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These are Klara's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Sword

  • At Wedgehurst Station
"Hee hee! Of course! I totally have one!"
"Oh, a Slowpoke!"
  • If talked to prior to interacting with the Slowpoke
"Is this the first time you've seen a Galarian Slowpoke? The coloring of the top of its head is curry-like. Isn't it superduper cute?"
  • After the player catches the Slowpoke
"Wow! Amazing! The way you caught that Slowpoke was the absolute coolest."
"I'm heading to a place called the Isle of Armor. I'm gonna catch some rare Pokémon and do some training. Let's hang if we meet up again, 'K? Bye-bye, then! See ya!"
Fields of Honor
  • At the Armor Station
"Aha, there you are, right on time too! You're pretty punctual for a kid! Hmmm....Hey, have we met before or something? Oh, it doesn't really matter, I guess! I'm Klara! I've been at the dojo awhile, so they sent me to help out the newbie!"
Regardless of choice : "Oh, come on! I know you're the new student who's supposed to join the Master Dojo!"
"What's going on? Am I being mocked...by a kid?!."
"But I'm the colorful, caring, and charismatic Klara!"
"Well then... How about we have a quick battle? Just so, y'know, we can see who's better?"
"I'll be waiting outside, so come on out when you're ready!"
"He'll/She'll never know what hit him/her..."
  • Outside the Armor Station
"Hee hee! I bet this is your first time on the Isle of Armor. I bet you can't wait to start exploring, but first things first! We need to make sure you're ready! Since I've already been at the Master Dojo for a little while now... I'll be the one testing you out! Go easy on me, Ok?"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Remember, it's just a test—so take it easy! I'll be nice and gentle... as I knock you out flat!"
After first landing a hit on the player's Pokémon: "Look, the first damage you took on the Isle of Armor! Consider it a little gift from me!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "How am I the one getting backed into a corner? This should NOT be a thing!"
Upon first using Slowpoke's Acid: "Hah! That's right! Let my poison drive you Kla-razy!"
Upon being defeated: "Oh, my next Pokémon's gonna make short work— Huh? That was my last one?"
  • After being defeated
"Huh?! No no no! NO no no! Th-there must be some kind of mistake!"
"Not good... Not good at all, man... How'd this kid get so strong?!"
"If this kid joins the dojo, nobody's gonna pay attention to my strength... I could just tell him/her to buzz off... No, they asked me to bring in the new student!"
"Ahem! Hey, that wasn't bad! I mean, It's not like I was going all out—not at all—but still! Buutt...you see...our dojo is one that's got a long-standing reputation! Even the famous Champion Leon trained at our place!"
"No offense, but maybe, just maybe, you're not quiiite good enough to make it? Sooo... how about this? Why not enjoy the sights, but just stay away from the Master Dojo over there, 'K? Here, I'll even give you this! Y'know, as a souvenir!"
"Just show it when you visit a boutique or a hair salon, and they'll let you buy stuff that's not available to most people! Anyway... I guess that's that! See you never! Hee hee hee!"
  • Outside Master Dojo
"Seems that way, yep! I did my best to welcome him/her, but... he/she just suddenly left after our battle..."
"Huh? Agh!"
"Right, right, right, right! Exactly, ma'am! I swear! He/she must've changed his mind about joining the dojo! Oh, but here you are! I'm sooo happy you decided to come after all!"
"Aaaagh! Why?! How?! What does he think he/she's doing, just showing up like that?! This ain't good... Ms. Honey will know I lied!"
"Hee hee, I'm sure we'll be best friends!"
"Listen, you... If you dare tell Ms. Honey about what happened at the station... I'll melt you down to size! You understand?!"
Master Dojo
"Aww! But, Masterrr! You haven't given me my uniform yet! Why does that kid get a uniform but not me?! It's not fair!"
"Hee hee! The squeaky wheel gets the grease!"
"Huh?! What was that?"
"Wha—?! It's gone! Where'd my Dojo Uniform go?"
"Hey! Give it back! Give me my Dojo Uniform!"
"Hey! Get back here!"
  • After completing Mustard's first trial
"You... Don't tell me you got my uniform back all on your own!"
Regardless of choice: "Oh... Well, uh, thanks."
"Don't get a big head just 'cause you did well!"
  • If talked to prior to starting Mustard's second trial
"Sorry, not sorry, but I haven't accepted you as the hotshot everyone else seems to think you are. You'd better think again if you think I'm gonna let you finish this trial before me, mate..."
Warm-Up Tunnel
"Hold up a sec!"
"*wheeze*... *wheeze*..."
"Hellooo, what's this?! Three Max Mushrooms in one spot?"
"Here I thought I'd need to go find them one by one!"
"I saw those mushrooms first! I swear!"
"I've been at the dojo longer and all. Sooo... it's only fair that you let me have 'em. Riiight?"
No way!: "Tsk! Yeah, I figured that's what you'd say..."
Sure, you can have them!: "Waaait... What's this, now? Are you givin' me attitude? Pityin' me, are you?!"
"Gosh, you're a pain in the neck... You just show up outta nowhere, and just happen to be young and talented..."
"If you're looking to get in my way, well, I think some vile poisons will take care of that!"
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "Let's set the record straight right here. I'll show you once and for all that I'm the better Trainer!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "Oh fine, hit us with our weakness! What're you, a supereffective move machine?!"
After the player first lands a critical hit: "Hmph! Enjoy your dumb luck while it lasts, 'cause it ain't gonna happen again!"
After Klara first lands a super-effective move: "Oooh look at that! My attack worked just great. Now get ready for another dose!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "Am I really gonna lose again? Is there just... something wrong with me?"
After her Venipede first uses Poison Tail: "Go on! Get 'em! Knock 'em flat! And give 'em a little venom for good measure!"
Upon being defeated: "Just what have you got that I don't?"
  • After being defeated
"Aaagh! Why can't I win?! I'm trying as hard as I can! What am I missing?!"
"Fine, you can have those silly mushrooms! I'm going to find better ones, anyway!"
"So there! Nyah!"
Master Dojo
"*gasp*... *pant*... Ms. Honey! Please wait..."
"*pant*... *pant*..."
"I...I've got some Max Mushrooms, too!"
"Waaaaaah! I did it! I did it! *sob* *sniff*..."
"Master, Ms. Honey...please, can I ask for something, just this once?"
"I want you to use my Max Mushrooms in the Max Soup!"
"I really want to share my hard work with everybody here!"
"Ms. Honey..."
  • If talked to prior to talking to Mustard
"Hmmm? Did the master call for you, too?"
  • Upon speaking to Mustard
"Sooo...what's this all about, Master? What did you want to tell us?"
"The final...last...ultimate...third trial?!"
"Uh...so basically this is the last trial?"
"We're going to battle? That's the last trial?"
"This is it... Finally... But can I...?"
"I-I've gotta get going!"
"I need to go there right away to prepare my pure heart for this! I'm going on ahead, 'K? You can laze about like a Slowpoke and take as much time as you need!"
  • At the Battle Court, if <player> tries to walk past
"H-hey! Don't just ignore me!"
  • At the Battle Court, if talked to
"You are here."
"When I beat you, I'll get the secret armor... and then I'll become a Poison-type Gym Leader! I've got to win, no matter what... I'm gonna go all out and totally beat you. You ready?"
No: "Huh?! Aw, come on! You're gonna leave me hanging after all that? Well, whatever..."
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I'm not holding a single thing back anymore. Time to settle this—fair and square! Oh, and maybe watch your step... Looks like some Toxic Spikes somehow got on the Battle Court!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "Sorry, my dear Pokémon! I should've given better directions. But hang in there! You've got this!"
Upon first landing of a super-effective move: "Ah-HA! That's right! Let my poison drive you Kla-razy!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "There's no way I'm losing! I ain't letting go till the bitter end!"
Upon Dynamaxing Slowbro: "Watch out, audience! One dose of Klara poison and there's no turning back!"
Upon being defeated: "But I didn't hold back! I gave it everything I've got..."
  • After being defeated
"Aw man... I totally lost..."
"Hah, well, this stinks. I do everything—even cheat a little—and still lose. I don't expect a young, talented kid like you to really get it, but... I... really was trying, you know? As hard as I could..."
"Maybe it's time for me to just give up on my dream of being a Gym Leader..."
"Once they find out what I did, I'll be expelled from the dojo anyway. <player>, you can tell the master that I cheated."
OK: "I'm sorry..."
I won't: "Huh? B-but why? It was supposed to be a fair battle, and I cheated just so I could win..."
"*hic* *sniff* Master...thank you... I'm sorry, <player>..."
"What?! I mean, yeah, that's a lot of work, but... is that all?!"
"<player>! Um! I... Well... You're...really strong!"
  • If talked to after the player receives Kubfu
"One day...I'd like to be strong like you."
  • After the player defeats Mustard
"Um, <player>... I-I just...well...I guess I should congratulate you... But I won't! Why should I celebrate anything you do, huh?! Still, that cleared up a lot! You are strong enough to beat the master going all out! I never stood a chance! But the next time I face you... I'll take you on fair and square! And I won't lose... You'll see!"
Regardless of choice: "Agh! You're downright infuriating--you know that? Almost as bad as I am!"
"Oh, back to normal, huh, Master?"
Potbottom Desert
"That's it, Slowpoke! Use that epic poison move!"
"Aw, come on! Can't you at least try to be more energetic?"
"Next time I battle him/her, I'll be the one that comes out on top."
"Huh? <player>?! How long have you been eavesdropping?!"
Are you training?: "Buzz off! I-it's none of your business what I'm up to!"
How've you been?: "I've been fine, thank you! And I'm glad to see you look like you're doin' fine, too! Now, stop botherin' me!"
"Juuust forget ever seeing me here, 'K?"
"You can keep that—if you promise to keep your mouth shut!"
"And well... Good luck to you, too, I guess."
Master Dojo
"Heeey, <player>! D'you think you could help me out with my training?"
Yes: "That's what I'm talking about! C'mon, let's go to the Battle Court!"
No: "Hee hee, you must be super busy! That's funny, 'cause you really look like you've got nothing better to do..."
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon: "I'm still working on getting stronger! So don't go laughing if I don't do well!"
After the player first lands a super-effective move: "You'll have to do more than that to make me lose heart! I'm gettin' better every day!"
After first landing a super-effective move on the player's Pokémon: "Tee hee! That's me—as cute as I am clever with moves!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "Still not pulling any punches, I see. Not that I care or anything!"
Upon Dynamaxing Slowbro: "All righty, Slowbro! Time to dream bigger—and be bigger!"
Upon first using Slowbro's Max Ooze: "Your Pokémon will look sooo much cuter once I give it a nice coat of venom!"
Upon being defeated: "Aww, come on! What a drag! But...I guess it was also kinda fun!"
  • After battle
If the player won: "Whew, as strong as ever! But I think I'm beginning to get it... Hey, thanks for helping me out."
If the player lost: "Oooh, I didn't expect to win! Maybe I am getting stronger! Still, it could be I just got lucky... Let's do this again, 'K?"
Wyndon Stadium (Galarian Star Tournament)
  • On the field before the invitational tournament
"Ohhh, ex-CUSE me! Am I interrupting your private little chat?"
"That's exactly right! You sweet little thing! I'm so happy you remember me, Hoppy-kins!"
"I've been working real hard with my team since you beat us all into the dust before... And I did it! I really did! I finally became a Gym Leader!"
Regardless of choice: "Feel free to keep heaping on the praise and adoration! It really is a fantastic achievement! Even if our Gym is still in the minor division."
"Well, you can bet your bottom I'll be going all out in this event! Just you wait and see!"
"Hee hee! Don't worry—I'll knock you out nice and cold!"
Partnered with Klara
  • If talked to in the locker room
  • Before the first round
"You really knew what you were doing when you chose me as a partner, didn't you? Hee hee! Let's melt down our rivals into itty-bitty pieces!"
  • Before the second round
"You know, you and me make a better combo than I would've expected! If you like, maybe we can keep teaming up even after the competition, too."
  • Before the final round
"I'm so excited that my whole body's shaking... <player>! We're gonna rip victory away from the competition, you hear?!"
  • On the field
  • Before the first round, randomly selected
"Seems like a great chance to show off just how toxic we can be!"
"So the first trick is just to rack up a win, right?"
  • Before the second round, randomly selected
"Doesn't matter who we're up against! They'll all get a toxic dose of Klara and <player>!"
"Remember how I poured poison all over our last opponents? Yeah, I'm thinking I'll do that again!"
  • Before the final round, randomly selected
"Stand aside, <player>... I got this one!"
"We're gonna win this match... Ain't nobody gonna stop us!"
  • Upon winning the tournament
  • First time
"Ahaha! You know, I really didn't like you at first, kid. But now that we've won this thing... I'm actually happy that I did it together with you!"
  • Subsequent victories
"Yes! Did it again! I can't get enough of this feeling! All you people watching, hope you like your double dose of our toxic teamwork!"
Facing against Klara
  • In battle
After sending out first Pokémon
With Bede: "Hee hee! C'mon, Bede! Let's poison them, nice and proper!"
With Gordie: "Aaah! Ohmygosh, Gordie! You're super popular! I can't believe we're on the same team!"
With Marnie: "Team Supercute with Klara and Marnie! Everyone's gonna be head over heels for us!"
With Mustard: "All eyes on me, Master! I'll show you that I'm cute AND strong!"
Upon sending out her last Pokémon: "This battle ain't over yet! My heart's unbreakable, you hear?!"
Upon Dynamaxing Slowbro: "Keep your eyes peeled, everyone! It's time for Klara's big moment!"
Upon being defeated: "I lost in front of all these people! What a sheer disgrace..."
  • After being defeated
  • In the first round
"Aw, c'mon! All that effort, and nothing to show for it?! What a drag..."
  • In the second round
"So you're moving on to the final battle, huh? Hey, d'you think we could tag along? Pleeease? No...?"
Field conversations (with or against the player)
  • Against Bede
"Hee hee! Hi there, Bede! Go easy on us, 'K?"
  • Against Marnie
"Oooh, it's Marnie! I guess I should show you respect—you've been a Gym Leader longer."
  • Against Mustard
"Oh heyyy, Master! We might win by accident... Sorry if that happens!"
"Heeey, are you talkin' about me? I'll snap that ridiculous hair of yours in two..."