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(About Me)
(About Me)
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{{User State|395|Minnesota}}
{{User State|395|Minnesota}}
{{User Male|067}}
{{User Male|067}}
{{User Age|20}}
{{User Age|21}}
{{User Birthday|March 11, 1992|121}}
{{User Birthday|March 11, 1992|121}}
{{User Astrology|Pisces|457}}
{{User Astrology|Pisces|457}}

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About Me

395.png This user is from the state of Minnesota.
067.png This user identifies as male.
251.png This user is 21 years old.
121.png This user's birthday is March 11, 1992.
457.png This user is a Pisces.
143.png This user is a Normal-type trainer.
006.png This user is a Fire-type trainer.
503.png This user is a Water-type trainer.
025.png This user is an Electric-type trainer.
407.png This user is a Grass-type trainer.
584.png This user is an Ice-type trainer.
448.png This user is a Fighting-type trainer.
024.png This user is a Poison-type trainer.
Spr 4d 450 f.png This user is a Ground-type trainer.
567.png This user is a Flying-type trainer.
065.png This user is a Psychic-type trainer.
416.png This user is a Bug-type trainer.
409.png This user is a Rock-type trainer.
094.png This user is a Ghost-type trainer.
373.png This user is a Dragon-type trainer.
491.png This user is a Dark-type trainer.
376.png This user is a Steel-type trainer.