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PS371 : Drifting Drifblim
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS373 : Mirages of Mismagius II
Mirages of Mismagius I
Hearthome Gym and a Math Problem
VS ムウマージI
VS Mumargi I
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 372 in Vol. 33
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 35 in Vol. 4
Series Pokémon Adventures

Mirages of Mismagius I (Japanese: VS ムウマージI VS Mismagius I), titled VS Mismagius I in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 372nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 35th chapter of the Diamond & Pearl arc. It is subtitled Hearthome Gym and a Math Problem (Japanese: ヨスガジムと計算問題 Yosuga Gym and Calculations) in the VIZ Media translation and Hearthome Gym and Miscalculations in the Chuang Yi translation.


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The Advanced level Grunt challenges Mr. Berlitz to phone his bodyguards. With his hand shaking, Mr. Berlitz does so, and his fears build with every second he waits for the call to be picked up. The grunt claims that Paka and Uji were banished from the world, and shows him video proof of their final moments. Mr. Berlitz becomes so horrified that he drops his Pokégear. He thus demands for his daughter's whereabouts. The grunt calms him down by saying that his daughter is safe, and asks for a mere $1.5 billion to release her, which is not a lot for a wealthy family. Mr. Berlitz suddenly wonders why the grunt needs so much money. The grunt responds with his team name: Team Galactic.

Meanwhile, the main trio are making their way through the doors inside the Hearthome Gym. Pearl gets impatient that their obstacles are merely simple math questions, and Diamond makes a joke about it. Finally, Platinum gets through to the chamber where Fantina is waiting. Fantina tells her Mismagius to be patient - she calls forth Duskull to start the battle. Platinum calls forth Diamond's Lax. Being grateful to Diamond for lending it to her, Platinum commands a Lick from it. The super-effective attack easily knocks Duskull out.

Platinum switches Lax out for her Empoleon as Fantina sends in her Drifblim. Immediately, Drifblim begins to use Ominous Wind. Empoleon initially appears to hold back, but then unleashes a powerful Blizzard to knock Drifblim out. Complimenting Platinum on her strategies thus far, Fantina finally calls out her Mismagius. Upon Mismagius' entry, Empoleon begins to feel dizzy. Platinum soon finds herself in a jungle. Pearl notices the illusion as well and tells Platinum to end the battle quickly. Platinum thus orders a Metal Claw from Empoleon, but Mismagius lands its attack before Empoleon and knocks Empoleon out.

Platinum immediately complains because she thought her Empoleon was faster. Fantina spins around, saying that logic is out of the window in her current situation. Platinum thus sends in her Ponyta to continue with the battle, however, it is caught out by one of Mismagius' illusions and is knocked out by a Dark Pulse. Now down to one Pokémon just like her opponent, Platinum brings out Lax once again.

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PS371 : Drifting Drifblim
Diamond & Pearl arc
PS373 : Mirages of Mismagius II
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