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Gemma (Japanese: ホリー Holly) is a character of the day who appeared in Searching for a Wish!. She lives with her parents Lotus and Carlton in a mountainous area on Capacia Island in the Decolore Islands.

Two years ago, the local mountains experienced a drought, drying up the entire area until it was a barren wasteland. Gemma's father Carlton soon left to find a way to restore the underwater spring that irrigated the area. Gemma, meanwhile, had become obsessed with finding Jirachi, a Mythical Pokémon known for granting wishes, which was rumored to live in the very same mountains. She hoped to use its powers to restore the mountains to their former state of greenery and have her father return home.

Gemma encountered Ash and his friends during her search. After learning they had seen Jirachi the night before, she attempted to rush up a steep cliff, only to injure her leg. Returning to Gemma's house, Lotus revealed to the group why Gemma was determined to find Jirachi. Knowing that Jirachi only wake up for seven days once every thousand years, Ash and his friends decided to help Gemma find Jirachi.

Gemma and the group managed to locate Jirachi on the seventh day, only for Team Rocket to arrive and grab the Wish Pokémon for themselves. However, Gemma grabbed a hold of their balloon as they tried to flee. Jirachi managed to break free and send Team Rocket blasting off, but it was badly weakened in the process. Afterwards, Carlton returned, much to her surprise. He told her to return Jirachi to the mountain shrine so it could rest. Once Gemma did so, Jirachi revived itself and restored the valley to its former glory. Then, it returned to its crystalline sleeping form, much to Gemma's sadness.



Gemma's Jirachi
Gemma was in constant pursuit of Jirachi as she wanted it to grant her wish that would restore her valley home to the vibrant land it once was. Jirachi was initially shy towards her, but when Gemma had a chance to voice why she needed it, Jirachi warmed up to her and granted her wish.

Jirachi's known moves are Swift, Psychic, and Healing Wish.

Debut Searching for a Wish!
Voice actors
Japanese Mika Kanai
English Mika Kanai

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石川由依 Yui Ishikawa
English Cassandra Lee Morris
Finnish Amy Burgess
European French Elsa Poisot
Italian Martina Felli
Polish Julia Chatys
Brazilian Portuguese Gabriela Milani
European Spanish Cristina Yuste
Swedish My Bodell

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