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  • Hello, everyone! Welcome to my userpage. This is SaitoFX.

Well, I got here because I like the original series, which I always used to watch as a kid, and I've been playing
the Pokémon Ruby, FireRed, & HeartGold versions where I'm missing a lot of stuff which I want to learn about.

I will edit any articles whenever I find (minor) mistakes I can corroborate with my own games. (List on the right →)
Also, I am done with Pokémon Colosseum, so I am probably not going to do much about it unless I get a request.

  • Feel free to correct me whenever possible since I am still learning. ☆Thanks in advance

Current In-Game Status

Generation IV

GuZt - Mahogany Town
Zephyr Badge.png Hive Badge.png Plain Badge.png Fog Badge.png
Storm Badge.png Mineral Badge.png Glacier Badge.png Spr 3r 000.png
Spr HGSS Ethan.png
Ani157MS.png Ani018MS.png Ani194MS.png Ani027MS.png

Generation III

GuZt - Viridian City
Boulder Badge.png Cascade Badge.png Thunder Badge.png Rainbow Badge.png
Soul Badge.png Marsh Badge.png Volcano Badge.png Earth Badge.png
Spr FRLG Red.png
Ani009MS.png Ani016MS.png Ani019MS.png Ani131MS.png Ani046MS.png

GuZt - Littleroot Town
Stone Badge.png Knuckle Badge.png Dynamo Badge.png Heat Badge.png
Balance Badge.png Feather Badge.png Mind Badge.png Rain Badge.png
Spr RS Brendan.png
Ani257MS.png Ani263MS.png Ani130MS.png Ani376MS.png

To Do List

  • Help at Bulbapedia whenever I can.
  • Learn more about HTML & other stuff.