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Kinnow Island

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Kinnow Island
ハッサク島 Hassaku Island
Kinnow Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Bye Bye Psyduck
Location of Kinnow Island in the Orange Archipelago

Kinnow Island (Japanese: ハッサク島 Hassaku Island) is an island in the eastern region of the Orange Archipelago.

It seems to be the home of Marina. Kinnow Island is a large island with a big beach. Wild Pokémon sometimes appear on the beach. Off to the side of the beach is a large area of rocks where Marina and Misty had their battle.

Pokémon seen on and around Kinnow Island

Marina Psyduck.png
Misty Golduck.png
Marina Tentacruel.png
Marina Starmie.png


  • Kinnow Island's English name refers to the kinnow variety of mandarin oranges. Its Japanese name comes from the hassaku citrus, which is native to Japan.
  • If the tiny unlabeled island between Kinnow and the unnamed island from Shell Shock is the island at which the Pokémon Showboat was originally docked, then Kinnow is most likely the unnamed island at which the Showboat arrived at the end of Stage Fight.
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