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This article is about the state Shadow Pokémon enter in Pokémon Colosseum. For its equivalent in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, see Reverse Mode.

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Reason: Details on what happens in each disobedience case (especially "using" an item out of disobedience). Can a disobedient Shadow Pokémon switch out while under the effect of Ingrain or a binding move?

A Croconaw entering Hyper Mode

Hyper Mode (Japanese: ハイパー状態 Hyper State) is a condition Shadow Pokémon will sometimes enter in Pokémon Colosseum.

A Shadow Pokémon enters Hyper Mode during a Pokémon battle, and it will spend a turn having its emotions "rise to a fever pitch". It will only have a chance of entering Hyper Mode if it has been ordered to use Shadow Rush. Its status meter will turn red and black, and an aura of the same color will appear around the Pokémon, presumably only seen by Rui.

Effects of Hyper Mode

  • Shadow Rush has a 95% chance to land a critical hit.
  • If the Pokémon is ordered to use any move other than Shadow Rush, it may take one of the following actions instead:
    • It may disobey and use another move.
    • It may turn and attack its teammate.
    • It may attempt to use its item, even if it doesn't hold one.
    • It may hurt itself, as if it were confused.
    • It may attack its Trainer or the opposing Trainer (which has no battle effect).
    • It may do nothing at all.
    • It may return to its Poké Ball, even if under the effect of Block, Mean Look, or Spider Web. (If there is no Pokémon it can switch with, it will try but be unable to switch.)
  • Items cannot be used on a Pokémon in Hyper Mode, except Scents.
  • There is a small chance it will leave Hyper Mode on its own in battle.

Ending Hyper Mode

Hyper Mode can be ended by either calling to a Pokémon in battle, using a Scent on it, leaving it at the Pokémon Day Care, or recovering on its own. Doing this will "open the door to its heart" a bit and bring it closer to being purified. Some Shadow Pokémon respond to this better than others, based on their nature (even if the Heart Gauge isn't sufficiently empty to discover the Shadow Pokémon's nature), even going so far as to have a whole fifth of their Heart Gauge cleared just by calling it out of Hyper Mode.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Mode Hyper
Germany Flag.png German Furyo-Modus
Italy Flag.png Italian Iperstato
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hiperestado

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