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PS073 : Valiant Venomoth!
Yellow arc
PS075 : Electrode's Big Shock
Make Way for Magikarp
VS Koiking
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 74 in Vol. 6
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 34 in Best Enemies
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 74 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Cerise Island

Make Way for Magikarp (Japanese: VSコイキング VS Koiking) is the 74th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Bill and Lt. Surge are searching for the Elite Four in the Cerise Cave when they find a giant stone bridge with a giant "pond" under it. They decide to cross using the stone bridge. Bill then slips and falls into the "pond", but Bill's Magikarp uses Splash, putting Bill and Magikarp safely on the stone bridge. When Bill looks at his shoes, he sees that they have melted. Bruno appears and tells them that the stone bridge is a wild Onix, and that if they cross the bridge, victory is theirs. Lt. Surge accepts the challenge.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Cerise Cave, Blaine and Yellow are searching for the Elite Four, but haven't found a trace of them. Blaine borrows Yellow's Pokédex and checks the "Pikachu Emotion Mode" for Pika, and says that the levels are off the charts. Yellow tells him that he senses Pika will soon remember something important. Blaine suggests that after Red's battle with the Elite Four, Pika lost the memory of the battle. However, there is no time to think about that because they've just sighted Bill and Lt. Surge.

Unfortunately, there is a clear wall between them, so they cannot help Bill and Lt. Surge. They can only watch as the battle continues. Lt. Surge's Electabuzz uses Thunder Shock and Bill's Vulpix uses Flamethrower, but Bruno jumps to avoid the attacks. Bruno then sends out his Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and his Machamp.

Major events

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  • The "Pikachu Emotion Mode" is the major feature of Pokémon Yellow, where it can tell about a Pikachu's feelings.


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PS073 : Valiant Venomoth!
Yellow arc
PS075 : Electrode's Big Shock
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