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If you were looking for the exploration team in the Mystery Dungeon series, see Team Skull (Mystery Dungeon).

Team Skull
スカル団 Team Skull
Sun Moon Team Skull Grunt.png
Artwork of Team Skull Grunts from Sun and Moon
Leader Guzma
Region Alola
Admins Plumeria
Major targets Berry fields, Verdant Cavern, Diglett's Tunnel, Aether House
Base locations Shady House
Anime debut Alola to New Adventure!

Team Skull (Japanese: スカル Skull-dan, literally Skull Gang) is a villainous team based in the Alola region.

In the games

In Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Team Skull appears in Sun and Moon. As revealed by some of their members, Team Skull is composed of misfits who failed the island challenge. They steal Pokémon from people, but unlike previous villainous teams, they do not have a specific goal other than to cause trouble.

Team Skull originated from a group that coalesced around one of Alola's kahunas. This group provoked the wrath of the four island deities and was struck down. The survivors became the first members of Team Skull. At some point, Team Skull took over Po Town on Ula'ula Island, driving away the original residents.

At some point, Lusamine became the secret benefactor of Team Skull, and they, in turn, started to carry out her orders.

After Guzma is rescued from Ultra Space by the player, he disbands Team Skull and its members go their separate ways. Guzma returns to his parents' house on Melemele Island, while Plumeria takes up residence in a camper on Route 13 and later challenges the Alola Pokémon League. One Grunt becomes an apprentice chef under Mallow in Konikoni City, while two others in the Po Town Pokémon Center offer a Skull Tank for sale in order for them to make enough money to leave. Others are taken by Hala to train in Iki Town, deciding to become a rescue team and dubbing themselves "Team Reskull".

In the anime

Team Skull's bikes, their main transportation in the anime

Team Skull makes their first appearance in Alola to New Adventure!, where three Team Skull Grunts, Tupper, Wrap, and Zip, were seen harassing Kiawe in front of the Pokémon School. Though the three Grunts outnumbered Kiawe and Ash, they emerged victorious though the combined efforts of Ash's Pikachu and Kiawe's Turtonator. This particular trio have become recurring characters, often appearing to cause trouble, but are often stopped by Ash and Pikachu's Gigavolt Havoc.

More Grunts appeared in a flashback in Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!, where they were harassing a Popplio on the beach until Lana intervened by freezing them solid with her Ride Pokémon, Lapras.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Sun & Moon chapter, a pair of Grunts are berated by Guzma because their attempt to skip out on paying Sun for his part-time job ended in their defeat. They are ordered to find Sun so that they can be taught a lesson.

In the TCG



Language Name Origin
Japanese スカル団 Team Skull From skull
English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Dutch, European Portuguese
Team Skull Same as Japanese name
Korean 스컬단 Skull-dan Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 骷髏隊 / 骷髅队 Kūlóu Duì From 骷髏 / 骷髅 kūlóu, skull
Chinese (Cantonese) 骷髏隊 Fūlòuh Déui From 骷髏 fūlòuh, skull
Czech Tým Skull Same as Japanese name
Hungarian Koponya Csapat From koponya (skull)
Polish Zespół Skull Same as Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Equipe Skull From English name
Russian Команда Череп Komanda Cherep From череп cherep (skull)

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Administrators: Plumeria
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