he commands Don to rub its head against Tru's tree. Gliscor bites Don's head, but it is too hard and causes Gliscor to have pain in its mouth. Diamond then explains that Don is a Steel-type and has a very hard head, and rubbing its head against Tru's tree makes its defense go higher. By using this advantage he commands Tru to use Razor Leaf as the finishing blow. He then hands Byron's letter to the captain. Then the captain allows Diamond to stay on the ship. The captain suddenly realizes that the ship is about to crash into a very big rock. Fortunately the rock is destroyed by a Flash Cannon from a Pokémon on a smaller boat. Riley, who is driving the boat, introduces himself to Diamond.

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