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Distortion World

Distortion World (new area)

This time around, you do not have to worry about getting lost. Follow the path until you find the Griseous Orb. The Griseous Orb, when held by Giratina, will allow it to maintain its Origin Forme outside of the Distortion World.

When finished in the Distortion World, use the portal to return to Turnback Cave. Any doorway from the portal room will take you back to the entrance room.

Victory Road

You will need the HMs Surf, Waterfall, Rock Climb, Strength, and Defog. A good diverse team for this area is recommended as the Trainers use a lot of different types.


Fly to the Pokémon League's upper half and, after descending the waterfall, enter Victory Road from there. Use Rock Climb to go down and head for the nearby stairs you saw earlier. Now that you are Champion and have the National Pokédex, the door in the eastern side of this area is no longer blocked off.

B1F (deep area)

When you arrive, clear the fog. You'll quickly encounter a girl named Marley who would like an escort through the tunnel. Just like the other Multi Battle partners, she'll completely heal your team after each battle.

This area is a maze and as long as Marley is with you, you cannot use Surf as a means of creating a shortcut. From where you first met her, use Strength on the nearby boulder and go north. Continue traveling north, carefully moving boulders out of the way, while defeating Trainers. Getting both items in the northwestern part of the room requires two separate trips due to a boulder puzzle.

Now, travel east and continue moving boulders. Once you reach the end of the path, travel south and follow the path east. Once you get past two more Trainers, you'll find the exit and Marley will leave you. Before leaving, Surf around to pick up the items that were inaccessible before. Also, Ace Trainers Arthur and Clarice are located in the southeastern area of the room and can only be accessed after Marley has left. When ready, follow the path to the exit to enter Route 224.

Route 224

Route 224

If you need to return to the Pokémon League at any time to heal your team, the good news is that you won't need Strength to navigate through Victory Road B1F again, as Surf alone will make it easy to come and go from Route 224.

The Trainers on this route, much like the ones you just dealt with in Victory Road, have diverse teams and can be tricky to defeat unless you are prepared. There are also some maze-like areas around this route that require a little navigation. You will need Surf to access the Berry patch on this route and to collect some of the items. Other than that, this should be a straightforward route.

Once you're finished here, Fly to Snowpoint City.

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