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Hareta's Fierce Battle!
ハレタ、 魂の激突!!
Hareta's Clash of Souls!!
Collected in Vol. 8
Chapter number 36
Location Distortion World
Manga series Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!
Previous Chapter Enter the Distortion World!
Next Chapter Gathering of the Legendary Pokémon!

Hareta's Fierce Battle! (Japanese: ハレタ、 魂の激突!! Hareta's Clash of Souls!!) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Hareta challenges Giratina to a battle, sending out his Regigigas as it attacks. He commands a Mega Punch, however it has no effect due to Giratina being part Ghost-type. Jun tries to tell Hareta to run away, but Hareta replies that no matter what opponent stands before you, you can never back down, that face to face confrontation is the only way to truly connect with Pokémon as he sends out more of his Pokémon.

Inspired by Hareta's words, both Jun and Koya decide to join in, sending out their Pokémon as well. However, Giratina thrashes all of them. Watching nearby from behind a rock, Charon says that there's no possible way to win against a creature as terrifying as Giratina, but Hareta doesn't give up going for the direct approach of being flung into the air and coming down to headbutt Giratina, a tactic which has little effect.

Jun and Koya watch from the sidelines as Kaisei arrives back into the picture. Kaisei greets Hareta's friends and explains that when Team Galactic tried to control Giratina he let himself take the blast from the machine instead, rendering him unconscious thus beginning Giratina's rage. Kaisei then turns his attention to Charon, telling him off for being a bad guy, he also adds that he was under the impression that Team Galactic were good guys because they gave him food. Jun then tells Kaisei that they should try and let Giratina know that he's okay to end the rage, but Kaisei refuses saying that it's not his place to interfere with Hareta's battle. Hareta tells Giratina that he understands its feelings right now, a desire for a heated battle. Hareta's Regigigas strikes with an Ice Punch, after which Giratina opens a portal, sucking those in the Distortion World back to reality.

Giratina then suddenly disappears, which Koya recognizes as the start of a Shadow Force attack. Hareta comments that Giratina's finally getting serious, which alarms Koya as all their Pokémon have been wiped out, they have no defense. Hareta however is unfazed. Giratina has lived in that desolate world all alone for so long, now it finally has someone it can go all out against is must be incredibly pleased. Hareta stands ready to take Giratina's attack on his own, but something else comes to save him.

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