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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS version, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 6

Route 6

Route 6 connects Vermilion City to Saffron City. The terrain has shifted recently, leaving the route slightly shorter than it was in the past. The Underground Path is blocked off until the Kanto Power Plant is online again.

Saffron City

Saffron City

Saffron City is the largest city in Kanto, and for good reason. Silph Co., which produces most forms of Poké Ball, Potion, and Technical Machine, is headquartered here. It is the only city to host two Gyms, though only one is officially recognized. The station for the Magnet Train, a high-speed link back to Goldenrod City, is located in the northwest district.

Mr. Psychic

Stop by Mr. Psychic's house in the southeast district to receive TM29 (Psychic).

Silph Co.

Silph Co., 1F

Silph Co. is open for business, but as it was recently attacked by Team Rocket, visitors are restricted to the first floor. The security guard near the elevator gives you an Up-Grade, one of the company's latest products, as a souvenir.

If you happen to have a Rotom as your lead Pokémon, its electricity will power the broken elevator, allowing you to reach a hidden room on the floor below. This room is filled with appliances that allow Rotom to alter its form.

Magnet Train Station

The Magnet Train Station is located in the city's northwest district, but the train is not currently operational due to a problem at the Kanto Power Plant. Once the power is restored, this high-speed bullet train runs to Goldenrod City and back at any time.

Fighting Dojo

Fighting Dojo

The Fighting Dojo is located on the north side of the city. The Karate King is still training in Mt. Mortar, and only a single student continues to train in his absence. This student informs you that the Gym Leaders of Johto and Kanto may use the building to hold rematches against past challengers.

Obtaining a Leader's Number

To re-battle a Gym Leader, you must first obtain his or her phone number. After that, you may call at any time, but he or she will only accept your challenge when their schedule is free. While most phone numbers can be obtained at this point, rematches cannot be arranged until after you have earned all 16 Badges.

Johto Gym Leaders
Leader Day Time Location Requirement(s)
Falkner Monday Any Celadon Department Store, 4F Defeat Janine in Fuchsia Gym
Bugsy Thursday Any Viridian Forest
Whitney Any 12 PM - 4 PM Goldenrod Department Store, 6F
Morty Monday, Tuesday Any Bellchime Trail
Chuck Any Any From Chuck's wife in Cianwood City
Jasmine Any 1 PM - 2 PM Olivine Café
Pryce Any 6 AM - 10 AM Near the Lake of Rage
Clair Any 6 AM - 10 AM Inside Dragon's Den Defeat her and Lance in a Multi Battle
Kanto Gym Leaders
Leader Day Time Location Requirement(s)
Badges Additional requirements
Lt. Surge Any 9 AM - 11 AM Outside the Kanto Power Plant All 16
Sabrina Friday Any Olivine Harbor Any Defeat her in Saffron Gym
Misty Any 4 PM - 6 PM Route 25 All 16 Will not appear if Suicune is present
Erika Saturday, Sunday 3 PM - 5 PM Celadon City fountain All 16
Janine Any 4 PM - 6 PM Pokémon League Reception Gate Any Defeat her in Fuchsia Gym
Brock Any 12 PM - 3 PM Diglett's Cave All 16
Blaine Tuesday Any Cinnabar Island All 16
Blue Any Any From Daisy Oak in Pallet Town All 16
  • Have at least 7 massages
  • Show her a Pokémon with maximum happiness

Arranging a Rematch

After obtaining a Gym Leader's number, you must call during a certain time of the week to arrange a rematch. The Gym Leader will then appear in the Fighting Dojo with a stronger team to await your challenge.

Arranging a Rematch
Time of Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
(4:00 AM - 9:59 AM)
Erika Pryce Misty Lt. Surge Falkner
(10:00 AM - 7:59 PM)
Sabrina Janine Blaine Jasmine Bugsy Whitney
(8:00 PM - 11:59 PM)
(12:00 AM - 3:59 AM)
Blue Morty Chuck Clair Brock

Saffron Gym

Saffron Gym

Saffron City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Sabrina

The Mistress of Psychic Pokémon!

The Saffron Gym specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon. Bug-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks will work best. Avoid using Fighting- or Poison-type Pokémon. The Gym's layout features a maze of warp tiles that challengers must navigate to reach Sabrina. The Gym Leader has only three Pokémon, but they can become a serious problem if given the chance. Her Espeon can raise its special stats with Calm Mind, and counter opposing Psychic and Ghost Pokémon with Shadow Ball. Her Mr. Mime plays more defensively; it can raise the team's Special Defense for five turns, and Mimic allows it to copy the target's previous move. In addition, its Filter Ability reduces super-effective damage. Alakazam has additional coverage due to Energy Ball, and can raise the team's Defense for five turns with Reflect. All three know their best STAB move, Psychic. If all else fails, strike with powerful physical moves like Earthquake.

Saffron Gym
The Marsh Badge

Defeated, Sabrina awards you the Marsh Badge, and hands out TM48 (Skill Swap) as a prize.

Route 8

Route 8

Route 8 is a simple road that stretches between Saffron City and Lavender Town. Fight the three Bikers, who call themselves the Kanto Pokémon Federation, to continue eastward.

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