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PS036 : Drat That Dratini!
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS038 : Long Live the Nidoqueen?!
Golly, Golem!
VS ゴローニャ
VS Golonya
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 37 in Vol. 3
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 37 in Return to Viridian Gym
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 37 in Vol. 3
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Viridian Gym

Golly, Golem! (Japanese: VS ゴローニャ VS Golonya) is the 37th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Having snuck into the closed Viridian City Gym, Red is still wondering to himself about the mysterious man who approached him, who seemingly already knows who he is. The man openly muses about Red's skill, considering that he might even be an expert by now after having spent so much time filling out his Pokédex for Professor Oak and battling so many Gym Leaders. Red still shielding himself from the intense lights, he demands to know the man's identity. The man asks if their last meeting was when he went Fossil hunting in Diglett's Cave, but reminds himself that it must have been when the Silph Co. Headquarters collapsed.

With his memory shocked at the mention of Diglett's Cave, he suddenly remembers the past interactions he's had with the man in front of him, and recognizes his face as the one of the bust of the Viridian City Gym Leader. The man smiles and identifies himself to Red as Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket.

Red leaps backwards, quickly putting up his guard, angered that his abilities had been tested. He tries to calm himself, recognizing the danger of coming face to face with the leader of the most evil Pokémon organization in the world. Nervously he considers his first move, wondering about where his Grunts must be lurking, or if he should even make the first attack at all. Giovanni immediately calls him out on all the things he's just deliberated on. Red says nothing, but Giovanni tries to calm him down by letting him know there really isn't any tricks, and he's there alone. To truly prove his intentions, he allows all of his Poké Balls to fall to the floor in front of Red, leaving him defenseless.

Beckoning him to attack with all his force, Red sends out Poli, who is suddenly frozen solid as he attempts to throw a punch. Red is left shocked as Giovanni's Cloyster suddenly appears behind him. Giovanni explains that the three seconds Red had spent calling out Poli to throw an attack left him more than enough time to retrieve one of his Poké Balls and begin a counterattack. He remarks that most Trainers only seem to think about commanding their Pokémon, and neglect to train their own power, skill, and speed in the process.

He considers it a shame that a Trainer with such empathy, determination, and eagerness won't join his side, mentioning that he's heard about Red's battles with his subordinates, impressed that he managed to keep winning time and time again. Red is shocked that Giovanni would ever think he might join Team Rocket, but Giovanni smiles and admits he never really considered it a possibly, when he admires his independence and honor so much. He proposes a bet, gesturing to the five other Poké Balls still left on the ground in front of them, and notes that Red still has access to five Pokémon at his side. If Red can win in battle, he will gracefully accept defeat, but if he loses, he has to spend the rest of his life as a member of Team Rocket. Giovanni questions Red's silence, but is left surprised as Red places his Poké Balls on the floor as well, accepting his challenge under the same conditions.

They both leap for their Poké Balls, Red arriving first and sending out Snor, quickly commanding a Mega Punch. Giovanni commends Red on his speed, but as his Nidoqueen strikes through the smoke with Counter, he says that a great Trainer knows when to let his opponent attack first. Red is left stunned as Nidoqueen picks up Snor and throws him through a nearby wall. Giovanni quickly switches to his Golem, telling Red to pay attention and learn from his tactics. Narrowly dodging Golem's attack, it begins rapidly bouncing around the Gym, leaving Giovanni laughing as Red silently panics. He calms himself down and analyzes Golem's movement, recognizing it must be aiming for wherever his next Pokémon will be sent out. Nervously looking to his Poké Balls, he considers the idea of not sending out a Pokémon at all, leaving it to bounce around the room until it finds the hole in the wall. Golem suddenly rushing past him, he commands Snor to Headbutt the other Pokémon, leaving it to shatter into pieces.

Giovanni makes use of the damage to have Golem use its best attack, Rock Throw, which devastates Snor, completely knocking him out after the attack is followed up with an Explosion. Suddenly a stinger presses to Red's neck, revealing itself to be Beedrill. Giovanni says he let the fight make its way outside on purpose, knowing that Explosion couldn't be used indoors. As Beedrill backs up Red against the wall, Giovanni asks if he's ready to give up.

Red holds up his hands, carefully sliding a Poké Ball up along the back of the wall with his foot, just barely bring it into reach as Aero appears from behind him.

Major events

  • Red learns who Giovanni really is.
  • Red begins his battle with Giovanni.
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  • In the VIZ Media second edition, Giovanni is mistakenly made to ask Red if "his last victory" was at Diglett's Tunnel and then correcting himself to say it was at Silph Co. as it was crumbling. He is meant to ask about the last time the two of them saw each other, as they did at both those locations. This error is not present in the first edition.

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PS036 : Drat That Dratini!
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS038 : Long Live the Nidoqueen?!
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