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Move Reminder

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This article is about the characters that teach moves Pokémon can learn at previous levels. For the characters that teach specific moves, see Move Tutor.

A Move Reminder (Japanese: わざおしえマニア Move-Teaching Maniac), sometimes called a move relearner by fans, is a character who allows Pokémon to relearn any move that they were able to learn from a previous level-up (usually in exchange for a Heart Scale). Reasons for this include none of that species being able to be obtained at an early enough level to actually learn the move in a particular generation (e.g. Zapdos and AncientPower in Generation IV), or the species starting with more than four moves (e.g. Kecleon).

One limitation is the Move Reminder is restricted to the particular moveset associated with the Pokémon's species (i.e. current evolutionary form). Many Pokémon, especially those that evolve by way of evolutionary stone, have access to moves that their evolutions do not, such as with Eevee, who can learn Take Down by level though none of its evolutions can.

Conversely, certain Pokémon evolutions have access to moves that they (and their pre-evolutions) could not actually learn at the particular level, like a Lopunny learning Rototiller at level 1; a Move Reminder is the only way to teach Lopunny the move.

Like all methods of teaching moves (other than Pokémon Day Care), the Move Reminder cannot overwrite HM moves.

Generation II

Generation II has no formal Move Reminder. However, as a reward for beating the Elite Four and Champion at the Gym Leader Castle in Pokémon Stadium 2, the player is given the opportunity to make one of the Pokémon involved in the battles remember a move.

Generation III

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Generation III introduced a man in Fallarbor Town (who calls himself a Move Tutor), who allows a Pokémon to relearn a move. The service is not free, however. He will only perform the service in exchange for a Heart Scale. Some of these may be obtained in the course of the game; the rest must be obtained from wild Luvdisc.

FireRed and LeafGreen

A man on Two Island known as the Pokémon Move Maniac allows the player to have a Pokémon relearn a move. The price is different from Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, however. Instead of a Heart Scale, either two TinyMushrooms or one Big Mushroom must be given. This is most likely because of Luvdisc not being native to the Kanto and Sevii Islands regions, while Paras and Parasect are.

XD: Gale of Darkness

A man inside the Mt. Battle lobby serves as Orre's Move Reminder. He will teach a Pokémon a move it could have previously learned for 1,000 Poké Coupons. If a Pokémon has 4 moves at the time, then the man cannot remind a Pokémon of a move unless the Move Deleter disposes of one of the Pokémon's current moves. After a move has been deleted, either by talking to the Deleter first or talking to the Reminder, selecting a desired move to relearn, and allowing the Deleter to delete one of the four moves, the man then reteaches the Pokémon of choice the desired move.

Generation IV

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Much like the man in Fallarbor Town, a man in a house northeast of the Poké Mart in Pastoria City will teach a Pokémon a move it could have previously learned but has not, in exchange for a Heart Scale. A large quantity of these may be obtained underground. It is still possible to collect them from wild Luvdisc, but only after the National Pokédex is acquired. In Pokémon Platinum they can also be obtained daily in Solaceon Town by helping with the Pokémon News Press.

HeartGold and SoulSilver

In a house in Blackthorn City, there is a man who will exchange Heart Scales for the use of his move relearning services. He is conveniently located in the same house as Johto's Move Deleter and a Move Tutor. Heart Scales can be obtained from destroying rocks with Rock Smash, and through using a Pokéwalker. They can also be obtained as a Pokéathlon prize for 1000 points on Wednesdays and Sundays or from a Pokémon that has Pickup and is at level 51 or higher. It is once again possible to collect them from wild Luvdisc, but only when they swarm on Route 27 (which is possible only after the National Pokédex is obtained).

Generation V

Black and White

In a house near the Pokémon Center in Mistralton City, a girl known as the reminder girl will give the player the possibility of relearning a move a Pokémon could have learned before, in exchange for a Heart Scale. Next to her is the Move Deleter. In these games, Heart Scales can be obtained as a reward in Driftveil City daily (after showing a woman in the house north of the market a Pokémon knowing the asked TM or HM move), received in exchange for for 10 Sweet Hearts in Mistralton City (5 on Valentine's Day and White Day in Black 2 and White 2), held by wild Luvdisc, and in the Sparkling Sea. In addition, Pokémon with Pickup at level 51 or higher may occasionally find Heart Scales.

Black 2 and White 2

Both the Move Reminder and Move Deleter were relocated to Pokémon World Tournament, south of Driftveil City. Her identification as the Move Reminder on the Town Map is the first time the name has been used canonically.

Generation VI

X and Y

A woman known as Madam Reminder is located in a house northeast of the Pokémon Center in Dendemille Town and will give the player the possibility of relearning a move a Pokémon could have learned before, in exchange for a Heart Scale. Next to her is the Move Deleter. Heart Scales can be obtained from destroying rocks with Rock Smash, as an occasional re-spawned hidden item on Route 8, from Tierno in Coumarine City post game as a reward for showing him Pokémon knowing specific Dance moves, and held by wild Luvdisc.

Unlike previous generations, if a Pokémon was bred or obtained in Generation VI, Madam Reminder can teach the Pokémon any moves it knew when hatched or obtained but has since forgotten. Non-level up moves that can be retaught are Egg moves, Volt Tackle bred onto Pichu, event-exclusive moves (such as the Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay Inkay's Happy Hour), and special moves (such as Pokémon Bank Celebi's Hold Back).


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