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These are Cogita's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mission 13 - "Disaster Looming"
Ancient Retreat
"Shirking your work to come pester me again? Even beneath a bleeding sky, you never change."
"No "mistress," thank you. Just Cogita. And this is?"
"Ah, the poor wretch you spoke of. Lost in time and space. Dear me, lost one... It seems I'll be able to fulfil my duty at long last, thanks to you."
Regardless of choice: "Indeed—I am to guide you, lost one. For the task of preventing great disaster falls to you. The rift in space-time must be mended, lest time and space themselves be thrown out of balance."
"But come. You may enter my dear hideaway. There's much to be told."
  • Inside her house
"The space-time rift is said to be a portal to innumerable other dimensions... In one such realm, far and farther still from ours, dwells almighty Sinnoh."
Regardless of choice: "The expanse from antiquity to eternity and the expanse to all sides, above, and below... Time traces the path we tread from the here and now into the future... While space yawns all-encompassingly, surrounding us in every direction."
"You see, don't you? The two together, time and space, comprise all creation–the universe. How can one claim that either is greater than the other, as those two clans do?"
Regardless of choice: "Perhaps the truth is clearer to a wanderer such as you–one who has known other ages."
"Now listen, lost one. Here is what you must do. Hisui holds three lakes of great importance–Lake Verity, Lake Valor, and Lake Acuity. At each dwells a Pokémon said to embody one aspect of the mind. Complete the trials each one will set you, and bear their gifts to the Shrouded Ruins. There you may receive the Red Chain. With it, perhaps you can bind the world together."
"Kindly spare me your doubts, young man. I know the old words and what they bid us do. How true they are isn't mine to know. And regardless of their truth, I am bound to pass them on. How callous of my ancestors–to leave their legends to their children without a single thought for the hardship it would cause them! we are. You know your duty, and you'll do it. Won't you?"
Of course!: "There is nobility in knowing what must be done and seeing to it."
I can't possibly......: "What twaddle! You would abandon the people and the Pokémon that have cared for you? I doubt it."
"What was that cry? Have we now a lost Pokémon as well as a lost child? Do see to it, please."
Ancient Retreat
  • After the player completes the first lake trial
"Ahh, Azelf's Fang/Mesprit's Plume/Uxie's Claw... So the legends told it true. Then the Red Chain must be real as well."
"Your doubt suggest a keen intellect. I see you're not your clan's leader for nothing. Without the mind, were the rift to widen and the very world to end, would we even know it? One might even say the world–time, space, all creation–exists only because our minds are there to perceive it. Perhaps the Red Chain's purpose is to let one see creation as it truly is."
"Such are myths, my child... Teaching us about the world in their own incomprehensible ways. They urge is to think more for ourselves–on the nature of almighty Sinnoh and on the nature of the world in which we dwell."
"How nonchalant you sound. How confident of successes to which you contribute nothing. You tag along only for the chance to gawk at more ancient ruins."
  • If talked to after completing the first lake trial
"More and more human voices echo throughout Hisui with the growth of your Galaxy Team..."
  • After the player completes the second lake trial
"So that's Azelf's Fang/Mesprit's Plume/Uxie's Claw... I sense a warmth to it."
"What makes you say so?"
""One of those Ginkgo Guild merchants"? You make it sound as if you're not one of them."
""Watch"? Is that all you really do? Remember: once you've sought the third lake and found what's needed for the Red Chain, make for the Shrouded Ruins."
Crimson Mirelands (Shrouded Ruins)
"Seems I've made it in time."
"I had the aid of a rather remarkable Pokémon, if you really wish to know."
"I would hardly know. We speak of a divine instrument–one said to be capable of binding the very world. Do you really imagine it can be forged by mortal hands?"
"Ah... The Pokémon of the lakes!"
"So it was true... The pact our people have passed down for all these generations has been kept. At last, I can set this burden aside!"
Mission 18 - "The Counterpart"
Jubilife Village (Front gate)
"And here you are, lost one. Ready to face your fate atop Mount Coronet? It seems a vicious battle might await you."
I'll go where I must: "Oh, well said."
I...I guess I'm going...: "Come now, child... I know you did not choose this burden, and it must weigh mightily on you. But you can bear it. You have your friends, your allies—and most importantly, your Pokémon."
"Now, hearken to my words, young ones. Time cannot be severed from space, nor space from time."
If the player chose Adaman during Mission 13: "The being you will encounter at the Temple of Sinnoh is Palkia, ruler of all space. If it is allowed to run wild, space itself will warp and bend here in Hisui, and eventually, the very world may be broken. But you have the aid of its counterpart—Dialga, the ruler of time. And therein lies hope. Balance will be brought to time and space, and the world can once again be as it should. Now, take Dialga at your side and make for the Temple of Sinnoh once more!"
If the player chose Irida during Mission 13: "The being you will encounter at the Temple of Sinnoh is Dialga, ruler of all time. If it is allowed to run wild, time itself will twist and bend here in Hisui, and eventually, the very world may be broken. But you have the aid of its counterpart—Palkia, the ruler of space. And therein lies hope. Balance will be brought to time and space, and the world can once again be as it should. Now, take Palkia at your side and make for the Temple of Sinnoh once more!"
"I must say, this is quite the intriguing village... Perhaps I'll have a look around before I go—see what your clothier has on offer."
"Well, I'll hardly have time for shopping if the world ends, will I, young man?"
Ancient Retreat
  • After completing Mission 20
"Oh, lost one... It's miraculous what you've done! It seems the Red Chain served its purpose well. And you carried out your duty, as you were bid."
"But what brings you here? Have you yet need of me?"
"Ah, yes. A tale whose origins lie a millennium or two years ago... Those were the days of the ancient Sinnoh people, from whom I am descended across many generations. These forbears of mine worshipped Arceus as the Pokémon that created the Hisui region. And I have heard of certain fragments—plates, as they are called—that were given to the ancestors of Pokémon such as Kleavor and Wyrdeer."
"I'm afraid I've nothing new to tell you. Why, the Diamond and Pearl Clans would never have confused Dialga and Palkia with the creator, Arceus, had anything concrete been passed down."
"Aha. I see what you intend. Very well—I'll help as best as I can."
"There are still other tremendous Pokémon in Hisui—other mysteries to be solved. Whether they are connected to Arceus, I cannot say for certain. But in searching them out, perhaps you'll stumble upon the path you seek. Let me think... There are the Pokémon of the lakes, of course. And the temple giant. The crescent moon, the volcano... And perhaps you might even return to the very beginning..."
"Now then... What would you hear of?"
The three lake Pokémon: "Ah, yes. Them, you already know. Go give them your thanks for the Red Chain—and show them how strong you've become."
The volcano: "Well, where could that be but Firespit Island!"
The crescent moon: "Yes, the moon... You must go where you may meet the moon's gaze unobstructed. Does that clue illuminate you path? Well...make for the Coronet Highlands, for now."
The temple giant: "The secret that lurks in Snowpoint Temple... To find it, you must open the door that is sealed."
The beginning: "Indeed—a beginning for you, certainly... Where was it you first fell to earth here?"
Never mind: "Done with your questions, are you?"
"Very well, lost one. The rest depends on you and your efforts."
"It appears that the opening of the space-time rift compelled Pokémon that might otherwise have stayed hidden to come out and see what has befallen the world. I hope you succeed—for your own sake and for that of the Pokédex you labor on."
  • If talked to again before collecting all the Plates
"You'd do well to go and look into those five leads I've told you of, lost one."
Mission 26 - "Seeking the Remaining Plates"
Ancient Retreat
  • If talked to after collecting all the Plates
"Here you are again. Have you collected all the plates?"
"If there's yet more you want to know...kindly bring me wood. Three logs will do."
  • If talked to after gathering three pieces of Wood
"Have you gathered the three logs I requested, lost one?"
Here you go: "Oh-ho! Yes, this certainly ought to do."
Not yet: "Is that so? Then I'll disregard the feeling that told me you'd gathered them."
"Secret? Your expectations need tempering, I fear. This wood is merely for fashioning myself new cutting boards."
"How you complain for one shirking his own work this very moment. Poor Ginter of the Ginkgo Guild must have his hands full with you."
"But honest work earns honest pay. Here you are, <player>—a reward for the wood you've brought me."
"What do you mean, a plate? Let me see that again! Hmm. This does rather look like one of the plates you've been tracking down. While the engravings upon it made it less than accommodating as a cutting board...whatever ingredients crossed it certainly gained a more pleasant flavor. Perhaps that was the board's power—the plate's power, rather."
"Well, no more needs saying. What do you two intend to do now?"
"I see. A fine pretext to continue shirking your mercantile duties to crawl about in old ruins as you so enjoy. On with you, then!"
"Go on, now—to the Celestica Ruins. I'm curious myself what you'll find there. What can we who live now learn from the remains of our ancient myths and legends?"
Request 94 - "Incarnate Forces of Hisui"
Galaxy Hall (First floor)
  • Receiving the request
"I've just been told of the foul plan Volo had concocted. Well, think no more on that scoundrel. Just another tale of passion burning too bright and consuming its bearer. That is what happens, if you allow it to."
"But what of you? Are you making progress with your...what do you call your studies of Pokémon? Surveying, was it?"
Regardless of choice: "Indeed? Well, Hisui still holds more fascinating Pokémon."
"Shall I speak to you of one of them? Which Pokémon would you hear about?"
Tornadus: "Ah, yes, Tornadus... In every direction it flies, stirring up tremendous storms as it goes. When a blizzard batters the Alabaster Icelands, Tornadus may be about."
Thundurus: "Now, Thundurus—as it flies around, it fires bolts of lightning every which way. When a rainstorm lashes the Cobalt Coastlands, Thundurus may be about."
Landorus: "Ah, yes, Landorus—the Pokémon hailed as the Guardian of the Fields. It seems it can be glimpsed in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Perhaps you'd be so good to as to catch it for me?"
I'm done, thanks: "Is that so? Hm."
"I know not why these three have chosen to show themselves. Perhaps the cause lies with the space-time rift...or simply with their own whims. I suppose their stirring up storms and casting bolts of lightning may trouble you aplenty, but nature has need of such things. If you wish to know more, you'd best study the Pokémon for yourself. When you've completed entries in your Pokédex for Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus, come and speak with me."
Ancient Retreat
  • After the player completes the Pokédex entries for Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus
"Ah, you've arrived."
"You now know much about Landorus, Tornadus, and even Thundurus. Well done."
"In more normal times, I would bid you let those three fly free as is their nature. But we are yet fresh from the tearing of the space-time rift. Until its aftereffects fade entirely, perhaps it's better to keep our trio contained."
"And now, it is time to tell you the rest."
Regardless of choice: "There is one more of that cohort."
"This is Enamorus—a Pokémon hailed as the Herald of Spring."
"Enamorus is not particularly given to ill behavior. But I imagine you'd like to document her for your Pokédex, wouldn't you? Catch her, then, if you like. She always flits about in the Crimson Mirelands."
  • After the player completes the Pokédex entry for Enamorus
"Aha—you've caught Enamorus as well. And you know much about her."
"Enamorus arrives in Hisui once winter has passed—hence the epithet Herald of Spring."
"Her company, when I have the pleasure, is of great help—she ferries me hither and yon across Hisui. But I'll leave her in your care for now, I suppose."
Regardless of choice: "Indeed—even you can hardly expect to live for all time, surely, but she will be in your care for now."
"Here—this is the Reveal Glass. If you use it on Enamorus and her brethren, they will assume different forms."
"You, Enamorus, and her brethren have something in common: you all tend to stir the pot of life. Do not mistake me—I mean this positively. If everything were straightforward, what meaning would there be in living as long as we do?"
""Once there was a god of field, and once there was a god of spring. Upon Hisui's winds it wheeled, brought life to every growing thing..." Was that how that old verse went?"
"I have passed on to you all there is to pass. Where history goes from here...I leave to you and your companions to see through."
Jubilife Village (Photography studio)
"This "photography" invention will let my beauty live on eternally. Come, lost one. Stand by my side."

Other translations

  • Cogita and Volo's exchange about 'One of those Ginkgo Guild Merchants' is significantly altered compared to the Japanese. In the Japanese version, Volo says, "Some person from the Ginkgo Guild told me that" (translated from Japanese), to which Cogita replies "You as well are someone from the Ginkgo Guild". In both versions, Cogita's suggesting that Volo is being dishonest, but in the English version, it suggests that Volo is dishonest about being a member of the Ginkgo Guild while in the Japanese, it suggests Volo is dishonest about who he heard it from.