Flareon (SWSH Promo 41)

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ブースター Booster
Illus. You Iribi
Evolution stage
Stage 1 Pokémon
Evolves from Eevee
Card name Flareon
Type Fire
HP 110
retreat cost
English expansion SWSH Black Star Promos
English card no. SWSH041
Japanese expansion S-P Promotional cards
Japanese card no. 038/S-P
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Flareon.

Flareon (Japanese: ブースター Booster) is a Fire-type Stage 1 Pokémon card. It is one of the SWSH Black Star Promos.

Card text

Fire Singe
Your opponent's Active Pokémon is now Burned.
FireFireColorless Kindle
Discard an Energy from this Pokémon. If you do, discard an Energy from your opponent's Active Pokémon.

Pokédex data

Flareon - Flame Pokémon
No. Height Weight
136 2'11" (0.9 m) 55.1 lbs. (25.0 kg)
Pokédex entry
Once it has stored up enough heat, this Pokémon's body temperature can reach up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit.
体内に 炎が 溜まると ブースターの 体温も 最高 900度 まで 上がっていく。

Release information

This card was released as a Cosmos Holofoil SWSH Black Star Promo and was available in the Darkness Ablaze Three Pack Blisters from August 14, 2020. In Japan, it was one of seven S-P Promotional cards available in Pokémon Card Gym Promo Card Pack 2, which was intended to be distributed at Pokémon Card Gym venues throughout March, April, and May 2020; however, these events were among those to be canceled from February 29, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[1] Despite this, it is evident venues still received packs from The Pokémon Company, hence external knowledge of the cards at the time, and that some venues still distributed them in some way. Events officially resumed from May 23, 2020[2] and packs were distributed until July. The Japanese print is Non Holofoil and features the Pokémon Card Gym logo.



Kindle is an attack that first appeared on Blaine's Charmander from Gym Heroes. This card's Pokédex entry comes from Pokémon Sword.


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