Charizard's Beach Party Barbecue Deck (TCG)

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The Charizard's Beach Party Barbecue Deck is a deck found in the Team Rocket Strategy Guide. The deck is classified as one of the advanced decks in the book, containing more rare cards than the easy-to-build decks.


This straightforward brawling deck doesn't have too many tricks up its sleeve. What it does have is some powerful attacks. Charmander's Fire Tail does 20 damage for Fire. Dark Charmeleon's Fireball does an incredible 70 damage if you flip heads, and it only costs FireFireFire. Dark Charizard's Continuous Fireball only costs FireFire and can do 50 damage for each Fire Energy attached to Dark Charizard. If you don't want to take any chances, attach enough Fire to do twice as much damage as required to Knock Out the Defending Pokémon.

If you find yourself against the ropes, make Magmar your Active Pokémon and try to use Smog to Poison the Defending Pokémon. On your next turn, use Smokescreen to make it hard for your opponent to attack. Against a Water deck, use Jolteon and Pikachu to take advantage of the Weakness to Lightning that most of your opponent's Pokémon will have.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Charmander Fire Common
Dark Charizard Fire Rare
Dark Charmeleon Fire Uncommon
Dark Flareon Fire Uncommon
Eevee Colorless Common
Jolteon Lightning Rare Holo
Magmar Fire Uncommon
Pikachu Lightning Common
Bill T Common
Computer Search T Rare
Gust of Wind T Common
Pokémon Trader T Rare
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Super Potion T Uncommon
14× Fire Energy Fire E Common
Lightning Energy Lightning E Common
Rainbow Energy Rainbow E Rare

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