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Pokémon Adventures
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Pokémon Adventures volume 41
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Chapters included PS442 - PS448
Manga series Pokémon Adventures

Volume 41: Johto Again is the 41st volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga and the first volume in the HeartGold & SoulSilver arc. It is authored by 日下秀憲 Hidenori Kusaka and illustrated by 山本サトシ Satoshi Yamamoto.

In VIZ Media's translation, this volume is published as volume one of a separately numbered series, "Pokémon Adventures: HeartGold and SoulSilver".


Your favorite Pokémon Trainers Gold and Silver are back! Crystal too! And so is Team Rocket... In this two-volume thriller, troublemaker Gold and feisty Silver must team up again to find their old enemy Lance and the Legendary Pokémon Arceus.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is on the rampage digging up, stealing and collecting 16 mysterious plates for some nefarious purpose known only to them...

What is the hidden power of the 16 plates, and what do they symbolize...?


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan June 28, 2012 ISBN 9784091414977
First Edition by VIZ Media First
United States VIZ Media August 6, 2013 ISBN 1421559005
Digital Edition by VIZ Media Digital
United States VIZ Media December 25, 2018 ISBN 9781974705924
First Edition by Chuang Yi First
Singapore Chuang Yi February 2013 ISBN 9789814372978
None.png First
Brazil Panini Comics April 19, 2024 ISBN 9786525919638
First Edition by Panini Comics First
Germany Panini Comics January 25, 2022 ISBN 9783741625589
None.png First
Hong Kong Ching Win Publishing Group January 1, 2014 ISBN 9789888044832
First Edition by Daewon C.I. First
South Korea Daewon C.I. March 15, 2013 ISBN 9788968220517
First Edition by Ching Win Publishing Group First
Taiwan Ching Win Publishing Group December 28, 2013 ISBN 9789863108733
First Edition by Nation Edutainment First
Thailand Nation Edutainment February 27, 2013 ISBN 9786165169646
First Edition by Kim Đồng Publishing House First
Vietnam Kim Đồng Publishing House April 3, 2017 ISBN 9786042087513
Second Edition by Kim Đồng Publishing House Second
Vietnam Kim Đồng Publishing House June 20, 2020 ISBN 9786042173100


Important events

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.
  • At an unknown location, Gold faces Arceus.
  • Gold is revealed to own an upgraded Pokédex.
  • Gold, along with Whitney, travels to and enters in the Pokéathlon.
  • Gold faces the Elite Four at the Pokéathlon.
  • Gold reveals he was asked by Professor Oak to meet Lance at the Pokéathlon.
  • Gold goes to Ecruteak City to see the Kimono Girls.
  • Silver arrives at the Whirl Islands looking for Lance. There, he encounters Clair, who is also looking for Lance.
  • Silver is revealed to own an upgraded Pokédex.
  • Carr is revealed to have taken over Team Rocket, but is stopped by the four Executives, Archer, Ariana, Proton, and Petrel.
  • Silver travels to the Safari Zone to search for clues to Lance's disappearance. Silver encounters Eusine at the Safari Zone.
  • Petrel attacks Silver. Silver defeats Petrel and steals his Plates. Petrel escapes, but loses his Plates in the process.
  • Crystal arrives at the Safari Zone and encounters Silver.
  • Eusine recommends Silver goes to see Morty to search for the remaining Plates.
  • Proton searches for the Sinjoh Ruins.
  • Silver and Crystal travel to Ecruteak City.
  • Crystal is revealed to own an upgraded Pokédex.
  • Gold meets Morty and asks for his help to find Lance.
  • While making their way to Ecruteak City, Silver and Crystal are attacked by Ariana.
  • Silver figures out that the Plates correspond to 16 of the 17 Pokémon types.

Party changes


No Pokémon are caught in this volume.



  • This is the only volume of Pokémon Adventures to be published by Chuang Yi in its original right-to-left format. Previously, all of Chuang Yi's volumes of Pokémon Adventures were published in a left-to-right format with reversed artwork.
  • This was the last volume of Pokémon Adventures that Chuang Yi released before going out of business.


  • In VIZ Media's release of this volume, the name of the Sinjoh Ruins is misspelled as "Shinjoh Ruins" in the next volume teaser.

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