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If you were looking for the character from Pokémon XD whose Japanese name is Mana, see Jovi.
マナ Mana
Age 8
Gender Female
Eye color Light brown
Hair color Light brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola (originally Kanto)
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Selene

Mana (Japanese: マナ Mana) is a main character who appeared in Pokémon Horizon.


Mana Rowlet.png

Mana Decidueye.png
Rowlet → Dartrix → Decidueye
Rowlet is Mana's first known Pokémon. Rowlet appears for the first time battling a wild Drampa in HOR01 that was out of control near Professor Kukui's Laboratory, despite all his efforts, he is no match for the dragon type pokemon, being saved by Rockruff in the process.

Mana tries to use him again to battle a huge wild Pangoro in HOR03, but is interrupted by Tokio.

Mana uses Rowlet again to show Akira how a Z-Ring works in HOR04.

In HOR08, it is revealed that Rowlet evolved during Akira and Mana's journey in Alola sometime before HOR07. Mana uses Decidueye to face a Crobat from a Team Kings Grunt, easily defeating the Pokémon Bat. During the final battle against Meja, Mana uses Decidueye against Meja's own Decidueye, after a tough battle, Mana wins after using the Z-Move on the opposing Pokémon.

Decidueye is last seen in the epilogue of the series in HOR11 alongside his Trainer.

Decidueye's known moves are Razor Leaf and Spirit Shackle*.
Decidueye can also perform the Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid.

Debut Journey to a New Horizon


Language Name Origin
Japanese マナ Mana From mana, Hawaiian for power
English, French, Spanish Mana Same as her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 阿愛 A Oi From the Japanese name 愛 Mana

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