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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.

(Japanese: アニマ Anima) is a character of the day who appeared in Celebrating the Hero's Comet!. She did not reveal her name to Ash and his friends, and was referred to as "the mysterious woman" in the dub.

She first appeared at some ruins at an island and gave Ash and his friends an amulet before abruptly departing. The amulet turned out to be the medal worn by Conley; this would later help the Ghost-type Pokémon respect Ash.

Anima appeared again when the group and the Ghost-types were watching the comet from the island's battle colosseum, and gave them more information about what happened many years ago. She also revealed that she was the island's keeper of history.

The next day, the amulet disappeared, and Alexa realized that her footage of last night's events was replaced by static. Alexa's thoughts quickly turned to Anima, and after searching through her book, she found a picture of her standing next to Conley, in which she was holding out the amulet.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 茅野愛衣 Ai Kayano
English Erica Schroeder
Finnish Amy Burgess
European Spanish Desirée Álvarez

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