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  • Hello, everyone! Welcome to my userpage. This is SaitoFX.

Well, I got here because I like the original series, which I always used to watch as a kid, and I've been playing
the Pokémon Ruby, FireRed, HeartGold & Omega Ruby versions where I'm missing a lot of stuff which I want to learn about.

I will edit any articles whenever I find (minor) mistakes I can corroborate with my own games. (List on the right →)
Also, I am done with Pokémon Colosseum, so I am probably not going to do much about it unless I get a request.

  • Feel free to correct me whenever possible since I am still learning. ☆Thanks in advance

Current In-Game Status

Generation VI

SaitoFX - Route 110
Stone Badge.png Knuckle Badge.png Dynamo Badge.png Spr 3r 000.png
Spr 3r 000.png Spr 3r 000.png Spr 3r 000.png Spr 3r 000.png
Spr RS Brendan.png
Ani256MS.png Ani263MS.png Ani263MS.png Ani263MS.png

Generation IV

GuZt - Saffron City
Zephyr Badge.png Hive Badge.png Plain Badge.png Fog Badge.png
Storm Badge.png Mineral Badge.png Glacier Badge.png Rising Badge.png
Spr HGSS Ethan.png
Ani157MS.png Ani018MS.png Ani194MS.png Ani027MS.png Ani231MS.png

Generation III

GuZt - Viridian City
Boulder Badge.png Cascade Badge.png Thunder Badge.png Rainbow Badge.png
Soul Badge.png Marsh Badge.png Volcano Badge.png Earth Badge.png
Spr FRLG Red.png
Ani009MS.png Ani016MS.png Ani019MS.png Ani131MS.png Ani046MS.png

GuZt - Littleroot Town
Stone Badge.png Knuckle Badge.png Dynamo Badge.png Heat Badge.png
Balance Badge.png Feather Badge.png Mind Badge.png Rain Badge.png
Spr RS Brendan.png
Ani257MS.png Ani263MS.png Ani130MS.png Ani376MS.png

To Do List

  • Help at Bulbapedia whenever I can.
  • Learn more about HTML & other stuff.