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554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan romanization of the Japanese name.


(Japanese: カイザー Kaiser) is the Safari Zone warden and a character of the day who appeared in the banned episode EP035. He is largely responsible for the banning of the episode everywhere outside of Asia for his frequent use of revolvers, especially as he repeatedly points one in Ash's face and at one point fires them at Team Rocket. As the episode has only been aired in Asia, he does not have an English name.

Thirty years before the events of the episode, Kaiser discovered a rare Dratini in the Safari Zone, and many Trainers from far and wide flooded there in order to find and catch it for themselves, although none of them managed to even see it. During their search, however, they also caught tons of other Pokémon and all but destroyed the Safari Zone. As such, a catching limit was established for the area, only allowing the use of a limited set of Safari Balls at a time. Every time a Trainer wishes to enter the Safari Zone, Kaiser is in charge of explaining the catching rules to them and handing them a set of thirty Safari Balls and a fishing rod to be used within the area.

Kaiser pointing a revolver at Ash

As Kaiser wants to protect Dratini in any way possible, he aggressively denies it living in the Safari Zone and does not hesitate in threatening people with his revolver to make them obey the Safari Zone rules and not ask any questions regarding Dratini.

After letting Ash and his friends into the Safari Zone, Kaiser was held captive by Team Rocket, who tried to make him tell where they could find Dratini. At first, Kaiser refused to tell them anything, even when Team Rocket threatened him with his own revolvers. However, Team Rocket was finally able to break him by unleashing a tickler mecha on him, forcing him into revealing the location of the secret lagoon where he had found Dratini. As Team Rocket headed out to the lagoon, Kaiser managed to reach Ash and his friends and told them about the situation. At the lagoon, Team Rocket decided to use an underwater bomb to force Dratini out, and both Kaiser and Ash dived into the lagoon to get it out before it exploded, with Ash lending Kaiser the use of Misty's Staryu to return to the surface while he went ahead to get the bomb. Ash started running out of breath while swimming up with the bomb, but was saved by the appearance of a Dragonair, who took him back to the surface, just in time for Ash to toss the bomb at Team Rocket before it reached zero on the timer and blasted them off once more. Kaiser then recognized this Dragonair as the very same Dratini he had met all those years ago, and saw that it now had its own child Dratini, moving Kaiser to tears.




Dratini → Dragonair
Dragonair is a Pokémon which Kaiser befriended as a Dratini thirty years before the events of EP035 when he was a young man. He keeps a photo of it at the Safari Zone entrance building.

Dragonair first appeared when it saved Ash from drowning and, in the process, its home lagoon from being blown up by Team Rocket. Afterwards, Kaiser noticed a special mark on Dragonair's horn, and realized that it was the same Dratini he had once met, moving him to tears of how much it had grown. Dragonair then revealed that it now also had its own child Dratini, resulting in more tears of joy from Kaiser. At the end of the episode, both Dragonair and Dratini were seen watching Ash and his friends from the sky as they left the Safari Zone.

None of Dragonair's moves are known.

Debut EP035
Voice actors
Japanese Yumi Touma

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 鈴木泰明 Taimei Suzuki
Vietnamese Trần Vũ


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