PIRN: Pokémon Radio

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PIRN: Pokémon Radio
"More saccharin than a coffee shop!"
PIRN's logo
Language English
Status Active
Run 2000 - Present
Date opened July 31, 2000
Creator Steven Reich
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Website Website

PIRN: Pokémon Radio is a fan Internet radio station stationed in Madison, Wisconsin that broadcasts various audio content from the Pokémon franchise such as Japanese and English songs from the anime and movies as well as soundtrack from the video games. It also broadcasts Pokémon news, interviews, and TCG events.

PIRN started broadcasting on July 31, 2000, originally intending to broadcast live TCG games. In the first few years, less than a quarter of the content on PIRN's playlist was Pokémon-related, but later a new feature called the Pokéblock was introduced, consisting of only Pokémon content. Eventually, the station made their programming strictly Pokémon-related content.

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