List of chapters in the HeartGold & SoulSilver arc of Pokémon Adventures

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HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

English title English subtitle Japanese title Japanese subtitle Volume
VIZ Media Chuang Yi/Shogakukan Asia VIZ Media Shogakukan Asia
442 1 Out-Odding Oddish VS Oddish Pokéathlon Challenge! The Pokéathlon Challenge VS ナゾノクサ 挑戦 ポケスロン! Volume 41
Return to Johto!
Johto Again
443 2 Attaway, Aipom! VS Aipom Arrival of the Elite Four! Enter the Elite Four VS エイパム 四天王登場!
444 3 One Tough Togepi VS Togepi A Top-Secret Order! Top Secret Commission VS トゲピー 極秘指令!
445 4 Dealing With A Koffing Fit VS Koffing The Sign of a Comeback! Revival Reacon VS ドガース 復活の狼煙!
446 5 Weavile Wobbles But It Won't Fall Down VS Weavile Battle at the Safari Zone! Battle at the Safari Zone VS マニューラ サファリゾーンの戦い!
447 6 Fortunately for Feraligatr VS Feraligatr Scramble for the Plates! Plate Scramble VS オーダイル プレート争奪戦!
448 7 Pleased as Punch With Parasect VS Parasect The Famous Human Dowsing Machine Scramble for the Plates VS パラセクト 噂の千里眼!
449 8 Raising the Stakes with Rhyperior VS Rhyperior Inheritor of the Land! Inheritor of the Earth VS ドサイドン 大地の継承! Volume 42
The Battle of the Mystri Stage
Mystri Stage Battle
450 9 With a Little Help From Hitmonchan VS Hitmonchan Gathering of the Four Executives! The Four Executives Together VS エビワラー 集合4将軍!
451 10 It Takes Xatu to Tango VS Xatu Route to the Ruins! Route to the Ruins VS ネイティオ 遺跡へのルート!
452 11 All About Arceus I VS Arceus I Engravings of communication! Communication Sign VS アルセウスI 伝説のサイン!
453 12 All About Arceus II VS Arceus II Speaking of the Origin! Narrated Origins VS アルセウスII 語られる起源!
454 13 All About Arceus III VS Arceus III Entering the Mysterious Area! Charging into Strange Territories VS アルセウスIII 突入 謎の領域!
455 14 All About Arceus IV VS Arceus IV Legendary Type Shift! The Legendary Type Shift VS アルセウスIV 幻のタイプシフト!
456 15 All About Arceus V VS Arceus V Mystri Stage of Despair! Mystri Stage of Despair VS アルセウスV 絶望の三つ舞台!
457 16 All About Arceus VI VS Arceus VI Return from the Crack of Time! Return from the Crack in Time VS アルセウスVI 「はざま」からの帰還! Volume 43
幸せ 祝福
The Blessing of Happiness
Happiness and Blessing
458 17 All About Arceus VII VS Arceus VII A Ray of Hope! Ray of Hope VS アルセウスVII いちるの望み!
459 18 All About Arceus VIII VS Arceus VIII Final Evolution of Hope! Final Evolution of Hope VS アルセウスVIII 希望の最終進化!
460 19 All About Arceus IX VS Arceus IX A Special Tomorrow! A Special Tomorrow VS アルセウスIX 特別な明日!
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