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ドゥリオ Dulio
Dulio Horizon.png
Age 23
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Member of Team Kings
Rank Commander

Dulio (Japanese: ドゥリオ Dulio) is a character who appeared in Pokémon Horizon. He is the one of the commanders of Team Kings.


Dulio appears for the first time in HOR05, during a trip from Akira and Mana to one of the islands in the Alola region, he approaches them as soon as they set foot on dry land. Dulio and his huge Golisopod challenge Akira to a Pokémon battle. Initially he starts having difficulties against the little Pokémon, however when he talks about Team Kings goals with Solgaleo, it ends up destabilizing Akira and Rockruff.

When he was about to win, Rockruff has a flashback from the past, which triggers his evolution in Lyncanroc. Despite the new form, Lycanroc still finds it difficult to win the battle, especially after Dulio and Golisopod manage to activate a Z-Move.

Although, Dulio believed that he had won this, it actually makes Lycanroc uncontrollable and more violent. With that, after a series of blows on Golisopod, Lycanroc ends up being the winner, but that ends up depleting his strength. Defeated, Dulio decides to use his Mandibuzz and flee the battle.


Dulio's Golisopod
Golisopod is Dulio's first known Pokémon. It is a larger than a normal species. It is used in a battle against Akira's Rockruff, which evolves in the process. After a long and violent battle, Golisopod is defeated.

Golisopod is able to use Z-Move Savage Spin-Out.

Debut HOR05
Dulio's Mandibuzz
Mandibuzz is Dulio's second known Pokémon, Dulio uses it as a means of transport.
Debut HOR06


Language Name Origin
Japanese ドゥリオ Dulio Possibly from duellum, Latin for "duel"
English, French, Spanish Dulio Same as his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 杜里奧 Douhléih'ou Transliteration of his Japanese name

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