First Steppe

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First Steppe

First Steppe (Japanese: ふりだしの草原 Beginning Grassland) is a area in Pokémon Quest. It is a part of Tumblecube Island. It is the first area the player encounters. Completing all of its stages unlocks Gloomy Grove and Backforth Brook and rewards the player with the Prolific Statue which increases experience gained from expeditions by 1.5 times for Pokémon up to level 5.

It is a wide open plain, decorated with trees, rocks, ponds, and several plateaus. The First Steppe is predominately populated by Normal-type Pokémon, though several Bug-types are also present.

The stages of this area have a bonus type of Fighting, giving Pokémon of that type a boost to their HP and Attack when playing these stages.

When the player lands their boat on Tumblecube Island, they arrive in this area. They send out MoBee ahead, passing by a number of Pokémon, including Rattata, Raticate, Pidgey, Caterpie, Magikarp, Meowth, Nidoran♂, and Nidoran♀. MoBee short circuits and crashes soon after, but the player restarts MoBee, and it flies once more. MoBee suggests befriending one of the Pokémon in a clearing up ahead: a Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, or a Eevee. Afterward, the team embarks on the first expedition.

Following said expedition, the player finds a clearing somewhere in the area and sets up a base camp, docking their boat next to it. From this base, the player and MoBee embark on many more expeditions on Tumblecube Island.

Color Ingredient Drop Rate
Red 44%
Blue 33%
Yellow 11%
Gray 11%


This stage is played directly after starting the game, and cannot be played a second time. As such, the only Pokémon allowed in is the chosen first partner Pokémon, it doesn't have a recommended Team Strength, and there is no means to determine if the bonus type applies.

Pokémon Encounter rate
Quest016.png Pidgey 100%
Quest019.png Rattata 100%
Quest019.png Rattata 100%

Stage 1-1

Recommended team strength: 200

Pokémon Encounter rate
Quest016.png Pidgey Varies
Quest019.png Rattata Varies
Quest052.png Meowth 100%

Stage 1-2

Enemy strength: 650

Pokémon Encounter rate
Quest010.png Caterpie Varies
Quest013.png Weedle Varies
Quest011.png Metapod 50%
Quest014.png Kakuna 50%

Stage 1-3

Enemy strength: 750

Pokémon Encounter rate
Quest004.png Charmander Varies
Quest016.png Pidgey Varies
Quest021.png Spearow Varies
Quest037.png Vulpix Varies
Quest058.png Growlithe Varies
Quest017.png Pidgeotto 76.67%
Quest063.png Abra 20.00%
Quest133.png Eevee 3.33%


Enemy strength: 850

  • Wave 1: 3 Pokémon
  • Wave 2: 1 Pokemon - Calls for help - 6 Pokémon after
  • Wave 3: 1 Pokémon - More Pokémon - 2 Pokémon - More Pokémon - 2 Pokémon - More Pokémon - 3 Pokémon
  • Wave 4: Boss - 1 Pokémon - Surrounded - 3 Pokémon
Pokémon Encounter rate
Quest016.png Pidgey Varies
Quest019.png Rattata Varies
Quest021.png Spearow Varies
Quest052.png Meowth Varies
Quest084.png Doduo Varies
Quest020.png Raticate 100%

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 啟程草原 Káichìhng Chóuyùhn
Mandarin 啟程草原 / 启程草原 Qǐchéng Cǎoyuán
France Flag.png French Prairie Dudaypar
Germany Flag.png German Anfangswiese
Italy Flag.png Italian Prima Prateria
South Korea Flag.png Korean 출발의초원 Chulbarui Chowon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Prado Inicial

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