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The following is a list of chapters from the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga created by 伊原しげかつ Shigekatsu Ihara.

Volume 1

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
DPA01 In Search of the Legendary Pokémon Dialga!! 神話のポケモンを求めて!! Seeking a Mythical Pokémon!!
DPA02 Hareta's Very First Pokémon Battle!! ハレタ、 初のポケモンバトル!! Hareta's First Pokémon Battle!!
DPA03 The Mystery Boy, Jun!! なぞの少年・ジュンあらわれる!! The Mysterious Boy: Enter Jun!!
DPA04 Win with Teamwork!! チームプレイで打ち負かせ!! Win with Teamplay!!
DPA05 Find Munchlax!! ゴンベを探し出せ!! Find Gonbe!!

Volume 2

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
DPA06 Beauty Contest: The Pokémon Super Contest!! 美の競演! ポケモンスーパーコンテスト!! Beauty Contest! Pokémon Super Contest!!
DPA07 Dialga's Secret Keys ディアルガの秘密のカギ Dialga's Secret Keys
DPA08 Team Galactic's Conspiracy, Revealed!! 明かされる ギンガ団の陰謀!! Revealed, The Galaxy Gang's Conspiracy!!
DPA09 Challenge! The Fortress Of Steel!! 挑戦! ハガネの城!! Challenge! The Steel Castle!!
DPA10 Serious Training on Iron Island!! こうてつじまで本格修業!! Serious Training at Steel Island!!

Volume 3

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
DPA11 The Legendary Pokémon, Captured とらわれた伝説のポケモン The Captive Legendary Pokémon
DPA12 A Battle Of Wills ぶつかり合う闘争心! Defeat the Enemy with United Fighting Spirit!
DPA13 The Battle Rages On 激化する戦い The Intensifying Battle
DPAS1 Deoxys, The Phantom Pokémon! (Part 1) 幻のポケモン・デオキシス!! (全編) Phantom Pokémon: Deoxys!! (Part 1)
DPAS2 Deoxys, The Phantom Pokémon! (Part 2) 幻のポケモン・デオキシス!! (後編) Phantom Pokémon: Deoxys!! (Part 2)

Volume 4

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
DPA14 A Novel Test!! 新たなる試練!! A New Test!!
DPA15 An Enormous Power Awakens! 目覚める巨大な力! Awakening of Giant Power!
DPA16 Team Galactic's Ultimate Warrior ギンガ団最強の戦士 The Galaxy Gang's Greatest Warrior
DPA17 Clash! Hareta vs. Mitsumi!! 激突! ハレタVSミツミ!! Clash! Hareta vs. Mitsumi!!
DPAS3 The Tale of Hareta and Shaymin ハレタとシェイの物語 The Tale of Hareta and Shaymin

Volume 5

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
DPA18 Battle Against Team Galactic...and Mitsumi! ギンガ団・ミツミとの対決! Galaxy Gang: Showdown with Mitsumi!
DPA19 (Violent) Earthquake! Cyrus's Consuming Ambition 激震! アカギの野望!! The Ground Shakes! Akagi's Ambitions!!
DPA20 The Advent of the Legendary Pokémon!! 伝説のポケモン降臨!! The Legendary Pokémon Descends!!
DPA21 Will Hareta's Wish Get Through?! とどけ、 ハレタの思い! Hareta's Feelings Reach Out!
DPA22 Bonds Connect Across Space-Time... 時空をむすぶ絆... The Bonds That Link Space-Time...

Volume 6

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
DPA23 A New Battle Begins! 新たな戦いの始まり! A New Battle Begins!
DPA24 Hareta's Heart's Desire ハレタの熱き思い Hareta's Heated Emotions
DPA25 Clash! Hareta vs. Koya 激突! ハレタVSコウヤ Clash! Hareta vs. Kōya
DPA26 Hearts and Spirits Collide 通じあう心 Connecting Heart to Heart
DPA27 A Surprise Visit from Hareta's Father! ハレタの父, 現る!! Hareta's Father, Revealed!!
DPAS4 Mitsumi's Wish ミツミの思い Mitsumi's Feelings

Volume 7

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
DPA28 Look For Giratina! ギラティナを追え! Pursue Giratina!
DPA29 A Clash! Hareta vs. Charon 激突!! ハレタVSプルート Clash!! Hareta vs. Pluto
DPA30 The Anger of Legendary Pokémon Heatran 伝説のポケモン・ヒードランの怒り The Legendary Pokémon - Heatran's Rage
DPA31 Hareta's Excellent New Partner...Minun?! 新相棒・マイナン大活躍!? New Partner - The Energetic Minun!?
DPA32 Charon Must Be Stopped! プルートの野望をうちくだけ! Crush Pluto's Ambitions!
DPAS5 Return to Hareta's Home Forest! 続・ハレタとシェイの物語 The Tale of Hareta and Shaymin - Part 2

Volume 8

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
DPA33 The Birth of the Greatest Tag Team?! 最強のコンビ誕生!? The Ultimate Combination is Formed!?
DPA34 Koya's Sad Reunion コウヤ、 悲しき再会 Kōya's Sorrowful Reunion
DPA35 Enter the Distortion World! 突入! やぶれたせかい!! Break in! The Shattered World!!
DPA36 Hareta's Fierce Battle! ハレタ、 魂の激突!! Hareta's Clash of Souls!!
DPA37 Gathering of the Legendary Pokémon! 伝説のポケモン集結!! The Legendary Pokémon Gather!!
DPAS6 Hareta's Future ハレタの向かう先 Hareta's Journey Continues

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