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PS080 : Draggin' In Dragonair
Yellow arc
PS082 : Eradicate Raticate!
Aerodactyl Redux
VS Ptera 3
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 81 in Vol. 7
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 41 in Yellow Beginnings
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 81 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Cerise Island

Aerodactyl Redux (Japanese: VSプテラ③ VS Ptera 3) is the 81st chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 41st chapter of the Yellow arc.


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Mewtwo destroys Lance's Poké Balls as they fall to the ground. Lance begins to fall from the blow, Blaine slowly drops to his knees, and Mewtwo becomes weaker. Yellow cheers with Pika that they have defeated Lance, but Lance slowly gets up and laughs. He pulls off his torn cape, and congratulates Blaine on attacking his reserve Pokémon. He then tells Aerodactyl to open the three Ultra Balls on the ground. Yellow gets a shock to see that they are empty balls, and Lance says that his other Dragon-type Pokémon have long been out of the balls.

A Dragonite and Gyarados emerge from the underground, and Lance says that the force which propelled them out of the cave earlier were created by the two. Mewtwo suddenly creates another psychic spoon to attack. Gyarados easily blocks the blow, and Lance says that Mewtwo is surely faithful to its Pokémon Trainer, but doesn't seem to have much strength left with Blaine unconscious. Mewtwo suddenly gets sucked back into the Master Ball.

Yellow decides to face Lance herself, and releases her full party of Pokémon. Lance watches the weak Pokémon and starts laughing. He asks why they are mostly unevolved, and Yellow states that she cancelled the evolutions every time. Lance laughs again and says it's interesting, but vows that he wouldn't go easy on her. He starts flying away on his Dragonite, and Yellow turns around to take a look at the fainted Blaine. She decides to look after Mewtwo for a while, and releases her full team to give chase after Lance.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts






  • When Yellow brings out her team to battle, Lance states that not one of them has been evolved. However, Gravvy evolved from a Geodude and Ratty evolved from Rattata. Even Pika is evolved, although Pichu was not known at the time.

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PS080 : Draggin' In Dragonair
Yellow arc
PS082 : Eradicate Raticate!
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