List of Accessories by index number

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This is a list of Accessories by index number in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

List of Accessories

Index # Accessory
0 Accessory White Fluff Sprite.png White Fluff
1 Accessory Yellow Fluff Sprite.png Yellow Fluff
2 Accessory Pink Fluff Sprite.png Pink Fluff
3 Accessory Brown Fluff Sprite.png Brown Fluff
4 Accessory Black Fluff Sprite.png Black Fluff
5 Accessory Orange Fluff Sprite.png Orange Fluff
6 Accessory Round Pebble Sprite.png Round Pebble
7 Accessory Glitter Boulder Sprite.png Glitter Boulder
8 Accessory Snaggy Pebble Sprite.png Snaggy Pebble
9 Accessory Jagged Boulder Sprite.png Jagged Boulder
10 Accessory Black Pebble Sprite.png Black Pebble
11 Accessory Mini Pebble Sprite.png Mini Pebble
12 Accessory Pink Scale Sprite.png Pink Scale
13 Accessory Blue Scale Sprite.png Blue Scale
14 Accessory Green Scale Sprite.png Green Scale
15 Accessory Purple Scale Sprite.png Purple Scale
16 Accessory Big Scale Sprite.png Big Scale
17 Accessory Narrow Scale Sprite.png Narrow Scale
18 Accessory Blue Feather Sprite.png Blue Feather
19 Accessory Red Feather Sprite.png Red Feather
20 Accessory Yellow Feather Sprite.png Yellow Feather
21 Accessory White Feather Sprite.png White Feather
22 Accessory Black Moustache Sprite.png Black Moustache
23 Accessory White Moustache Sprite.png White Moustache
24 Accessory Black Beard Sprite.png Black Beard
25 Accessory White Beard Sprite.png White Beard
26 Accessory Small Leaf Sprite.png Small Leaf
27 Accessory Big Leaf Sprite.png Big Leaf
28 Accessory Narrow Leaf Sprite.png Narrow Leaf
29 Accessory Shed Claw Sprite.png Shed Claw
30 Accessory Shed Horn Sprite.png Shed Horn
31 Accessory Thin Mushroom Sprite.png Thin Mushroom
32 Accessory Thick Mushroom Sprite.png Thick Mushroom
33 Accessory Stump Sprite.png Stump
34 Accessory Pretty Dewdrop Sprite.png Pretty Dewdrop
35 Accessory Snow Crystal Sprite.png Snow Crystal
36 Accessory Sparks Sprite.png Sparks
37 Accessory Shimmering Fire Sprite.png Shimmering Fire
38 Accessory Mystic Fire Sprite.png Mystic Fire
39 Accessory Determination Sprite.png Determination
40 Accessory Peculiar Spoon Sprite.png Peculiar Spoon
41 Accessory Puffy Smoke Sprite.png Puffy Smoke
42 Accessory Poison Extract Sprite.png Poison Extract
43 Accessory Wealthy Coin Sprite.png Wealthy Coin
44 Accessory Eerie Thing Sprite.png Eerie Thing
45 Accessory Spring Sprite.png Spring
46 Accessory Seashell Sprite.png Seashell
47 Accessory Humming Note Sprite.png Humming Note
48 Accessory Shiny Powder Sprite.png Shiny Powder
49 Accessory Glitter Powder Sprite.png Glitter Powder
50 Accessory Red Flower Sprite.png Red Flower
51 Accessory Pink Flower Sprite.png Pink Flower
52 Accessory White Flower Sprite.png White Flower
53 Accessory Blue Flower Sprite.png Blue Flower
54 Accessory Orange Flower Sprite.png Orange Flower
55 Accessory Yellow Flower Sprite.png Yellow Flower
56 Accessory Googly Specs Sprite.png Googly Specs
57 Accessory Black Specs Sprite.png Black Specs
58 Accessory Gorgeous Specs Sprite.png Gorgeous Specs
59 Accessory Sweet Candy Sprite.png Sweet Candy
60 Accessory Confetti Sprite.png Confetti
61 Accessory Colored Parasol Sprite.png Colored Parasol
62 Accessory Old Umbrella Sprite.png Old Umbrella
63 Accessory Spotlight Sprite.png Spotlight
64 Accessory Cape Sprite.png Cape
65 Accessory Standing Mike Sprite.png Standing Mike
66 Accessory Surfboard Sprite.png Surfboard
67 Accessory Carpet Sprite.png Carpet
68 Accessory Retro Pipe Sprite.png Retro Pipe
69 Accessory Fluffy Bed Sprite.png Fluffy Bed
70 Accessory Mirror Ball Sprite.png Mirror Ball
71 Accessory Photo Board Sprite.png Photo Board
72 Accessory Pink Barrette Sprite.png Pink Barrette
73 Accessory Red Barrette Sprite.png Red Barrette
74 Accessory Blue Barrette Sprite.png Blue Barrette
75 Accessory Yellow Barrette Sprite.png Yellow Barrette
76 Accessory Green Barrette Sprite.png Green Barrette
77 Accessory Pink Balloon Sprite.png Pink Balloon
78 Accessory Red Balloons Sprite.png Red Balloons
79 Accessory Blue Balloons Sprite.png Blue Balloons
80 Accessory Yellow Balloon Sprite.png Yellow Balloon
81 Accessory Green Balloons Sprite.png Green Balloons
82 Accessory Lace Headress Sprite.png Lace Headress
83 Accessory Top Hat Sprite.png Top Hat
84 Accessory Silk Veil Sprite.png Silk Veil
85 Accessory Heroic Headband Sprite.png Heroic Headband
86 Accessory Professor Hat Sprite.png Professor Hat
87 Accessory Flower Stage Sprite.png Flower Stage
88 Accessory Gold Pedestal Sprite.png Gold Pedestal
89 Accessory Glass Stage Sprite.png Glass Stage
90 Accessory Award Podium Sprite.png Award Podium
91 Accessory Cube Stage Sprite.png Cube Stage
92 Accessory Turtwig Mask Sprite.png Turtwig Mask
93 Accessory Chimchar Mask Sprite.png Chimchar Mask
94 Accessory Piplup Mask Sprite.png Piplup Mask
95 Accessory Big Tree Sprite.png Big Tree
96 Accessory Flag Sprite.png Flag
97 Accessory Crown Sprite.png Crown
98 Accessory Tiara Sprite.png Tiara
99 Accessory Comet Sprite.png Comet
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