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Anzasquiddles 2222(:D)SSSS (talk) 02:35, 9 August 2023 (UTC)

Please stop changing the translation. Land is a perfectly cromulent translation. While the first definition listed in dictionaries is village, the word also denotes "countryside". Given Kitakami covers the town along with surrounding areas, "land" would clearly make more sense than "village". --超龍Chao 02:25, 18 September 2023 (UTC)

This is your own personal interpretation, which is sadly false. Please refer to the Japanese page, it clearly states Sato as a village. If you have any doubts, look up Sato on weblio. Don’t go digging for a meaning that simply is not there. Sato is used to mean village everywhere in Japan, I know this because I live here and I see it every single day. I speak Japanese pretty well. Stop changing it land of Kitakami to match the English name. Thegrandpoketour (talk) 10:00, 18 September 2023 (UTC)
Chao has really covered it pretty well already, but I'll add a couple things.
Weblio is a good reference for sure. But you seem to be completely ignoring the fact that "country/countryside" is listed on the En-Jp page alongside "village". (FWIW it's also in the Japanese definition.)
Also, you can't just ignore a term's context. As Chao already said, Kitakami plainly does not refer to any specific "village". If your translation doesn't make sense, then you're clearly not understanding some sense of the word. (And foreign languages will always trip you up sooner or later, don't be too sure you're 100% right just because you only know XYZ.) And beyond that, there's even this line in the original Japanese that explicitly equates it to a broad land, not just some village: 林間学校の行き先はキタカミの里という東方の地ですー!
I hope you can see that "village" is ultimately a bad translation for 里 in this case. Thanks for your understanding. Tiddlywinks (talk) 02:48, 20 September 2023 (UTC)
I doubt you speak Japanese otherwise you would not be making this point. Even in Weblio, your interpretation is the tertiary defintion. The primary definition is Village. I even asked several Japanese native about this, and they all said it means Village. Both of you are mixing up “Transliteration” (to fit into English naming) with “Translation” (which is what Sato -> Village is). Did Chao ask you to back him up, out of curiosity? Thegrandpoketour (talk) 06:52, 20 September 2023 (UTC)