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It's Me, It's Me
Korean ending themes
Holding Hands
우리들의 추억
BW ED 05 Korean.png
Urideurui Chu-ok
Our Memories
BW ED 05

Our Memories (Korean: 우리들의 추억 Urideurui Chu-ok) is the fifth ending theme for the Korean dub of the Best Wishes series. It debuted in BW109, replacing It's Me, It's Me. It aired until BW122, when it was replaced by Holding Hands. It borrows the animation from the corresponding Japanese ending theme, Sakura Go-Round.

Ending animation


Pictures of Pikachu, Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, Emolga, Pansage, Charizard, Stunfisk and Axew successively appear on screen as they sway and dangle on strings. The wooden door behind them then opens onto the next scene.

The subsequent scenes are still images of the different characters, with the screen half covered with a flower backdrop. Firstly, Ash, Iris, Cilan and their Pokémon are shown playing in the water or relaxing by the side. Next, young Anthea, Concordia and N are shown to be playing with Pokémon at a castle. The scene then fades into Ash, Iris and Cilan carrying shopping bags and presents. Next, the older N is shown standing atop a cliff along with Pokémon. Then, Ash is shown sleeping next to a campfire while hugging Pikachu. The next scene similarly shows N beside his own campfire and Pokémon.

The screen then changes to a full screen with N and his Pokémon, and then N riding away on a boat with the Pokémon waving him good-bye. The shot then fades to a close-up of N with a cherry blossom petal floating down and eventually into his hand. A door closes, revealing N engraved on the door.





TV Size

Korean English
랄라라라라라라라라 ~~~~~~

벚꽃 피고 어느새 더운 여름 찾아와
친구들과 물놀이 함께했던 추억들
여기 모여라 다같이 놀자
시간 가는 줄 몰랐었어 언제나 함께 했었지

모든 게 아득한 꿈만 같았어
그리워 코끝이 시려
지난 추억이 가만히 다가와서 나를 감싸주네

내 귓가엔 니 목소리
자장가처럼 노래 들려와
따스했던 너의 온기가
우리 가슴에 남아있잖아

모닥불 바라보며 눈물참고
그날의 추억을 간직 하도록 해
흰 눈이 오면 우리 다시 만나자
또다시 떠나가며 우린 안녕
만남을 기다리며 손을 흔드네
눈물이 나도 웃을래
그리워 져도 참을래
추억담은 아련한 벚꽃
Lalalalalalalalala ~~~~~~

Cherry blossoms bloom as the hot summer arrives
Memories of playing in the water with my friends
Come together, let’s all play
I didn’t know time was passing by. We were always together

Everything seemed like distant dreams
I miss the cold tips of my nose
Past memories gently approach and enclose around me

Your voice sounds in my ears
Like a lullaby
Your affectionate warmth
Remains in my heart

Watching the campfire I hold back my tears
Cherish the memories of that day
Let’s meet again when white snow falls
Saying good-bye as we leave again
Shaking hands, waiting for our next meeting
I want to laugh when tears fall
To bear when I miss you
Faint cherry blossoms filled with memories
It's Me, It's Me
Korean ending themes
Holding Hands
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