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Persistent rulebreakers

See also: Bulbapedia:Dealing with vandalism


Revert war over anime images. Sockpuppets do the same.
Blocked indefinitely on Bulbapedia and Bulbagarden Archives.
User's apparent home IP address,, has also been blocked indefinitely.
Action to take
Ban all sockpuppets on sight, as per blocking policy.
Additionally, block any proxy servers utilized. Use Special:CheckUser to determine the IP addresses used.
Banned sockpuppets will claim to be a victim of accidental blocking due to IP address sharing, either at school or at home. Sockpuppets on Bulbapedia/Archives will sometimes have the name of a Wikipedia contributor involved in the user's misbehaviour on Wikipedia; conversely, Wikipedia sockpuppets will sometimes have the name of a Bulbapedia contributor.
Known incarnations on Wikipedia
Known incarnations on Bulbapedia
  1. Jsmith
  2. Apricetx
  3. Inuyasha546tx_2
  4. Aywanajp
  5. Jjohnson97
  6. Interrobamf
  7. Ryulong-en
  8. Mjackson438
  9. Pikachuqueen
  10. Quarkxpress
  11. Hikari001
  12. Bobabobabo
  13. Asukagirl
  14. Worldatlas1989
Known incarnations on Bulbagarden Archives
  1. User:Aywanajp
  2. User:Apricetx
  3. User:Crazyhorse
  4. User:MrBungle76
  5. User:Achamoqueen
  6. User:Jjohnson97
  7. User:Evula546
  8. User:Calvero545
  9. User:竹麦魚jp
  10. User:SenZeLin
  11. User:Lugia249
  12. User:Mewmewgirl
  13. User:Mig0160
  14. User:Quarkxpress
  15. User:Rickshappy
  16. User:Jatkinson
  17. User:Egoldman65
  18. User:Hikari001
  19. User:Onepiece21
  20. User:Worldatlas1989

Link Remover family

Vandalism by, aptly enough, removing links. His sockpuppets use other methods, and the method any one uses is always in the sockpuppet's name.
Blocked indefinitely
Action to take
Ban all sockpuppets on sight, as per blocking policy.
This vandal is behind the same university proxy server as User142 and Someone. It is possible that Someone is behind these vandals.
Known incarnations
  1. Link Remover
  2. Page Maker
  3. Link Spammer 1
  4. Page Maker 1
  5. Page Maker 2
  6. Random Mover
  7. Random Mover 2
  8. Zhen Lin Reverter
  9. Sysop Reverter
  10. Categorizer

Chintss family

Simple linkspamming, followed by cleanup from the same IP address(es).
Blocked indefinitely
Action to take
Ban all sockpuppets on sight, as per blocking policy. Shut down registration if the situation continues to worsen.
This vandal rotates proxy servers every so often, or otherwise obtains a new IP address.
Known incarnations
  1. Chintss
  2. Brian davion
  3. Mrmortisland
  4. Karmasore
  5. Edgey
  6. Bobthefish
  7. Junpei
  8. Camr0n
  9. Ruca
  10. Yourname
  11. Doomdaymassacre
  12. Bank6000
  13. Smcn
  14. Dayve
  15. Gamma8
  16. Zer0man
  17. Madragoran
  18. Z2fool
  19. Redhook
  20. Nichole
  21. Kogi
  22. Kruge
  23. Geese
  24. Stalkerofursoul
  25. Usnip
  26. Altair
  27. Scofco
  28. Ch405kn16h7
  29. Zero
  30. Jestuh