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Ok.... So we're going to get some award on how we contribute to the wiki? That is rank. --Force Fire 06:20, 24 November 2008 (UTC)

And file. Hey, it was done before: look at TC and TCOTM. TTEchidna 06:48, 24 November 2008 (UTC)
Except this is rewarding actual quality while those are just an indication of quantity. Very nice. --FabuVinny |Talk Page| 07:48, 28 November 2008 (UTC)
Users are going to start asking "Am I close?" It's going to get really lengthy...speaking of which...moi? ht14 03:16, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

Hey! I thought I got the Golden Slowpoke Award!!! Θρtιmαtum♏Talk|Links 13:48, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

The Slowpoke's a joke award. And you're not stupid enough to make something deserving of it. TTEchidna 18:16, 2 December 2008 (UTC)

Golden Porygon Award

Might I suggest the Golden Porygon Award for best new template?--MisterE13 00:39, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

That might work sometimes, but I think it wouldn't be useful all the time since we don't really need new templates very often. UltimateSephiroth (about me · chat · edits) 05:52, 8 January 2009 (UTC)
For months where we get a worthy template?--MisterE13 03:34, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
Maybe not "The user who made the best template". But perhaps more along the lines of "The user who contributed most to templates over the past month". (Perhaps even in both creation and setting them up within articles).--MisterE13 14:50, 28 February 2009 (UTC)
Things like that tend to get Golden, Silver, or Bronze bulbas. MaverickNate 02:41, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

Golden Shaymin Award

Starting this month can we have a Golden Shaymin Award.It will be awarded for be very Gratitude to Others.Dawn's No.1 Fan, 14:46, 1 January 2009 (UTC)

Ehhhhh, not really. That may help, but... seems kinda more just an ego-stroaking... TTEchidna 08:15, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
It might be a good idea. With the Code of Conduct and all. --Clarky13 08:20, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
But did the user benefit Bulbapedia significantly? We wanna focus on edits, not how much they made the other users feel. I agree with TTE. It's ego-stroaking. --ケンジガール 08:29, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
True. True. --Clarky13 08:32, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

Golden Luvdisc Award

Perhaps an award for edits made to the Shipping section? I know it's not mainspace, but still. --ケンジガール 21:39, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

Also, the Shiny Luvdisc is already golden so we won't have to edit it lol. --ケンジガール 21:45, 9 January 2009 (UTC)

True, but to remain consistent, it probably needs to have those random sparkly thingies.--freezingCOLD (page, talk) 21:47, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
It sounds like a good idea.--☆Coolピカチュウ! 01:05, 4 February 2009 (UTC)
It was said on AIM that it wasn't wanted because not enough edts are made to the Shipping space and the award would go to one user every month. --ケンジガール 04:01, 4 February 2009 (UTC)
Hm.--☆Coolピカチュウ! 04:06, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

Golden Arceus award

How`s about a Golden Arceus award.It`s for the Grandest page on Bulbapedia. - unsigned comment from DAWN FAN (talkcontribs) at 22:28, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

That gets rewarded for the featured article. TTEchidna 22:43, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

January 09

Who won January ? 448.png The Aura Wolf !!!! 18:11, 3 February 2009 (UTC)448.png

Everyone shall see when they are awarded & the page is updated. Please be patient. - Kogoro | Talk to me - 18:13, 3 February 2009 (UTC)

I never won an BulbaAward.The Aura Wolf !!!! 00:45, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

You have to be a good contributor and made a GREAT number of edits on the respeive month. Or you can do the same thing in a speific area. Or if you made a crappy artilce welll hey you can at least get the Gloden Slowpoke :D.--☆Coolピカチュウ! 01:04, 4 February 2009 (UTC)
*cries due to no award* ht14 02:27, 6 February 2009 (UTC)

Golden Ditton Award

Golden Ditto Award for best Custom Sprite?--Tavisource 01:23, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ...........oh im sorry you were serious. uh, no. -- MAGNEDETH 02:56, 4 February 2009 (UTC)
See above. --ニョロトノ666 02:59, 4 February 2009 (UTC)


There should be a "award" for the user who is the rudest throughout the entire month. If we have the golden slowpoke.....DCM((Mock MeEdits)) 01:44, 5 February 2009 (UTC)

It would go the way of the Golden Luvdisc...--RexRacer01:45, 5 February 2009 (UTC)
Wait, you mean like the Rusty Bulbasaur Award? :P ~ sol 01:48, 5 February 2009 (UTC)
I think it would be the Golden Mankey or something.--RexRacer 01:50, 5 February 2009 (UTC)
Or maybe a Croagunk...Garrison12795 01:56, 5 February 2009 (UTC)
Golden Mankey.DCM((Mock MeEdits)) 02:04, 5 February 2009 (UTC)
Darn, I lost. Garrison12795 02:05, 5 February 2009 (UTC)
Primeape would be better than Mankey, IMO. 0° 20:00, 6 February 2009 (UTC)
Well I guess the fear here would be that someone would go out of their way to try and win this award, which generally goes against the Code of Conduct. Although I like the idea of a Rusty Bulbasaur.... Besides, we already have blocking as an "award" for being a complete pain in the proverbial. — THE TROM — 21:33, 6 February 2009 (UTC)


Noone won anything in February? March is coming to a close with only 12 days to go to the 31st and still no winners?--FF(edits-talk) 05:50, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

It was probably skipped because it was a short month. OR they're planning to combine February with March. --ケンジガール 05:58, 19 March 2009 (UTC)
I cant wait to see who the winners are. *.* --Blake 02:09, 20 March 2009 (UTC)
you guys all suck, so, you all lose. -- MAGNEDETH 02:23, 20 March 2009 (UTC)
ok, ok, weve been really busy with Overgrow AND Pt, so, we didnt entirely forget. bear with us. -- MAGNEDETH 02:24, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

Aiming for the Slowpoke!

Can I make a horrible new page on purpose to get the Golden Slowpoke on purpose? --I hide in the dark! 02:30, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

No. No you can't. It's not something you try to win. And if you do try, and we know it (and we do now, thanks), you'll get a nice little block. Don't disrupt the pedia D: — THE TROM — 02:35, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

Golden Slowpoke

A joke award though it may be, why isn't there a template for it along with the others, so people can put that in with their user bars? Missingno. Master wants YOU! Join the Order of the Glitch! (my talk page) 13:43, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

Our own awards

Are we allowed to have our own awards (i.e. Chocolate Bulbasaur) if we do not try to make it seem like an official award? --♫Green♫ギャラドス♫Talk♫ 14:08, 30 September 2009 (UTC)

Hope this isn't too much

Is there a possibility the sprites of the Kanto/Johto Pokémon could be upgraded to their HGSS sprites?--ForceFire 08:33, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

That was on the cards, actually. We do plan to get to that. Expect to see them by the next awards. —darklordtrom 08:36, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

Missed a spot

What about the Golden Mudkip? CuboneKing 21:51, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

It was changed to the Golden Porygon...--♫Green♫ギャラドス♫Talk♫ 21:53, 11 November 2009 (UTC)
The top part of the page states it's phased out. Edit conflict No, Mudkip was left out before Porygon was even introduced. They should not be related. UltimateSephiroth (about me · chat · edits) 21:54, 11 November 2009 (UTC)
It was decided the the GoldKip wasn't really necessary. --electAbuzzzz 21:55, 11 November 2009 (UTC)
Darnit. I was hoping I'd get it, because I do add trivia all the time, and surely one of them was interesting. Thanks anyway. CuboneKing 21:56, 11 November 2009 (UTC)
I meant edit-wise.--♫Green♫ギャラドス♫Talk♫ 22:00, 11 November 2009 (UTC)


Who's Darkfire Taimatsu? Apparently, this user is not even registered... I think you guys mean DarkfireTaimatsu... ht14 03:14, 31 December 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, I fixed it. Should be the right user now. --Coolピカチュウ! 03:16, 31 December 2009 (UTC)


OK, so I ran this unofficial userspace award, the Golden Missingno. award, for best contributions to Glitch Pokémon articles, and it came to my attention that it is no longer allowed, as per the userspace policy. Any chance that the Golden Missingno. could instead be made into an official award? - unsigned comment from Missingno. Master (talkcontribs) 02:11, 25 May 2010 (UTC)

I believe that would be a "no"... 梅子 02:41, 25 May 2010 (UTC)
That's it? No? No discussion, no debating, just no? This was a serious suggestion, you know. I mean, if there are awards for best service to the archives, the anime articles, the manga articles, and the games articles, why not the Glitch Pokémon articles? - unsigned comment from Missingno. Master (talkcontribs) 05:17, 25 May 2010 (UTC)
Because we cannot make awards that specific. Pokemon can be divided into games, TCG, anime, manga, and merchandise. Glitch Pokemon are just a part of games. Virtual-Z 05:22, 25 May 2010 (UTC)
I'd go further to split merch into a category called "meta" and incorporate the Shipping, Fandom, Music, Globe and Merch Projects... But what Z says is largely right. We have awards for the four main sections of Pokémon Canon, which means that if anyone made decent edits to the glitch section they'd end up with the Mew or one of the Saurs. —darklordtrom 05:57, 25 May 2010 (UTC)
Oh, well, alright then. - unsigned comment from Missingno. Master (talkcontribs) 06:08, 25 May 2010 (UTC)
Also, just as an extra note. The parts of the "meta" category are generally based off the main 4 (Games, Anime, Manga, & TCG) which means that they're certainly considered when the awards for those four are in discussion. - Kogoro | Talk to me - 06:24, 25 May 2010 (UTC)


This page hasn't been updated for 9 months (not counting CoolPikachu!'s relink). --SnorlaxMonster 09:02, 10 August 2010 (UTC)

We know. Watch this space. —darklordtrom 09:22, 10 August 2010 (UTC)

Move it?

Hey admins, don't you think this page should be moved to "Bulbapedia Awards" or "Bulbagarden Awards" or something like that? The name Golden Bulbasaur Award doesn't make a proper sense because it's not just about the Golden Bulbasaur Award, it's about all the awards related to entire Bulba stuff. What do you think? ♫♪AdyNiz♪♫ 06:39, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

Nope. GBA is the flagship award. —darklordtrom 10:28, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

Did I earn the Crystal Bulbasaur Award?

I just want to know before I brazenly add it to my page. TorchicBlaziken (talkedits) 21:46, 3 December 2010 (UTC)

Not really. It's just to thank the whole community for the work they've done. Please don't put it on your userpage. :) Jellotalk 21:54, 3 December 2010 (UTC)


Is it just me, or do none of the award images display? I've tried refreshing, purging, etc., if I try going directly to any of the images Firefox says they can't be displayed due to errors, and despite being larger than the Gen IV sprites, the filesizes are a third of the Gen IV sizes. Is it just me or don't they display for others too? Bluesun 07:59, 21 December 2010 (UTC)

Well, I've no problem, they're working absolutely fine. ♫♪AdyNiz♪♫ 09:22, 21 December 2010 (UTC)
Eh, I guess it's just my Firefox then. Thanks. Bluesun 16:54, 21 December 2010 (UTC)

Golden Chatot?

I don't make many edits to the music sections but it sounds like a good idea, seen as Chatot is even on the logo Diamond Lanturn CodeName: 05308 17:13, 17 January 2011 (UTC)

The way the current system is set up is fine. There are three main awards, plus an award for each of the main canons (games/anime/manga/tcg), plus a few extras. Not every section warrants an award. —darklordtrom 20:59, 18 January 2011 (UTC)

A question about the Eevee

How new is new? Do they have to have joined within that month, or less than a year ago, or any other space of time that someone might think of? Juzey!! (Talk) 18:58, 25 February 2011 (UTC)

I think it's joined since the last award MaverickNate 19:09, 25 February 2011 (UTC)
Ok, thanks, I think that needs to be put in the article somewhere--Juzey!! (Talk) 19:15, 25 February 2011 (UTC)

Welcomer Award

( Just Joking Around)

Is there a Award for the user who Welcomed a lot of Users recently--Jaison Clinton Castelino 10:16, 8 February 2012 (UTC)


Are these still being given out? Rainbow Shifter (talk) 18:05, 7 February 2013 (UTC)

no. --SnorlaxMonster 04:02, 8 February 2015 (UTC)


Any reason as to why this was discontinued? --リックEO (メッセージ) 12:43, 23 July 2015 (UTC)