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In the Future

When you arrive, it's extremely dark. Dusknoir is shown bossing around a bunch of Sableye. They tie you up, along with Grovyle. Your partner asks if this is some kind of trick, but Dusknoir laughs cruelly and continues to boss the Sableye. Your partner asks Grovyle where they are, and this was the future.

Your partner asks Grovyle if he is fooling them too. Grovyle laughs softly and says that this is. If they want to prevent themselves from dying, they'll have to go and get out of these ropes, which your partner thinks isn't possible. However, Grovyle explains that Sableye attack with Fury Swipes, so that may be enough to cut up the ropes.

Apparently, Grovyle then asks you what you can do in the ropes right now. Pick "Attack!" which is the only one Grovyle will agree with (perhaps he likes attacking people). Once there is an opening, Team ___ and Grovyle attack the Sableye who were currently attacking them, causing them to be knocked out and Dusknoir to get angry. However, Grovyle lets off an orb that is revealed to be the Luminous Orb (by Dusknoir). Because of this, Grovyle, you, and your partner escape.

After the effects of the Luminous Orb wear off, you and your partner, as well as Grovyle, are nowhere in sight! Dusknoir and his Sableye clan gets angry, and he runs off, with his Sableye following him. Suddenly, Grovyle and your team pop out of the ground, causing your partner to believe Grovyle can use Dig. Soon, the trio exit the jail and keep on running.

It is revealed your partner has low stamina, as it could hardly go farther when running away from the Sableye. Grovyle pushes him/her harder, and you go out to a mysterious darker place.


When you pop out of the ground, Grovyle appears to want to go with you, which is good, since Grovyle is very high leveled. However, your partner doesn't think he's trustworthy and drags you into the cave, called Chasm Cave. Grovyle soon follows you and goes ahead.

Chasm Cave

As it is in the future, it could not be revisited or you cannot recruit any of the Pokémon you find here. The main type here is Steel, which could be really annoying as they are extremely defensive. Despite this, it's still easy, so make your way through and finish it quickly. Before entering, however, make sure you have stocked up and saved at the Kangaskhan Rock just before the entrance.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Skarmory (Pokémon) Skarmory 1-5 ? Unrecruitable
Ditto (Pokémon) Ditto 1-8 ? Unrecruitable
Drifloon (Pokémon) Drifloon 1-4 ? Unrecruitable
Drifblim (Pokémon) Drifblim 5-8 ? Unrecruitable
Grumpig (Pokémon) Grumpig 1-8 ? Unrecruitable
Magnemite (Pokémon) Magnemite 1-5 ? Unrecruitable
Magneton (Pokémon) Magneton 6-8 ? Unrecruitable
Onix (Pokémon) Onix 3-8 ? Unrecruitable

After finishing, you'll find a waterfall, where your partner claims you can rest. You try to touch the water, but it doesn't feel like liquid; in fact, it feels frozen. The waterfall isn't flowing, causing your partner to truly believe that time has really stopped. He'll/she'll ask you to use your Dimensional Scream, however when you touch the frozen water nothing comes. After this, prepare at Kangaskhan Rock and head into Dark Hill!

Dark Hill

Many Ghost-type Pokémon appear here. Their status attacks as well as the variety of moves they're allowed to learn gets very annoying. Still, it isn't too difficult, just defeat the Pokémon here quickly and get out. Like the previous stage, there are no walls, so if you step inside one of them, you get warped elsewhere.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Gliscor (Pokémon) Gliscor 1-15 ? Unrecruitable
Misdreavus (Pokémon) Misdreavus 1-8 ? Unrecruitable
Gastly (Pokémon) Gastly 1-6 ? Unrecruitable
Banette (Pokémon) Banette 1-7 30 Unrecruitable
Claydol (Pokémon) Claydol 5-15 ? Unrecruitable
Haunter (Pokémon) Haunter 7-10 ? Unrecruitable
Dusclops (Pokémon) Dusclops 8-15 ? Unrecruitable
Gengar (Pokémon) Gengar 12-15 32 Unrecruitable

After finishing that, there will be some conversation between you and your partner, talking about how they should catch up to Grovyle, however your partner realizes they were wasting time and go over to the next dungeon.

Sealed Ruins

Like Chasm Cave, many of the Pokémon here are Steel, however if you made it through Chasm Cave without having any trouble with the Pokémon, it's highly unlikely you'll have trouble with the Pokémon here. There's a boss in this dungeon.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Muk (Pokémon) Muk All ? Unrecruitable
Forretress (Pokémon) Forretress All ? Unrecruitable
Shelgon (Pokémon) Shelgon All ? Unrecruitable
Metang (Pokémon) Metang All ? Unrecruitable
Tangrowth (Pokémon) Tangrowth All ? Unrecruitable
Probopass (Pokémon) Probopass All ? Unrecruitable
Spiritomb (Pokémon) Spiritomb Interior 37 Unrecruitable Boss

Boss Battle

Upon completing the dungeon, it will show Grovyle, talking to a very weird stone. Just then, a spirit comes out of it, revealing it to be a Spiritomb. Spiritomb gets angry at Grovyle for entering its territory, but Grovyle apologizes and tries to back off. However, Spiritomb easily takes Grovyle out of sight with an unseen force.

Meanwhile you are still making your way over to the clearing, where Grovyle was (previously) seen. Your partner, curious as always, tries to pick up the odd stone, which makes the same spirit come out of it. The spirit lashes out at you like it did Grovyle, becoming your boss.

This isn't too hard, however the fact that he has no weaknesses as well as his high defenses can get really nagging. Just keep on hitting it with your most powerful moves (make them even more powerful with Ginseng) and then Spiritomb will eventually fall.

Spiritomb, extremely scared, goes away, and Grovyle is freed. He then asks you if you still want to go exploring with him, and your partner eagerly agrees. So do you.

(Unlike Bidoof, Grovyle is actually useful and can protect himself. You don't have to baby him all the time.)

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