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ブオウ Buoh
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Black's Emboar
Debuts in Fussing and Fighting
Caught in Choices
Caught at Nuvema Town
Evolves in The Case of the Missing Pokémon
Museum Showdown
Gender Male
Ability Blaze
Nature Brave
Current location With Black
HOME498.png HOME499.png HOME500.png
This Pokémon spent 19 chapters as Tepig and 18 chapters as Pignite.
This article is about the Emboar. For the mechanic referred to as "Nite" in-game, see Time → Night.

Bo (Japanese: ブオウ Buoh) is an Emboar that Black owns in Pokémon Adventures and his third Pokémon overall. He was given to Black from Professor Juniper. Originally, as a Tepig, his nickname was Tep (Japanese: ポカ Poka) and as a Pignite, his nickname was Nite (Japanese: チャオ Chao). As of The Power of Dreams, he is at level 51, and his Characteristic is that he is "a little quick tempered."


Black & White arc

Bo and Black

Bo first appeared as a Tepig in Fussing and Fighting. It was one of the Pokémon owned by Professor Juniper along with the other Unova first partners, Snivy and Oshawott. While he sloppily ate some Berries he roasted with his flames, Tepig got into a fight with Snivy after getting juice on his tail. The two fought each other until they were broken up by Oshawott who had gotten angry and easily knocked them away.

In Choices, they are delivered to an impatient Black so they can be the Pokémon of the new upcoming Trainers. After being sent out of his Poké Ball, Tepig and Snivy get into a fight once more and are again stopped by an enraged Oshawott. Tepig runs off and Black follows him, leaving Snivy to suffer the wrath of Oshawott. Eventually Black finds Tepig stuck on a tree and rescues him from a wild Sewaddle and takes him as his own Pokémon. After this Black goes to a library to look up the evolved form of Tepig so he can decide an appropriate nickname for him. Tepig assumes that Black meant that he was not happy with his present form and runs away. Black follows him and after finding out the reason why he ran away, decides to give him the nickname "Tep" instead of a name based on his final form.

In Black's First Trainer Battle, Tep, along with Brav and Musha, were used against Hiker Andy, where they managed to defeat his three Pokémon in a Triple Battle.

In Lights, Camera...Action!, Tep is introduced to the Tepig of White, Gigi, and becomes friends with her. White, needing a male Tepig to go with her female Tepig in her media shootings, decides to employ Black and Tep after the former runs up a huge bill that he now needs to pay off. Tep and Gigi are then paired up in several shootings, such as movies or commercials. Tep is later used against N in Accumula Town where he is almost defeated by the young man's powerful Pokémon. With words of encouragement from Black, Tep manages to get back up and defeats his Tympole, allowing N to decide that the battle is over and leave.

Tep during the Striaton Gym

In Welcome To Striaton City!!, Tep, alongside Cheren's Snivy and Bianca's Oshawott, are used in the Striaton Gym against the Gym Leaders, Cilan, Chili, and Cress. Due to the nature of the Triple Battle, the three are put at a disadvantage, and Snivy is eventually brought close to defeat. When Chili's Pansear attacks Oshawott he becomes enraged and defeats it, but is quickly knocked down by Cilan's Pansage. With the time limit almost up, the first partner trio eat the leaves that Pansage dropped, rejuvenating them. With it now being three to two after the time limit runs out Black, Cheren, and Bianca win.

In A Direct Attack and a Daunting Defense, Tep was used in a Double Battle alongside Tula against a Janitor named Geoff and his Trubbish and Cinccino. Trubbish begun the battle by attacking Tep with Acid Spray. When Black checked on how Tula was doing, he noticed that Cinccino was using its fur to make Tula's electricity slide by. Geoff then had his two Pokémon attack Tep and Tula, sending them flying. Despite thinking that he had won the battle, Tep got back up enraged and slammed into Trubbish with a fiery attack, having used some bottles to block his nostrils to prevent Trubbish's stench from reaching his nose. Tula then swung down from the bridge and used Slash on Cinccino, knocking it out and finishing the battle.

White preventing Tep from evolving

In Lost in the Big City, Tep and Black encounter a lost boy crying in one of its buildings. When Black leaves to find help to find out why the boy is crying, Tep is left to watch over him. The boy quickly reveals himself to be a Zorua in disguise and causes havoc for Tep all throughout the building. Eventually, Tep manages to attack the Pokémon, but Zorua escapes and one of his attacks hits Black instead.

In Big City Battles, Tep begins his evolution process into his next stage. This causes White to freak out at the thought of losing her two Tepig duo between Tep and Gigi, causing her to grab Tep and shake him violently to get him to stop evolving. In his Gym battle against Burgh, Black considers using Tep but decides against it when he remembers White's refusal against it. However, when Brav and Tula are defeated during the 3-on-3 Gym battle, Black was forced to use Tep as his last resort against Burgh's final Pokémon Dwebble. After nearly getting defeated by Dwebble's Smack Down, Tep was able to evolve into Pignite and quickly beat it by redirecting Dwebble's attack back at it. Afterwards, Black gave it a new nickname "Nite" to account for its recent evolution.

In Battle on a Roller Coaster, Nite is used in Black's Gym battle against Elesa, and goes up against her Zebstrika. Due to Elesa's strategy of using Volt Switch to repeatedly switch out her team and attack, Nite struggles with hitting his opponents. Eventually, he manages to defeat Zebstrika as well as Elesa's Emolga, making Black the victor.

In Fight in a Cold Climate, Cheren was attacked by two Team Plasma Grunts and had Snivy taken from him. Black and Nite go with him to help reclaim Snivy. When Black and Nite become trapped in an ice wall, Nite manages to melt only the wall by igniting some berries and spreading them around. After Snivy was rescued the two defeated the Grunt's Pokémon with a Fire Pledge and Grass Pledge combination.

In Underground Showdown, Nite fights against Clay's Excadrill. After having trouble with Excadrill's hole-digging tactics, Nite counters by making his own holes in the ground, allowing him to find his elusive opponent. After a short time, the two Pokémon knock each other out.

In Up in the Air, Nite is used in Black's Gym battle against Skyla, where he faces against her Swoobat. Despite the type disadvantage, Nite comes out on top by crushing his opponent with a Heat Crash. Next, he faces Skyla's Swanna, but is quickly defeated due to its Water attacks.

Bo and Black training under Brycen

When the Shadow Triad attempt to steal the Dark Stone from the Nacrene City Museum in Museum Showdown, Nite is used to attack the Team Plasma Grunts inside to protect the stone. Later, when the Shadow Triad use the Forces of Nature to attack the Gym Leaders and Black, Nite attempts to protect his Trainer, but is easily stopped. He soon evolves into an Emboar and breaks free, but is still not strong enough to defeat the Legendary Pokémon.

After the defeat, Black is taken to the Tubeline Bridge for training under Brycen. Black is tasked with training Nite in fighting against Brycen's Cryogonal. Initially, they have trouble due to Nite's stubbornness, but they manage to defeat Cryogonal and break the ice chain it had around Black's ankle. During the training, Black gave him the nickname "Bo" now that he reached his final form. During Black's Gym battle against Brycen, Bo was used against Brycen's Cryogonal. Using the training it had before, Bo easily defeated Cryogonal, only to fall to Brycen's Vanillish next.

After Musha left Black's team and Black fell unconscious for several days, he awoke to find the Pokémon League tournament had already started. Feeling dejected that he did not obtain all eight Badges, Black decides to go back home to Nuvema Town. When he sees how sad his team is that they will not be able to join the League, Black decides to change his mind and challenge Drayden to a last-minute Gym battle for his final Badge. In True Friends, Bo is used to battle against Cheren in the finals. He fights against Cheren's Gigalith, but is nearly defeated due to a type-disadvantage. Eventually Bo is switched for Brav, who defeats Cheren's Unfezant and wins the battle for Black.

During Team Plasma's attack on the League in Triple Threat, Bo, Musha, Tula, and Costa are sent out to help Black's allies fight against the Team Plasma Grunts causing havoc below. Once they finish, Bo and the rest of Black's team return to their Trainer after he defeated N. The reunion is cut short when Ghetsis attacks Black in order to prevent the public from learning about N's defeat. With a team specifically designed to counter Black's, Ghetsis has the immediate advantage. With Musha's help, Black defeats Ghetsis by defeating his secret weapon, a Volcarona, and then unleashes a powerful attacks on Ghetsis's team, with Bo delivering the final hit against his Eelektross.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

In Deduction Time, Black had Bo memorize the scent of Reshiram's Blue Flare so it could track the location of Black Kyurem, which had been previously hit by the same move. He was later used to try to keep Kyurem from destroying the Plasma Frigate.

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, Bo, alongside the other eight Unova first partner Pokémon, fired their Pledge moves at N's Castle to stop the fire caused by the Plasma Frigate.

Personality and characteristics

Tep and Gigi

Bo shares a love of Pokémon battles and food with Black, as seen in Fussing and Fighting. Bo has a big heart and wants to be appreciated for who he is now, as opposed to what he can become—as seen in A Nickname for Tepig where he was determined to show Black that he was great the way he was, thus his nickname reflecting his current stage as opposed to the evolved stage like the rest of Black's party. Bo is a bit of a romantic, almost instantly sparking a relationship with Gigi. He is also very clever as he used Pansage's leaves to heal himself, Oshawott, and Snivy, winning the battle at the Striaton Gym. When in stressful situations, Bo has a tendency to become very angry and attack without thinking of a strategy.

Through his evolutionary stages, Bo demonstrated a heightened sense of smell, allowing him to track people and Pokémon based on scents that can't usually be detected, ranging from pollen to the unique smell of Blue Flare. However, Bo's sensitive nose also made him susceptible to colds as a Tepig, and made it difficult for him to battle a Trubbish due to its Stench.


As a Tepig As a Pignite
Tep.png Nite.png

Moves used

Nite Bulldoze.png
Using Bulldoze as a Pignite
Unova first partners Pledge moves Adventures.png
Using Fire Pledge
Move First Used In
Ember Fussing and Fighting
Flame Charge Black's First Trainer Battle
Rock Smash Battle at the Dreamyard
Bulldoze Battle on a Roller Coaster
Fire Pledge  Fight in a Cold Climate
Heat Crash Up in the Air
Flamethrower Decisions, Decisions
Hammer Arm  Decisions, Decisions
Head Smash The Cold Hard Truth
Brick Break  True Friends
Flare Blitz  The Power of Dreams
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Bo, as an actor, has starred in several films and television series. Black mentioned one in Their First Gym Battle.

Films and Television titles

  • Days of our Pokémon (Japanese: マチ子の町 Machiko's Town)


  • Bo is the only one of Black's Pokémon to be given a name based on his base form rather than his final form. However, his nickname was changed once he evolved into a Pignite and later into an Emboar.
  • If Natee's name change currently only present in Chuang Yi's translation isn't counted, then Bo's evolution marks the first and currently only time where a Pokémon belonging to a Pokédex holder has its name changed.
  • The series Bo acted in, Days of our Pokémon, is likely based on the soap opera "Days of our Lives".


Language Name Origin
Japanese ポカ Poka
チャオ Chao
ブオウ Buoh
From ポカブ Pokabu, Tepig
From チャオブー Chaoboo, Pignite
From エンブオー Enbuoh, Emboar
English Tep
From Tepig
From Pignite
From Emboar
French Grui
From Gruikui, Tepig
From Grotichon, Pignite
From Roitiflam, Emboar
German Floflo
From Floink , Tepig
From Ferkokel, Pignite
From Flambirex, Emboar
Italian Tepi
From Tepig
From Pignite
From Emboar
Spanish Tep
From Tepig
From Pignite
Korean 뚜꾸Ttukku
차오 Chao
무왕 Muwang
From 뚜꾸리 Ttukkuri, Tepig
From 차오꿀 Chaokkul, Pignite
From 염무왕 Yeommuwang, Emboar
Chinese (Mandarin) 暖暖 Nuǎnnuǎn
炒炒 Chǎochǎo
武王 Wǔwáng
From 暖暖豬 / 暖暖猪 Nuǎnnuǎnzhū, Tepig
From 炒炒豬 Chǎochǎozhū, Pignite
From 炎武王 Yánwǔwáng, Emboar
Chinese (Cantonese) 暖暖 Nyúhnnyúhn
炒炒 Cháaucháau
武王 Móuhwòhng
From 暖暖豬 Nyúhnnyúhnzyū, Tepig
From 炒炒豬 Cháaucháaujyū, Pignite
From 炎武王 Yìhmmóuhwòhng, Emboar
Brazilian Portuguese Tep
From Tepig
From Pignite
From Emboar
Vietnamese Poka
Transliteration of his Japanese names

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