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Artwork of Baram Town

Baram Town (Japanese: パラムタウン Baram Town) is a settlement on the Air Continent in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. The player and their partner first visit the town accidentally while traveling with Archen of the Expedition Society on Lapras. After witnessing two unidentified flying Pokémon, later shown to be Latios and Latias, crash into the woods nearby, however, the player's group rush to investigate.

Points of interest

Kecleon Shop

Kecleon Shop
Main article: Kecleon Shop

As with other Kecleon Shops, this shop is run by a Kecleon, and sells food, Wonder Orbs, TMs, and other various items. The Deposit Box is found next to it. Once Kecleon has been recruited, there is a "Treasures" section in the shop.

Café Connection

Café Connection
Main article: Café Connection

Run by Kangaskhan, this cafe is where players can connect with other Pokémon and pick up rewards from doing jobs.

Hawlucha's Slam School

Hawlucha's Slam School
Main article: Hawlucha's Slam School

Run by Hawlucha, this shop is opened after the first few chapters in the game. Hawlucha can help Pokémon re-learn or forget unwanted moves free of charge, as well as change Abilities, provided they have a Lucha Token. In Baram Town, Hawlucha is found next to Kecleon.

Lapras Travel Liner

Lapras Travel Liner
Main article: Lapras Travel Liner

Run by Lapras, the Lapras Travel Liner can take the player and partner to any other continent provided the corresponding Lapras Liner Pass has been bought from the Kecleon Shop. After clearing a dungeon in the Air Continent, Lapras will automatically bring the player's team back to Lively Town.


MDP 3DS 001.png Bulbasaur
MDP 3DS 003.png Venusaur (♀)
MDP 3DS 003.png Venusaur (♂)
MDP 3DS 025.png Pikachu (♂)
MDP 3DS 025.png Pikachu (♀)
MDP 3DS 045.png Vileplume
MDP 3DS 047.png Parasect
MDP 3DS 048.png Venonat
MDP 3DS 063.png Abra
MDP 3DS 094.png Gengar
MDP 3DS 154.png Meganium (♀)
MDP 3DS 154.png Meganium (♂)
MDP 3DS 156.png Quilava
MDP 3DS 158.png Totodile
MDP 3DS 201.png Unown A
MDP 3DS 234.png Stantler
MDP 3DS 263.png Zigzagoon
MDP 3DS 286.png Breloom
MDP 3DS 293.png Whismur
MDP 3DS 305.png Lairon
MDP 3DS 392.png Infernape
MDP 3DS 394.png Prinplup
MDP 3DS 451.png Skorupi
MDP 3DS 448.png Lucario
MDP 3DS 492.png Shaymin
MDP 3DS 501.png Oshawott
MDP 3DS 509.png Purrloin
MDP 3DS 536.png Palpitoad
MDP 3DS 546.png Cottonee
MDP 3DS 551.png Sandile
MDP 3DS 573.png Cinccino
MDP 3DS 581.png Swanna
MDP 3DS 591.png Amoonguss
MDP 3DS 656.png Froakie



Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese パラムタウン Baram Town From 바람 baram (Korean for wind)
English Baram Town Same as Japanese name
French Param-les-Vents Similar to Japanese name. Vents means winds.
German Param Similar to Japanese name
Italian Eolia From Aeolus, the Greek god of wind
Spanish Pueblo Brisia From brisa (breeze)

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