Mayor of Castelia City

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Mayor of Castelia City

The Mayor of Castelia City (Japanese: ヒウンシティの市長 Mayor of Hiun City) is the character of the day in A Venipede Stampede!.

The mayor had given Trip and a few other Trainers permission to use Fire-type Pokémon against the swarm of Venipede that plagued his city. Ash and his friends did not like this, but the mayor told them that they had to either contain the Venipede or evacuate the people. But Burgh explained to him that this was the wrong way to deal with the problem as there were too many of them and it would only make them angrier. The mayor listened to Burgh's words and decided to let him handle the Central Plaza and find the leader. But if he was unsuccessful he would take matters into his own hands.

He later appeared to be overjoyed at the gang's work in rounding up all the Venipede. Professor Juniper then showed him the mass energy flow going on in the Desert Resort.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 青森伸 Shin Aomori
English Billy Regan
Czech Marek Libert
Finnish Arto Nieminen
German Gerhard Acktun
Norwegian Tommy Karlsen
Polish Janusz Wituch
Brazilian Portuguese Hélio Vaccari
Spanish Latin America Humberto Solórzano
Spain Vicente Gil

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