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Time to Catch Grovyle!

Due to the encounter at Crystal Lake, and how Dusknoir seemed to know Grovyle, it was now made every exploration teams priority to catch Grovyle. Before you can start, however, Dusknoir has a few words.

Your partner is still brooding over the fact of how Dusknoir seemed to know Grovyle, however this is soon stopped when the emergency siren suddenly goes on. Dugtrio asks Diglett what's going on, and apparently there seems to be a commotion at Treasure Town's square. The guild heads over immediately, including Azelf, who was currently recovering there.

Apparently everyone in Treasure Town is there, making it look packed. In fact, even Uxie and Mesprit are there! Azelf greets them with happiness, and Dusknoir begins his speech. The most surprising part of all this is when Dusknoir is revealed to have come to the future! Everyone gets surprised. It is also revealed that Grovyle also came from the future! Again, everyone gets surprised.

It is now everyone's priority to go and catch Grovyle.

After a few optional missions, something dark will be revealed (next section)...

The Portal

After a bit of optional missions, it is revealed that there is a commotion going on in Treasure Town. You and the guild head over. Once you arrive, you see Dusknoir and his band of Sableye, who have captured Grovyle. Dusknoir announces that he has captured Grovyle and he intends to return to the future and bring Grovyle to justice. Everyone is shocked by his sudden departure, especially Chatot and your partner. After Grovyle is pushed into a portal by the Sableye, Dusknoir calls you and your partner up to him. The partner tears up, telling Dusknoir how he doesn't want to say goodbye. Dusknoir smiles and says that it's too soon for goodbyes, and he grabs the player and partner and takes them into the portal to the future.

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