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Abyssal Ruins

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Abyssal Ruins かいていいせき
Undersea Ruins
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Abyssal Ruins BW.png
Map description: An ancient tomb that is said to be the resting place of an ancient king.
Location: East of Undella Town
Region: Unova
Generations: V
Unova Abyssal Ruins Map.png
Location of Abyssal Ruins in Unova.
Pokémon world locations

Abyssal Ruins (Japanese: 海底遺跡 Undersea Ruins) are sunken temple ruins in eastern Unova, accessed through the use of Dive outside of battle. It is east of Undella Town in Undella Bay. Most Plates are located here. There are four floors and no wild Pokémon or Trainers. In Black 2 and White 2, the Abyssal Ruins are not marked on the Town Map until the player has visited them.

Each time the player enters the ruins, he or she is only allowed to take 500 steps until a torrent of water sends the player back to the water's surface. The ruins are divided into four floors, each smaller than the last. Due to the step limit, it is impossible to get all items of the Ruins in one trip; rather, to reach the second floor, the player must reach the pillar in the middle of the ruins in fewer than 190 steps (thus ignoring all items). The Ruins are filled with 32 Relic items which have a total value of PokémonDollar.png1,706,000 when sold to the item maniac in Undella Town. To reach the third floor, the player must use Flash at the purple pillar located in the central-west path of the floor at a dead end. To reach the fourth floor, the player must use Strength at the purple pillar in the central-east part of the floor.



Item Location Games
Bag Dread Plate Sprite.png Dread Plate North of the western entrance  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Earth Plate Sprite.png Earth Plate Southeast quadrant  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Fist Plate Sprite.png Fist Plate Southwest corner  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Flame Plate Sprite.png Flame Plate West of the room's center  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Icicle Plate Sprite.png Icicle Plate South of the room's center  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Insect Plate Sprite.png Insect Plate Near the northeast corner  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Iron Plate Sprite.png Iron Plate Northwest quadrant  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Meadow Plate Sprite.png Meadow Plate Southwest quadrant  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Mind Plate Sprite.png Mind Plate North of the room's center  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Sky Plate Sprite.png Sky Plate North of the eastern entrance  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Spooky Plate Sprite.png Spooky Plate Southeast quadrant  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Stone Plate Sprite.png Stone Plate Near the northern entrance  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Toxic Plate Sprite.png Toxic Plate Southeast corner  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Zap Plate Sprite.png Zap Plate South of the western entrance  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Gold Sprite.png Relic Gold ×3
  • Near the northwest corner
  • Southwest quadrant
  • East of the room's center
 B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Silver Sprite.png Relic Silver ×3
  • Northwest quadrant
  • Northeast quadrant
  • Southeast quadrant
 B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Copper Sprite.png Relic Copper ×4
  • Inside the northern entrance
  • Inside the eastern entrance
  • Inside the southern entrance
  • Southwest of the western entrance
 B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Statue Sprite.png Relic Statue Just north of the room's center  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Vase Sprite.png Relic Vase Southeast quadrant  B  W  B2  W2 


Item Location Games
Bag Relic Gold Sprite.png Relic Gold ×3
  • Northwest quadrant
  • Northeast quadrant
  • Along the east wall
 B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Silver Sprite.png Relic Silver ×2
  • Northeast quadrant
  • Southwest quadrant
 B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Copper Sprite.png Relic Copper ×2
  • Southwest quadrant
  • Near the entrance from 1F
 B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Statue Sprite.png Relic Statue Southwest corner  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Vase Sprite.png Relic Vase Northwest corner  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Band Sprite.png Relic Band ×2
  • Southeast corner
  • Northeast quadrant
 B  W  B2  W2 


Item Location Games
Bag Relic Gold Sprite.png Relic Gold Southwest corner  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Silver Sprite.png Relic Silver South side  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Statue Sprite.png Relic Statue Northwest corner  B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Vase Sprite.png Relic Vase ×2
  • Northeast corner
  • Along the west wall
 B  W  B2  W2 
Bag Relic Band Sprite.png Relic Band ×3
  • Northeast quadrant
  • Southeast quadrant
  • In the room's center
 B  W  B2  W2 


Item Location Games
Bag Relic Crown Sprite.png Relic Crown In the center of the room  B  W  B2  W2 

Mysterious letters

175Togepi.png This section contains fan speculation.
There is no solid evidence for or against some parts of this article.

Pokémon Black and White

Some of the pillars that comprise the corridors of the four floors of the abyssal ruins are colored purple and marked with mysterious letters. These letters can be transliterated into letters of the roman alphabet using the correct cipher. When read the correct way (right to left, bottom to top) the sentences from each pillar can be gathered into a coherent message. The cipher changes slightly between floors: when one moves up a floor the symbols move "down" one in the roman alphabet; for example, if two separate symbols corresponded to the letters G and H on one floor, on the floor above they would correspond to F and G, and on the floor above that they would correspond to E and F, respectively. A small percentage of the symbols used do not appear to have a corresponding letter and are denoted by numerical placeholders in the translated message below, though it is possible that they are logograms or numbers. The positions of two of the unknown symbols—denoted by placeholders ③ and ④ below—swap positions between Pokémon Black and White.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

The messages are identical to the ones found in Pokémon Black and White.

After defeating the Champion, if the player defeats Hugh at Undella Bay and receives HM06 (Dive) from him, Zinzolin will approach the player after Hugh leaves. He gives the player documents which allow the decryption of the symbols in the ruins.

While inspecting the symbol-inscribed blocks in the ruins, an additional text box containing the direct translation of the symbols will appear after the symbols are shown. The player still has to read the translation backwards—or if they are on the upper levels, further decrypt the translation—before getting a clear message. However, the unknown symbols still cannot be translated using Zinzolin's documents, and instead appear as several black circles in the direct translations provided by the game.

The message

In Pokémon White and White 2, the positions of two of the unknown symbols, AR Symbol 3.png and AR Symbol 4.png, swap positions when compared to Pokémon Black and Black 2.

Listen to King's words.
Primes lead to truth.
King is brave.
King never loses hope.
King is kind.
King has a dream.
King is adventurous.
King accepts all.
King turns 2nd corner.
King turns 3rd corner.
King turns 5th corner.
King turns 7th corner.
Have the heart of King.
Here we praise King.
King's light shines.
King moves his people.
King acts with love.
King fought hatred.
No king gets lost.* / Go on, brave king.*


Life is gratitude.
Eating is receiving life.
Good or evil isn't all.
Do not be barbaric.
One must not waste.
All is precious.
Wars create tears.
Shine if agreed.


King talks to all beings.
Saved all from waves.
King is hope for all.
Think act with love.
Act strong if agreed.


King defeated AR Symbol 3.png alone.
AR Symbol 4.png joined King in a day.
King called AR Symbol 2.png beings.
King is hope and future.
The great King AR Symbol 1.png.








On 1F, the inscriptions talk about a brave king who fought hatred and pursued peace. In the middle of the lines, it states about the King turning on corners. These corners correspond with the intersections while entering the ruins. Every time the player comes to a choice in the path, either going straight or turning, can be considered a corner. Following this pattern, turning on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th intersects, and continuing straight on the others, will lead the player very close to the center of 1F, regardless of what entrance is taken.

This key of 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th corners works on all floors, (except obviously on the last floor) and will lead the player to the Relic Crown.

The inscriptions on the 2nd and 3rd floors tell the player to "shine light" and "act strong" if agreed, respectively. Both at the end of these floors, the player must use Flash and Strength, respectively.


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Version 1F 2F 3F 4F
Black Abyssal Ruins 1F BWB2W2.png Abyssal Ruins 2F BWB2W2.png Abyssal Ruins 3F BWB2W2.png Abyssal Ruins 4F BWB2W2.png
Black 2
White 2

In the anime

Abyssal Ruins in the anime

The Abyssal Ruins first appeared at the end of Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times! as Jessie, James, Meowth and Dr. Zager spoke about using Meloetta's song to undo a seal inside the ruins. They later discovered the entrance to the ruins in Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!.

The Abyssal Ruins played a key role in the climax of Team Rocket's "Operation Tempest" in Meloetta and the Undersea Temple! and Unova's Survival Crisis!. Giovanni brought Meloetta to the ruins to unlock the Reveal Glass, allowing Giovanni to summon Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus and take control of the three in their Therian Formes.


  • The Splash Plate and Draco Plate are the only Plates that are not found here, located instead on Route 13BW or in Undella BayB2W2. However, the man who gives these two plates to the player in Black and White states that he found them in the Abyssal Ruins himself, meaning that all the plates originate from the Abyssal Ruins.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Ruines des Abysses
Germany Flag.png German Unterwasserruine
Italy Flag.png Italian Rovine degli Abissi
South Korea Flag.png Korean 해저유적 Haejeo Yujeok
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Ruinas Submarinas

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