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Dendemille Town フウジョタウン
Fūjo Town
"A town where fluff dances on the wind."
Dendemille Town XY.png
Dendemille Town in {{{variable2}}}.
Map description
A rural town where Pokémon and windmills work together to farm the land in a chilly latitude.
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Frost Cavern
Route 15
Dendemille Town
Route 17
Kalos Dendemille Town Map.png
Location of Dendemille Town in Kalos.

Dendemille Town (Japanese: フウジョタウン Fūjo Town) is a town located in the Kalos region. It is connected on the west by Route 15, on the east by Route 17, and on the north by the Frost Cavern.

Places of interest

Move Reminder and Move Deleter's house

The Move Reminder and Move Deleter are in a house just northeast of the Pokémon Center. Like all games since Generation III except FireRed and LeafGreen, the Move Reminder teaches a Pokémon a move it has forgotten in exchange for a Heart Scale.

Moomoo Milk seller

A Hex Maniac outside the Pokémon Center will sell the player Moomoo Milk.

Hex Maniac
Moomoo Milk VI Moomoo Milk
Pokémon Dollar500
Moomoo Milk VI Moomoo Milk ×12
Pokémon Dollar6,000


Pokémon X and Y

The population of Dendemille Town is 21, making it the second largest town in Kalos.

Poké Mart

Generation VI
Bag Poké Ball Sprite.png Poké Ball
Bag Great Ball Sprite.png Great Ball
Bag Ultra Ball Sprite.png Ultra Ball
Bag Potion Sprite.png Potion
Bag Super Potion Sprite.png Super Potion
Bag Hyper Potion Sprite.png Hyper Potion
Bag Max Potion Sprite.png Max Potion
Bag Full Restore Sprite.png Full Restore
Bag Revive Sprite.png Revive
Bag Antidote Sprite.png Antidote
Bag Paralyze Heal Sprite.png Paralyze Heal
Bag Awakening Sprite.png Awakening
Bag Burn Heal Sprite.png Burn Heal
Bag Ice Heal Sprite.png Ice Heal
Bag Full Heal Sprite.png Full Heal
Bag Escape Rope Sprite.png Escape Rope
Bag Repel Sprite.png Repel
Bag Super Repel Sprite.png Super Repel
Bag Max Repel Sprite.png Max Repel


Item Location Games
Bag Sitrus Berry Sprite.png Sitrus Berry From the Artist girl in the Pokémon Center  X  Y 
Bag Heal Ball Sprite.png Heal Ball In the bush in the corner just southwest of the Pokémon Center's entrance (hidden)  X  Y 
Bag Big Root Sprite.png Big Root On the south edge of the farm field  X  Y 
Bag Nugget Sprite.png Nugget In the middle of the southwest plowed area of the farm field (hidden)  X  Y 
Bag Shell Bell Sprite.png Shell Bell From the man in the house northeast of the windmill, after seeing 70 or more Pokémon in the Mountain Kalos Pokédex  X  Y 
Bag Big Nugget Sprite.png Big Nugget From the Preschooler boy in the house northwest of the windmill after showing him a Super Size Gourgeist  X  Y 
Bag X Speed Sprite.png X Speed In the northwestern-most corner of town, on the north railing (hidden)  X  Y 
Bag TM Normal VI Sprite.png TM42 (Facade) From the Youngster in the house southwest of the windmill  X  Y 
Bag Leppa Berry Sprite.png Leppa Berry From the Ace Trainer girl in the house southwest of the windmill, after showing her a specific TM (daily)  X  Y 

In the anime

Dendemille Town in the anime
Pokémon Showcase theater

In the Pokémon anime, Dendemille Town was first mentioned in Rivals: Today and Tomorrow!, where Monsieur Pierre announced that a Pokémon Showcase would be held there.

Ash and his friends arrived in Dendemille in Performing with Fiery Charm!, where they met up with Miette again. Later, Serena, Jessie, and Miette entered the town's Rookie Class Showcase. During the Theme Performance, which consisted of baking Poké Puffs, they all received favorable votes from the judging panel, thus advancing to the Freestyle Performance. There, Serena used her Braixen and Pancham, Jessie used Meowth and her Wobbuffet, and Miette used her Slurpuff and Meowstic. The performance delivered by Serena and her Pokémon received the most votes from the audience. As a result, Serena earned her first Princess Key.


  • Dendemille's Japanese motto is 綿毛 舞い飛ぶ 風の町 "A town where fluff dances on the wind".

Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese フウジョタウン Fūjo Town From 風絮 fūjo (waddings or catkins floating in the wind) and 風車 fūsha (windmill)
English Dendemille Town From dent-de-lion (French for dandelion) and windmill
French La Frescale From fresque, fresco
German Frescora From Fresko, fresco
Italian Frescovilla From affresco (fresco), fresco (fresh), and town suffix villa
Spanish Pueblo Fresco From fresco
Korean 버들비마을 Beodeulbi Maeul From 버들 beodeul (willow) and possibly 비 bi (rain)
Chinese (Mandarin) 雪風鎮 Xuěfēng Zhèn From 雪 xuě (snow) and 風 fēng (wind)
Brazilian Portuguese Cidade de Dendemille From its English name

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